The Season of Deep Listening

Deep listening is something that our souls yearn for.

As we move into the darker months there is no better time to reclaim it for ourselves.

  • When we listen deeply to the voice of our own souls we find clarity, certainty and wisdom.
  • When we listen deeply to the people we are in relationship with we feel more connected.
  • When we listen deeply to Nature we feel a greater sense of belonging.

I don’t always appreciate the importance of deep listening until I start feeling the stirrings of disconnect that tell me I’ve not been listening to life with the amount of attention and presence I could be.

Disconnect and dissatisfaction rise up when I’ve got distracted and stopped listening to what really matters. My soul starts to feel untended, unheard, forgotten, and I notice I have less capacity to be creative, to be in relationship with others, and to make clear decisions.

Deep listening offers us a level of presence, awareness and connection that feeds our souls in a way nothing else can.

It is only from this place of deep soul nourishment that we are able to show up fully for ourselves, in relation to others, and in relation to the rest of Nature. We can’t offer what we don’t have ourselves.  I think we know this on a very deep level and yet the distractions of modern life mean we regularly forget it again.

Modern life is bright, loud and busy. It makes numerous demands on our time and attention that take us away from the deep listening our souls long for. With each passing year, we are becoming exposed to more noise and more stimulation. Every. Single. Day.

We have much more to think about at work and at home than ever before. Most of us are juggling numerous competing priorities for our time and attention. Our nervous systems are on high alert because we’re constantly switched on. Active. Productive. Busy.

It’s harder to find spaces to switch off from the constant noise and listen deeply. It’s harder to listen to the quiet voice of our own souls when there are so many other distractions.

And yet these external distractions are only part of the story. If we’re not listening deeply I suspect it’s because there’s some inner resistance that’s getting in the way.

Essences have a beautiful way of helping us get curious about what’s really going on in our inner being. Their very nature is to invite us into deeper enquiry with ourselves for greater self-awareness.

The process of tuning in to choose the most appropriate essences invites us to listen more deeply to the nuances of our inner world to illuminate the beliefs, patterns and stories that get in our way.

Four different people could be struggling to listen deeply for four very different reasons. Essences bring illumination and balance to wherever we are stuck.

Do you find it difficult to honour your own needs because you habitually put your time and energy into being there for others instead? Centaury will help you listen to yourself first.

Is your busy head over-thinking everything all the time and you can’t switch off the mental noise? White chestnut will help relax your mind to hear the voice of your soul.

Do you crave external distractions because you’re secretly scared in case uncomfortable emotions will rise up to the surface if you really listen? Agrimony will help you get comfortable with all your emotions.

Are you feeling under constant pressure to be busy and it doesn’t feel like there’s enough time to listen to what your soul needs? Impatiens takes the pressure off so you can get more comfortable with being than doing.

These are some common sticking points but there are any number of reasons that stop us from listening deeply.

Getting curious about what is true for us gives us rich information that we wouldn’t receive otherwise, and this level of enquiry makes our souls feel well-nourished.

There is an evolutionary quality to listening deeply to what is unfolding within us. Once something has been fully heard things can evolve and the story can change. Something else will arise to be heard and honoured instead.

When we answer the invitation to listen more deeply we are honouring our soul’s yearning to engage fully with life in its constant unfolding. We are honouring our soul’s yearning to evolve. 

As we move into the darker months, there is no better time to reclaim the art of deep listening.

There is wisdom waiting to be discovered that is yours to embody.

There is inspiration waiting to be received that is yours to act upon.

There is guidance waiting to arrive that is yours to follow.

May we all journey well through the Season of Deep Listening.

Photographs of willow herons woven by Georgia Wisbey for River and Moon Festival in Dartmoor in August. I get the feeling that herons know a thing or two about deep listening!

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