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We are part of nature, so it’s essential soul care for us to nourish our connection with the natural world. Studies show that time in nature is good for our mental health, and our connection with nature is soul-deep.

Coded within each of us is a deep cellular memory that we ARE nature. We’re made of the same stuff as stars and plants and rocks and soil so when we connect with nature’s energy we experience a homecoming of the soul.

Connection. Belonging. Homecoming.

I believe that we are continually being offered invitations to receive nature’s love and support to replenish our parched modern-day souls. It’s the antidote to the epidemic of separation that runs rife through our lives.

We need to be in relationship with nature to experience the connection and belonging that is necessary for our wellbeing. We need to remember that we are not separate; we are part of a rich web that holds all of life’s experiences.

There are vast universes in your soul.

You are starlight and flowers, stormy seas and summer meadows, thunder and birdsong. You can hold love and despair. Sorrow and joy. Hope and disappointment. Fury and delight. We can hold all of it so we need to give ourselves permission to feel all of it.

We live in a culture that separates things.

We separate mind and body and treat them as though they are not in conversation with one another. We separate out ‘good’ and ‘bad’, craving more of the good experiences and avoiding what we consider bad.

We judge some emotions as positive and others as negative so when the emotions we don’t like arise, we throw them out of our hearts instead of making them welcome.

We need to stop pushing away our uncomfortable and painful feelings in the quest for positivity. We need to learn how to make space for everything. Nature is here to show us how it’s done.

Nature includes, accepts and makes space for everything.

I was watching butterflies and dragonflies in our garden yesterday, revelling in their beauty as they darted exquisitely from plant to plant. And then a fat bluebottle settled next to me and I felt a little shudder of revulsion. I was judging it as less attractive and welcome than the others because it doesn’t appeal to my aesthetic senses in the same way. But it plays its own necessary part in the web of life. It has its place; it belongs.

We make similar judgements about aspects of ourselves. We constantly separate out parts of ourselves into those that we accept and those we reject. I’m thoughtful, generous, kind and loving most of the time. These are my butterfly and dragonfly selves! But I can also be cynical, resentful and inflexible – the fat bluebottles of my inner world!

Everything that you feel is necessary and valid and transitory.

We are here to experience all that arises within the heart. This is how we open fully to life with all its beauty and discomfort.

We need to stop fuelling this story of separation, where we subtly abandon our own hearts every time we feel something we don’t like. When uncomfortable feelings get triggered, most of us push them away – invariably we judge or reject them and push them out of our hearts.

Actually, we are being invited to turn towards these feelings to give them their place of belonging. We are being invited to make space for what is there and meet it with kindness, compassion and acceptance.

The ego says ‘you shouldn’t be feeling this’ while the soul says ‘everything is welcome here’.

Feel that land within you: ‘Everything is welcome here.’

I feel a softening and opening within me when I breathe that truth into my heart.

Vibrational essences from nature give us a powerful way to welcome all aspects of our experience into our hearts. We soften, we open, we put our defences down and stop quietly battling against the parts of ourselves we don’t like.

Essences help us to bring our full presence to our experience; meeting what is in our hearts with love and curiosity rather than judgement and rejection. This is deeply integrative and healing. This is nature’s wild medicine infusing us with the inherent qualities of belonging and acceptance that we yearn for.

Part of the alchemy of working with essences is that in order to select them appropriately we need to create a space of enquiry where we enter into conversation with our own souls. We ask ‘how am I feeling?’ ‘what is rising up to be seen in this moment?’ ‘what needs my attention?’ ‘what needs careful tending?’ ‘what feels raw or painful or tender?” ‘what feels balanced and clear and flowing?’ ‘what do I most need?”

By exploring what is true in that moment of enquiry we are turning towards all that we find instead of walking away.

Essences meet us in the truth of where we are, integrating our human experience with our spiritual essence.

There is an essence for every feeling that we humans struggle with, inviting us into deeper relationship with what’s arising in our hearts so we can find peace.

Each essence has a unique vibration; particular qualities that it embodies and helps us to awaken within us e.g. love, confidence, faith, power, inner knowing.

Each time we take an essence we are turning towards our hearts, opening more to what is there instead of pushing it away. Each time we take an essence we are deepening our relationship with all aspects of the self and experiencing closer communion with our own souls.

When we take an essence we receive a potent infusion of nature’s wild medicine with its inherently healing integrative qualities.

We experience our place within the web of love and belonging that holds us.

Maybe when we experience emotional discomfort it is secretly an invitation from the heart of nature to open up to the support, love and belonging that our souls most need. Maybe this is how nature reaches out to us to say ‘I am here for you’.

Maybe this is how we are invited to experience unity and release our attachment to separation. Maybe this is how nature invites us to open our hearts fully to experience all of Life so we can remember that we are welcome and we belong.

As Francis Weller said, “Remembering our bond with the earth helps heal our bodies and souls.”

All love



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