Wild Acts of Creative Rebellion

We were journeying on the theme of integration when I received the message to perform wild acts of creative rebellion.

This message is not just for me because if there was ever a time when we need more people to perform wild acts of creative rebellion, that would be now!

My message to perform wild acts of creative rebellion is your message too.

It’s an invitation for everyone who feels a spark of excitement, heartfelt joy, bone-deep relief, bad-ass liberation, soul-deep knowing, feisty power or a tingle of awakening at the thought.

What is Spirit inviting us to rebel against in this invitation? External authority? Inner judgements? Conformity? Mundanity? The way things have always been done? What other people are doing? Government decisions we cannot accept? The dominant world-view of how life is meant to be lived? Our own conditioning about who we are and how we ‘should’ behave?

Creative rebellion can be quiet or rowdy, large or small. Its focus and expression will be somewhat different for each of us.

Creative rebellion is going against the norm by remembering we have the power to choose.

Staring at the sky instead of a screen when I’m eating lunch feels like a tiny act of creative rebellion. Avoiding wheat because it makes me feel foggy and disconnected feels like another. Asking my body what it’s trying to tell me when it’s in pain instead of popping painkillers feels like yet another.

With each tiny act I’m choosing to do what makes me feel more alive, instead of what shuts me down and distances me from the truth of my inner knowing.

Donald Trump’s Presidency is waking us up to our capacity for creative rebellion with millions of people mobilised in the women’s marches, and the powerful protests against the immigration order. Yet it’s not just about action.

Creative rebellion can be tangible outer action but it can also be personal inner choice.

I believe that meeting all parts of ourselves with love and gentleness is a wild act of creative rebellion. Even when we’re hurting, even when we feel unloveable and are tempted to judge ourselves, even when everything seems to be going wrong.

Love everything you find until nothing is left unloved. That is creative rebellion of the most revolutionary kind.

Alexa says: “I feel there is no wilder act of creative rebellion in a world full of hate – than to love – and keep on loving – love ourselves, love each other, love our flaws, love our creativity love our dreams enough to birth them into the world, love with wild abandon what is unloved – and keep loving it.”

I am devoted to the creative rebellion of love as a living daily practice.

Because love is not an abstract concept, it’s an invitation to keep feeling what’s in our hearts until there is nothing left unloved.

I believe that seeing the beloved in every person we meet and focusing on what unites us rather than what separates us is a wild act of creative rebellion.

Jo says: “Reaching out is courage, reaching in is compassion. All of it brave and utterly radical in a society that venerates going it alone and crushing the way to the top. Nurturing the beings one encounters on the path is a clarion call to the rebel in each other.”

We are being invited to practice acceptance instead of rejection.

Compassion instead of judgment.

Connection instead of separation.

Co-operation instead of competition.

Yes, these are wild acts of creative rebellion. And we can choose them every single day. Forgive ourselves when we forget, and then choose again. Acceptance. Compassion. Connection. Co-operation. Over and over and over.

I believe that authenticity is a wild act of creative rebellion.

Remembering who we truly are when all the stories and patterns and beliefs get unmasked and exposed as illusion.

Recognising the luminous beauty of our own souls and taking action that truly lights us up.

Lisa says: “For me it just means being myself! No more hiding or conforming or watering down. 100% authentic me feels like enormous creative rebellion.”

Alice says: “Creative rebellion for me is to be myself, eclectic as I am, wildly free when I create. To do it out of that feeling, rather than closing myself in a labeled box. It means that today I make a ring and tomorrow I may weave and the day after I may create a totally crazy piece of jewelry, and what all these things have in common is…love. (As opposed to me forcing myself to basically slave away making jewelry only, because I said so, because I must focus on it only, because I must prove something to god knows who. Which ends up with me being frustrated and not loving so much what I am doing).”

We make our own rules. We choose what we are committed to. We know what we are devoted to.

Creative rebels don’t let the voices of fear or doubt or criticism stop us from doing what we love. Creative rebels feel those feelings, meet them with love and acceptance and still we keep on feeling and we keep on creating.

Because the yearning to feel fully and wildly alive keeps stirring within our hearts and it refuses to be tamed.

Awen says: “To create in spite of pain and fear and sadness. To create when others tell you not. To create when it makes people uncomfortable. To create to show the truth. They say in a rebellion they come for the artists first.  Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Be unapologetically you in every way you can.”

Creative rebellion is about listening to your internal authority.

Not the rules set by your family, society or government or the voice telling you to play it safe, stay small, and hide your light.

I believe your internal authority resides in your heart. Your heart knows what you are here to do. What lights you up and makes you feel more alive. Your heart knows the deeper truth even when your mind is busily telling you stories about the rules you’re meant to follow.

It’s time to rewrite the rules on your terms.

The only permission you need is the permission you grant yourself from the deep knowing of your own wild heart.

The wild creative rebel in me honours the wild creative rebel in you. The world needs the untamed beauty of your luminous soul in all its authentic wholeness. You contribute to collective wholeness when you answer the call to creative rebellion that stirs within you and will not be tamed.

Tell me, what are your wild acts of creative rebellion?


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  1. Thank you Jackie! For me this speaks to acting from my wildest nature, allowing my creative juices to spill forth, dreaming a new dream for humanity and sharing it with the world!

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