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The gift of honouring exactly how you are

Hello! It’s painful for me to type at the moment so I thought I’d chat to the camera instead of writing about what’s on my mind and in my heart this week.

In this short video I’m sharing very openly about the physical pain I’ve been experiencing on and off since the start of the year.

I’m talking about how love is present in pain, why I’m dropping the desire to be well and simply loving what is here, and why I think it’s human nature to chase ourselves out of the uncomfortable places before they have fully had their way with us.

I feel that this message is relevant to physical pain, emotional pain and many aspects of our vulnerable humanity. As I say in the video, Love is coming for us one way or another. Sometimes it takes pain or heartbreak or grief or another powerful experience to drop our defences and surrender enough to receive the Love that is here for us.

Would I prefer not to be feeling physical pain? Yes. Am I softened, humbled and grateful to be experiencing this much kindness and support? Yes. Am I feeling more love and more loved? Yes. Am I learning more about surrender, gentleness and exquisite self-care? Yes. Is it helping me to make very clear choices about where I focus my time and energy? Yes. Am I experiencing deeper levels of presence, love and magic in one-to-one Soul Alchemy sessions? Yes.

Here I am, honouring exactly how I am and what is here. My hope is that there will be some medicine for you in this story. Why not make yourself a cuppa and join me?

The gift of honouring exactly how you are. from Jackie Stewart on Vimeo.

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