Which Spring Flower Matches Your Personality?

Have you ever clicked on those buzzfeed quizzes that get shared on Facebook to discover which city you should actually live in, what kind of ghost you’ll come back as or which Hollywood actress is your soulmate? No, me neither… *coughs shiftily*.

To celebrate the first stirrings of spring, I’ve created a flower essence quiz so you can discover which spring flower has a message for you.

When I teach flower essence workshops I invite people to choose the images of flower essence plants that appeal to them most so we can explore whether those essences could be useful for them.

I’ve noticed that when people dive straight in and choose the pictures they like without first getting centred in their hearts, the flower messages don’t resonate. But when they do get centred and choose from their intuitive heart wisdom, the messages are useful and relevant,often reflecting hidden aspects of the self that the person wouldn’t have logically recognised as needing balance.

So I invite you to centre yourself. Become aware of your feet on the earth, your body on your chair and your breath in your heart.

Close your eyes once you’ve memorised the brief guidance below.

Take a few long slow breaths releasing tension from your body and become aware that you are connected to the earth beneath you, the sky above you and the love within you.

Keep your awareness on your breath flowing in and out through your heart until your mind quietens down and you feel centred. Quietly ask yourself ‘Which of these flowers has the message I most need right now?’ and then look at the images below to see which flower stands out for you.


Notice how you feel while you’re looking at the flower that attracts you most e.g. peaceful, inspired, comforted, thoughtful.

Explore it a little deeper using these prompts if you want to develop your intuitive connection with the language of nature. If you had to write a character sketch about that flower how would you describe it? Passionate? Gentle? Wise? Loving? Does it feel masculine or feminine? Does it remind you of anyone you know? Do you feel a resonance in a particular chakra or body part when you’re looking at it? Or does it resemble a particular body part? Just notice what impressions come to you without overanalysing or trying too hard. You can compare your impressions of the flower you’re most drawn to with the other flowers to observe differences you notice between them.

If you chose daffodil


Do you find it difficult to connect with your higher self, meditate or listen to your inner guidance?

Daffodil flower essence helps you to hear the guidance from your higher self because it aligns the subtle bodies into their proper frequencies for complete Soul alignment. Daffodil will deepen your experiences of meditation so you can receive spiritual guidance and greater clarity of thought. It eases stress, and is useful for frustration, depression and if you’re prone to beating yourself up. Buy daffodil essence here or experience it as part of the Inner Focus blend here, Inner Joy blend here or Feeling Worthy blend here.

If you chose snowdrop


What losses do you need to grieve and let go of so you can feel at peace?

Snowdrop flower essence gently eases the pain of loss, promoting greater acceptance of the flow of life and allowing joy and optimism to return. Snowdrop will help you to cry tears that need to be shed, and release what no longer serves you or is no longer available to you so you can let go and move on with greater joy and optimism. Buy snowdrop essence here or experience it as part of the Healing Bereavement blend here.

If you chose tulip


Are you feeling insecure or self-doubting about the work you do in the world?

Tulip flower essence enhances feeling of value and self worth about your work, so you can move forward in your work with confidence. It helps you to recognise the true value of what you offer so it’s useful if you’re not charging enough for your own products/services or you want to negotiate a pay rise with your employer. Use tulip flower essence if you want to have greater impact but fear of not being good enough is holding you back. Buy tulip essence here.

If you chose celandine

celandineAre you finding it difficult to communicate your message or to learn new information?

Celandine flower essence aids the transfer of information from you to other people and from other people to you, as well as between your personality and your Soul. It helps teachers, lecturers, public speakers, singers and anyone else who has a message to share and it’s a useful learning aid since it makes it easier to absorb information. On a spiritual level it aids telepathy and messages from spirit guides. Buy celandine essence here or experience it as part of the Concentration blend here.

If you chose dandelion

dandelionAre you highly strung and nervous, finding it hard to relax and often feeling frustrated?

Dandelion flower essence releases mental stress that gets lodged in the mental body and muscles causing headaches, tight neck and shoulders and nervous tension in the stomach. It  releases tension on all levels so that spiritual energy can flow through the body again effortlessly, and you can enjoy a healthy balance of lively activity and inner peace. Buy dandelion essence here or experience it as part of the Being Present blend here,  Clarity blend here or Inner Strength blend here.

 If you chose purple hellebore

helleboreWould you like to experience greater personal power, self-respect and heed the wisdom of your inner wise woman?

Purple hellebore essence carries ancient womb wisdom, enabling you to reclaim your feminine power. It is an essence for women who are ready to embody their deepest wisdom. It helps you to make decisions that honour your personal power rather than depleting it, and heed your own wisdom rather than giving your power away to others thinking that they know better than you. Learn more about hellebore essence here.


Want to learn more about how essences work? Click here.

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