The Essence of Your Soul

I talk about Soul a lot. In both my own inner work and the resources I create for other people, the focus is always the same: to deepen and explore our relationship with our Souls. My wish is for us all to know our Soul’s energy as tangible and real, rather than thinking it’s something esoteric and inaccessible.

This September in The Soul Sanctuary we’ll be exploring how to recognise our Soul Essence so that we can let our Souls guide us to the magic and miracles that are waiting for us. Join us for the month of September and gain a deeper understanding of how your unique Soul essence wants to be expressed in this lifetime.

ragged robin

You have a particular Soul essence that only you can embody.

You have particular gifts that you are here to express in this lifetime. Whether it’s your ability to bring people together, to create art or music or ceremony, or your laser sharp mind that expresses ideas clearly so others can learn from you.

There are particular qualities within you that you anchor through your presence. Your warmth, your passion, your enthusiasm, your playfulness, your loving heart or your sense of adventure. They spill out of you without you even trying; they are part of your unique Soul essence.

When you deepen your understanding of your unique Soul essence and how it feels in your body, you also begin to recognise the experiences that enhance your Soul and those that deplete it. By consciously getting familiar with the unique vibration of your Soul essence, you can choose what’s in alignment with it and let go of what’s not. Decisions become easier, choices feel more satisfying, you feel clearer, more empowered and more on-purpose. You feel more connected and aligned with your core self so it’s easier to discover what brings you joy and makes you feel alive. Manifesting becomes easier when you’re coming from a place of greater alignment with your true self.

Connecting with our Souls isn’t mysterious or only for people who have achieved a certain point in their spiritual path.

We all have a Soul, we are all being guided by our Souls, we are all intrinsically connected to our Souls already. We feel our Soul energy when we are fully present in our hearts, experiencing our experience without resistance. We feel our Soul energy when we are doing what we love and our hearts open wide with the joy of it. We feel our Soul energy when we put down the defences and the masks and slow down enough to connect with the deepest, most authentic and loving parts of ourselves. It’s not effortful, it’s the most natural thing in the world.

But all sorts of things happen that get in the way of us experiencing our Soul essence, and it’s all too easy to ignore our Soul’s guidance. We get caught up in fears and doubts and can’t see beyond them to the infinitely beautiful Soul-stuff that we truly are. We get busy with family and work and life and we forget to pay attention to what our Souls need. We end up feeling frustrated and disconnected and like something is missing. And something is missing – that living conscious connection to your Soul which is just a heartbeat away.

There is a yearning within each of us to experience our Soul essence because on a deep level we know that this is who we really are, and everything else is just an illusion.

The yearning is to come home to our deepest, most authentic selves where we feel loving, connected, and limitless. I feel most closely aligned with my Soul when I’m outside in nature, hanging out with flowers. For you that expansive experience of limitless love might happen when you’re painting or playing music or teaching or cooking.

Join us in The Soul Sanctuary from 1st September and you’ll spend the entire month devoted to deepening into our Soul Essence – your authentic self, the highest expression of you, the best and most beautiful parts of beautiful you.

We are working with the energy of Ragged Robin flower essence which helps you to bring your Soul qualities through to the physical level so you’ll experience a greater connection to your Soul’s purpose and Soul gifts. Ragged Robin is an incredible essence – when I’ve journeyed with it, it’s told me that it opens up the Akashic Records to show us who we truly are and why we are really here. Taking Ragged Robin makes you resonate so strongly with your Soul essence that anything which doesn’t match that vibration no longer seems attractive or compelling. Ragged Robin helps us to recognise and attract the situations that resonate with our Soul essence so we can let go of the beliefs, habits, people and situations that are not in alignment with our Souls and attract everything that is. It’s one of my favourite essences and has been an important ally for me and many clients in stepping forward on our paths and manifesting our purpose.

Our guest teacher for September is the divine Cara Wilde who is my ‘go to’ person for all those rich conversations about the nature of the Soul. Cara is playful and down-to-earth but deeply connected to the higher realms so she is able to share profound goosebumps-all-over-your-body wisdom in a really accessible way. Cara will be sharing a Soul Activation Process, channelled from Aurora to take you to the Soul plane and activate your Soul essence. I can’t wait!


September membership is for you if you:

  • Long to experience a greater connection with your Soul’s purpose and discover your Soul gifts.
  • Want to learn how to bring your Soul qualities through to the physical level so you can manifest your dreams from a powerful place of alignment.
  • Don’t know how you listen to the whispers from your Soul and find it easier to trust your logical mind than your intuitive inner promptings.
  • Would like to recognise the particular vibration of your unique Soul essence and how it wants to be expressed in this lifetime.

We start on Tuesday 1st September and bookings close at midnight on Monday 31st August so book your place today.

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2 Responses to The Essence of Your Soul

  1. Dear Jackie,

    It’s always such a joy to find your newsletter in my ‘In-Box’. And what you say invariably resonates with where I’m at everytime.
    Since I won’t be able to come to your London workshop all the way from Barcelona, I’m forwarding the info to all my UK friends.
    Thank you for sharing your personal journey so generously: you are truly inspiring (and instead of a ‘Grinch face’ as your son calls it -ah children: they are in our lives to challenge us to let go of limiting thoughts whatever they may be, aren’t they – I see the most beautiful flower fairy face: C.M. Barker’s amazing flower fairy drawings come to life.
    Much love to you from magical Barcelona.

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