Truly, Wildly, Deeply

This year the word that will be my touchstone and guide is WILD.


By choosing WILD I’m devoting 2015 to being knowingly connected to the heartbeat of mother earth; giving my natural life-force and creative impulses the freedom to lead the way rather than me sorting my life into neat little boxes that are too small for my spirit.

I’ll be following the messages that lead me deeper into the wild woods of both my inner self and the local landscape instead of stopping at the edges and saying “that’s far enough”. So when I receive messages from the plant kingdom I’ll be saying thank you and then listening for more as I let myself go deeper instead of saying thank you, ending the connection, writing it down and shutting the cover on my journal to do something tame and conventional instead.

This year I’ll be nature-drunk, edge-meeting, eyes-flashing, open-hearted, fierce-loving, quick-laughing, cosmically-connected.

My mantra is Sacred :: Wild :: Beloved.

And I’ll be expressing my wildness with regular uninhibited essence-making, star-gazing, moss-stroking, flower-kissing, tree-talking, earth-breathing, moon-dreaming, circle-sharing and elemental connections.

It feels like I am reclaiming my authentic nature, truly wildly deeply.

I never lost my wildness – we can’t really, none of us – but we can lose sight of it for a while. We can stop heeding its impulses.

A huge wall of sadness had grown up between me and my wildness meaning I became nervous about expressing it in my work. Wildness was fundamental to a different project that had been the centre of my world for years so when that project died, the pain and grief of its loss were so great that I stopped expressing my wild spirit in my work.

I still played in the wild woods and talked to nature the way I do, but I felt blocked about surrendering fully to my wild spirit or letting its mossy tendrils nourish my work. I was censoring my wild self without even realising.

Despite weeks of perfect flower essence-making weather last year I didn’t make a single flower essence. Even though it’s probably what I love doing most in the whole world, I couldn’t let myself surrender so fully to the wild. Making a flower essence is a deep initiation into wild, powerful magic where you discover the depth of your interconnectedness to nature.

When you make a flower essence, you can’t ignore the spirit of the wild coursing through you. I found excuses every single sunny day of last year. I didn’t know how to do something so very wild without feeling the weight of pain around letting go of that old project where I’d found it so natural to express my wildness.

It felt like part of me had died with that project and it did. But only so I could be reborn anew. Now I can see that the project died exactly as it needed to, and the gift of its passing is that it sets me free to reclaim my own inherent wildness and let my wild spirit infuse the projects I offer here.

So over the past few months I’ve been gathering up the fur and feathers of my wild self, and wrapping them around my shoulders again. I’m reclaiming the wild truths in my heart and planting them here for you to see because it’s powerful to be witnessed {thank you}.

This year I will continue to explore what wild means to me while helping you to explore YOUR wild spirit, so you can be set free from anything that holds you back from expressing your authentic nature.

With WILD as my word of the year I’ll be following the wild impulses of my creative spirit while navigating my way ‘between the body and the breathing earth’ as David Abram describes it so powerfully.

This means that I intend to:

  • Make essences again because I love it so completely – and it would be rude not to listen to the flower’s messages when they’re always so eager to chat with me.
  • Share wild messages from the flower spirits on this blog rather than always talking in my practitioner voice about the issues that flower essences help us with. Because when I ignore the voice of nature I deny a fundamental part of myself.
  • Let my natural life-force course through me so that river can gather the momentum to lead me through the rapids, instead of stepping out of the water onto the shore and living within the neat, civilised container that I can control.
  • Host one (possibly even two) wild woodland retreats (I’m thinking flower essence making retreat in the summer and wild sisterhood of the forest retreat in autumn – sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear).
  • Follow the spontaneous impulses in my belly to take action that feels good instead of over-thinking, over-planning, missing the moment and squeezing the joy out of things.
  • Let the full wildness of myself be expressed including the outrageous, ridiculous and funny side that only my close friends see and I find hard to integrate with my professional side.
  • Eat more wild living fresh local raw food because I can feel it nourishing my cells and eating that way makes nature messages so much easier to hear. And because eating vibrantly is our greatest act of rebellion against a disconnected wheat-and-sugar-sedated creatively-deadened dumbed-down screen-staring society.
  • Embrace the fact that my hair is always going to look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

This year nothing will be too wild. Oh, except drama, craziness, unhealthy escapism, disrespect and failure to take responsibility. That’s a totally different kind of wild, and I’m done with that.

Wild is both fierce and gentle, powerful and tender and we are all wild creatures, at heart.

I hope you’ll join me for this year of WILD! I’ll be sharing more wildness here, starting with a *very special giveaway* next week. Stay tuned, stay wild.

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6 Responses to Truly, Wildly, Deeply

  1. This is so beautiful, Jackie! Such a perfect (may I say wild?) expression of what it feels like to me, too! Too much holding back and not enough flowing with whatever emerges from the wildness in me or in others. I say a big, resounding yes to not jotting down our notes and then shutting the book and going back to “normal”. Let “wild” be our new “normal”! With you all the way. Wished I was on the same continent with you, I would join you in the wild woods! <3

  2. Oh, wow! I love this post and a big YES to being more wild this year. I’m with you and can’t wait to watch you explore this more on the blog. Woo hoo! I’ll be howling like a wolf a lot too : ). So much love to you, soul sister!

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