The gift of honouring exactly how you are

Hello! It’s painful for me to type at the moment so I thought I’d chat to the camera instead of writing about what’s on my mind and in my heart this week.

In this short video I’m sharing very openly about the physical pain I’ve been experiencing on and off since the start of the year.

I’m talking about how love is present in pain, why I’m dropping the desire to be well and simply loving what is here, and why I think it’s human nature to chase ourselves out of the uncomfortable places before they have fully had their way with us.

I feel that this message is relevant to physical pain, emotional pain and many aspects of our vulnerable humanity. As I say in the video, Love is coming for us one way or another. Sometimes it takes pain or heartbreak or grief or another powerful experience to drop our defences and surrender enough to receive the Love that is here for us.

Would I prefer not to be feeling physical pain? Yes. Am I softened, humbled and grateful to be experiencing this much kindness and support? Yes. Am I feeling more love and more loved? Yes. Am I learning more about surrender, gentleness and exquisite self-care? Yes. Is it helping me to make very clear choices about where I focus my time and energy? Yes. Am I experiencing deeper levels of presence, love and magic in one-to-one Soul Alchemy sessions? Yes.

Here I am, honouring exactly how I am and what is here. My hope is that there will be some medicine for you in this story. Why not make yourself a cuppa and join me?

The gift of honouring exactly how you are. from Jackie Stewart on Vimeo.

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14 Responses to The gift of honouring exactly how you are

  1. Dear Jackie, what a beautiful video. Sending you waves of love. Years ago I went through a similar experience of feeling almost constant pain, which was in fact repetitive strain injury due to spending too much time on the computer. For quite some time I couldn’t type at all. So I went to the library and got all the books I could find on holistic healing. I spent my time reading, in my armchair. I realise with hindsight I’ve forgotten about the pain, but what I learned during that period of enforced rest will be with me forever. And oh, the most important thing I learned is how essential it is to keep a balance between being active and taking time to relax and self-care. Apart from taking flower essences on a daily basis (I look upon them as food for the soul), I also take herbs such as knotgrass at the first inkling of computer strain. Thank you dear Jackie for sharing your experience so generously. You’re always such an inspiration. Much love from sunny Tenerife. Joanna.

  2. Jackie, this is truly wonderful and beautiful……and as so often with your posts timely for me…thank you so much. I am struggling with several issues right now, not least painful knees that just do mot want to work like they once did and leave me frustrated and feeling older than my years. I will really take your message to heart…I believe therein lies true healing. Blessings xx

  3. Halo Jackie!
    May you be well and happy.
    Yes, I too, have known pain that was shot mercilessly straight into my heart plucking out my entrails. Over the years, physical pain too, is part and parcel of my still brilliant life!
    I have never appreciate my life as much as I do these days, especially from the time I received your Bach Flower Spirit Cards.
    At this stage of my life, I decided to care for myself, first, before I go out once again, to be of service.
    It is recalled by me that Ekchart Tolle (sorry, can’t spell the first name) mentioned we do have an individual pain body, and there is also the universal pain body; some people may be addicted to feed these bodies.
    The other topic is that some one said that the Goddess carries the pain of the world, and this pain will be too much for any individual to carry, so we just hope to be able to carry a bit of pain…

    As for me, nowadays, with more attention dedicated to myself, and having fun with Bach Flower Essences and Ian White’s Flower Essences and other Essences, and reflecting on Erik Pelham’s Butterfly and Sea Essences, the pain at the back of my neck that I carried over 60 years, is lessening, at last! I dare not say it loud, it is almost gone, just a little bit tight.
    Naturally, it would have pleasured me a lot more, should the pain had been gone ages ago but it did’nt until of late…and I am already 73 !

    Big love, and bbbear hug, from Singapore, Anna Jasmin
    PS I am a friend of Erik Pelham, hope he remembers me and I did Gaia and Solar Logos Essences Webinar with Ian While before I came back to Singapore end 2017. Take care, my Sweet.XOXO

  4. Hey there Jackie, Lesley here from Canada, your very occasional correspondent. I don’t really know what to say other than that this is so touching and beautiful. Invitations to love aside, I’m sorry you’re experiencing pain; pain is painful, end of. Beyond that, though, you’re clearly bringing all of your many gentle and magnificent resources to bear on this present challenge, biggest and most luminous of all your essence. Thank you for sharing where you are, in the deep spaces you tread with such heart. x

    • It’s so individual and, I think, multi-layered, I wouldn’t recommend any particular essences. My sense is that it calls for deeper acting essences than the Bach Flower Remedies. Personally I’ve been using Alaskan Essences for clearing the trauma and supporting physical body to release, Cotton Grass and Thrift from the LightBringer Essences for loving support since these are both strong plant allies from my childhood. But my body, my story, my trauma and my needs are different from yours so these may not be right for you. You can check out and asking to be shown the energies you require for balance. Great photos on both websites xx

  5. Thank you Jackie for expressing so beautifully what is coming up for many right now. Deeper learning every time it comes to call! Lots of big challenges and huge life changes for me since we last spoke but I still follow and enjoy your posts. ❤️ Lisa

  6. Wow, so beautifully expressed as always. Your words reminded me of something from a counselling skills course where we were encouraged to stay with the pain, the difficult emotions, to allow space and to honour the place where the other person is, without a desire to fix them.
    To hear you so lovingly & eloquently speak of your pain & your incredible wisdom & insightfulness was so very moving & really touched my heart. Thank you.

    • Thank you, love, for your thoughtful comment. I feel that when we can bring our love, compassion and acceptance to meet the uncomfortable parts something truly wonderful happens xx

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