Ways To Live With Love

beautiful-peopleWhat would you say if I asked you: ‘What do you do to live with Love?’

That’s the question I asked the people who inspire me, and you can read their answers in this love-infused book.

Download your copy of ’23 Ways to Live With Love’ and discover the highly infectious habits of heart-centred people.

♥ 23 heart-centred people.

♥ 23 heart-opening answers.

30 love-filled pages to celebrate registration opening for the Living from the Heart E-course which begins on 24th March 2014.



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Meet 23 heart-centred teachers, writers, healers, visionaries, coaches and artists who live with Love.




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23 heart-centred people. 23 heart-opening answers.

yve160Yve Bowen is a writer, speaker and spiritual coach. Her journey has been one of moving  consciously, from self-abandonment, to self-love. She uses her skills to connect people to their heart’s innate wisdom and access the profound love that is their root and foundation at www.yvebowen.com




ruby and me160Leanne Chapman is a mentor for spiritual treasure-seekers who want to reclaim lost parts of themselves from the shadows. Leanne founded Claim Your Treasure to show people how to create soul-directed lives based on deep authentic connections with themselves and others. She is an art therapist, Soul Art® guide and writer and she believes that art, creativity and nature are all valuable elements in the healing process. Connect with Leanne on her website and Facebook. 




Alexandra-Franzen_001-160Alexandra Franzen wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters are brave and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand. Her refreshingly simple tips on writing, productivity + creativity (and everyday woes — like inbox-clearing) have been featured on Fast CompanyForbesThe Daily LoveThe Huffington Post — and on radio programs from coast to coast. Get free workbooks + scripts to unlock your inner wordsmith at: AlexandraFranzen.com.




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JulieGibbonsJan2014-160Julie Gibbons practices and teaches artful self help – a combination of art  and journal therapy and the psychology of self. It allows you to tap into soul wisdom and experience personal growth, healing and transformation. Website: www.juliegibbons.com Facebook YouTube and Pinterest.



Lee_Harris160Lee Harris is an energy intuitive and channeler who has worked professionally since 2004 sharing his channelings, messages and observations with our fast changing world.  His work is not attached to any religion or ideology – instead it is grounded in the most fundamental truth – you are love and you have within you the power to transform and elevate your life and the lives of others. Lee has delivered thousands of personal sessions to private clients and holds live events around the globe.  His monthly energy forecasts, broadcast on YouTube, have received over a million views. For more on Lee, please visit www.leeharrisenergy.comBlog Facebook Twitter YouTube



004LoranC160Loran Hills is waving rainbow pompons of encouragement for you to discover and maintain your spiritual and creative vitality at www.loransheart.com. Inspiration and images from loransheart.com to you. Facebook Twitter @fromLoransHeart google+ Loran Hills Instagram loranhills


marghanita160Marghanita Hughes is a nature art teacher and an award winning children’s book author and illustrator. A naturalist and founder of the “Let’s Go Outside” Revolution. Marghanita runs nature art classes that focus on the interconnectedness we have with one another and all living things. She provides interactive workshops for educators who wish to incorporate a more holistic approach to their teaching. www.marghanita.com  www.orangemoontribe.com and Facebook.



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lorilyn160Lori-Lyn Hurley is a writer, spiritual explorer and  guide. She has worked as an energy healer and intuitive but it’s her soul’s mission to help you unveil your spiritual truth, find your personal path of devotion and remember who you are. You can find her at www.lorilynhurley.com and Facebook or tweet her @lorilyn.





Catherine photo160Catherine Keatch is a vibrational essence practitioner, healer, teacher and workshop leader. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will help others to find harmony, wholeness and spiritual fulfilment in their lives. She offers personal consultations, intuitive guidance, talks and workshops as well as universal Christ blessings from Jeshua. She is an enthusiastic creator of vibrational essences and as a partner in Crystal Herbs for over fifteen years has been responsible for producing a wider range of flower, gem & crystal essences that are now sold around the world. www.crystalherbs.com.  



carrie160Carrie Klassen is a green tea enthusiast, stationery aficionado, INFJ Scorpio, and president of Pink Elephant Creative, a website writing and design boutique for inspired, heartful entrepreneurs. She also writes workbooks and teaches workshops at Pink Elephant Academy for Entrepreneurs www.pinkelephantcommunications.com







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Karina-Headshot-160Karina Ladet is a warm and loving intuitive and spiritual guide. She offers Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Coaching on Skype and by e-mail and also teaches others how to Communicate with their Spirit Guides online and during live workshops worldwide. Connect: Karina Ladet and Soultribe | Facebook | Twitter






HeadshotBW EL160Emmanuelle Lambert is an international yoga teacher. She teaches classes and workshops in Brussels and Mons, Belgium, and does her best to pass on the yoga teachings in a fun, challenging and skilful way. When she is not goofing around on her yoga mat, Emmanuelle can be found playing with her Krazy Kats and her Lovely Boyfriend, jumping around to loud indie rock or eating dark chocolate – sometimes all these things at the same time. Emmanuelle also spreads the yoga love in her free Facebook community, the Shakti Circle: a weekly intention and a short yoga practice for more spirituality and love in your life, in a fun and light way. www.emmalambert.com Facebook: Twitter 



liz160Liz Longacre is a sensitive motivator who believes our greatest strengths come from our gentleness. When she’s not working as a lawyer and being a mama to a magical little girl, you can find her blogging at Gentle Living where she helps sensitive, introverted and shy women find their voice, embrace their truths and awaken their power. Download her Shy Girl’s Manifesto now and you’ll also be the first to receive her new free e-book, 5 Declarations to Empower Sensitive Women, which is coming out soon.





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biopic160In some sacred circles, Lindsay Luna of Danmala Teas is known as the Tea Goddess, magic weaver, spiritual nomad and tea ritualist. Living intentionally through the seasons on her family’s farm in the mists of the Pacific Northwest, Lindsay offers custom tea blend consultations, monthly tea memberships and a variety of seasonally inspired teas, tisanes and botanical creations. Website: www.danmalateas.com  Etsy Shop:  Facebook and  Instagram.



jpc160Joanna Powell-Colbert is an artist, author, retreat host, and teacher of tarot, sacred art, and earth-centered spirituality. She is the creatrix of the Gaian Tarot. Amber Lotus Publishing Co. calls her one of “the most accomplished and well-loved artists in the Goddess-spirit community.” She was named by SageWoman magazine as one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement.  Joanna teaches e-courses and workshops on earth-­centered spirituality, manifesting your dreams, seasonal contemplative practices, creativity as a devotional path, and using tarot as a tool for inner guidance and self-­exploration. She also leads Gaian Soul Retreats for women twice a year, in the spring and fall.  Visit her online at Gaian Soul.com and GainTarot.com. Facebook and Instagram.



davidpic160David Rabone, voted Health and Happiness Magazine’s Best Healer 2014, is a coach and healer working to bring you deep levels of peace and stillness in your life. Having trained in many modalities over the years, David has come to a point where his work is an example of ‘less is more’. He holds a space of divine peace and stillness, enabling you to receive what you need to receive in that moment. David’s life experience of chronic illness, which almost lead to his death, has imbued him with the ability to relate to many people’s life problems, enabling him to empathise greatly.  www.davidrabone.com and www.lightgrids.co.uk and Facebook.



Satya Robyn160Satya Robyn is a novelistpsychotherapist and a Buddhist priest. She is happily vegan and runs Writing Our Way Home, a mindful writing company, with her husband Kaspa. She is also a very foolish being, trying to be honest and to let grace through.







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RS_pic160Rachel Singleton is a Flower Essence Practitioner. She is the creator of LightBringer Essences – wild flower essences which harness the healing energies of rare plants without picking or harming them. It is her joy to teach others – heart to heart – the gifts of these gentle natural remedies that help us navigate our emotional landscape.  She runs Advanced Essence Practitioner Trainings in the Lake District. Rachel lives in the mountains with plants and wild things, not least among them her man and her cat.  LightBringer Essences  and Essence Practitioner Trainings.



jackie160Jackie Stewart wants to live in a world where everybody lives from the heart. Officially she’s a flower and crystal essence practitioner who has been holding sacred space in one-to-one flower essence sessions, workshops and meditation classes for the past 14 years but really she’s a Soul Seer, Plant Spirit Medicine Woman and Meditation Guide. She teaches the Living from the Heart e-course, offers one-to-one sessions infused with love, magic and sacredness and creates transformational meditations here at www.flowerspirit.co.uk. Connect with Jackie on Facebook and Twitter.




anne160Anne Ward underwent Taoist training to work with energy and consciousness as given by the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel, the spiritual consort of the king who introduced Buddism into Tibet; she learned sound healing with Tom Kenyon and reconnected with the interdimensional galactic civilisation of the Hathors, masters of love, sound, and energy; and helped people to open their hearts and experience unconditional love for All Life, and taught them how to activate the merkaba, as a facilitator with Flower of Life Research.  Now she concentrates on distance healing work, and recording her own meditation and energetic practises to help people live on a healthy Earth in the society they want to experience at www.worldbridger.co.uk.


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Ginger White profile pic160Ginger White is an energy alchemist – a intuitive consultant and coach, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer and Advanced Crystal Master, and Priestess Initiate. She offers subtle harmony and gentle clarity to help women during times of shadow, uncertainty, stress, anxiety, and life transitions. Her website and blog can be found at GingerMaeWhite.com where she offers a variety of services and digital products. Handcrafted chakra and crystal jewelry, meditation chains, and other items are available in her Subtle Harmony Etsy shop. Connect with her on facebook.



CaraWilde2-160Cara Wilde is passionately committed to authentic and joyful living. She believes that each individual is a unique and crucial aspect of Source and that their authentic nature is a homing beacon to the life they were born to live.  Her extensive understanding of energy psychology and metaphysics combined with her natural abilities as an intuitive and empath, allow her to be a pure and clear verbal channel for the non-physical being known as Aurora. Aurora is a stream of consciousness with a message that life is a playground of possibilities and joy is our birthright.  Cara and Aurora work together as a unique team providing consultations, processes and a message of inspiration and empowerment at WildBliss.com.



nikki160Karma Coach Nikki Wyatt is a writer, a spiritual channel and a Gaia healer. She’s a graduate of the College of Vibrational Medicine and an expert in flower and crystal essences from all over the world. She’s created four essence ranges to balance your chakras, to release karma, to integrate planetary influences and to support you during specific emotional challenges or soul lessons. Essences can be sent in bottles or as energy transmissions. Subscribe to the Karma Coach newsletter and you’ll receive a free soul flower reading based on your star sign as well as a discount on a personal essence attunement. Every issue offers free online courses, meditations and essence tips. Readers can join The Karma Connection – a personal online forum or Spirit of Business, a lively supportive forum for spiritual entrepreneurs.




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Living From The Heart

lfth2014-graphic2-250This book has been published to celebrate the launch of the Living from the Heart E-course which begins on 24th March 2014.

When you live from the heart, it becomes second nature for you to live with love and you feel love, loved and loving every single day.

Because love IS your true nature, everything else is just passing through.

♥  Learn more about the Living from the Heart E-course here