Spirit Fields Festival

Spirit Fields Festival (28th-30th June) is an immersive journey that will take everyone who joins us into deeper communion with the land, with essences, with plant spirits, with their own hearts and souls, and with the like-minded kin who gather on the land for this special weekend.

The inspiration for Spirit Fields first came to Helen, Alexa and myself when we were visiting Janet Foss Waterfall last year. We had sung and played music to this magical waterfall to give thanks to the water spirits, without whom essences wouldn’t exist.

As we expressed our appreciation to the waters, the waters whispered to us to bring together a community of people in appreciation for the waters of Life.

What would happen, we wondered, if a community of people who love nature and feel a deep resonance with the heart of nature’s teachings, gathered together over one weekend to learn, explore, transform and celebrate together?

What would happen, we wondered, if we brought together some of the flower and vibrational essence teachers and makers who inspire us most to share their wisdom, knowledge and passions with us all?

A gathering of so many luminous souls in one place at one time…. what energy might that create on the land? For the land? For the waters?

How might that ripple out energetically from the hearts of those who join us and beyond to their communities, to humanity as a whole, and to the beautiful planet we live on?

Studies have shown the powerful impact of group meditation in reducing crime so we know that when like-minded people join together with heartfelt intent, the impact is amplified and positive vibrations become tangible. Things change for the better as a result, the ripples are felt.

What would happen, we wondered, if we took this opportunity to listen to the spirits of the land to seek their guidance on creating the festival? We are all too aware that Preston New Road fracking site, where the spirits of these lands have not been honoured, is visible on the horizon from The Gathering Fields where Spirit Fields will be held.

The spirits of the land have been shattered by the impact of fracking and we can feel the chaos and confusion it has brought to the energy in the north of England, an area whose soul has been hit hard by the march of progress since the industrial revolution.

The guidance was clear. We were to offer a weekend in the north of England that is an antidote to the dominant culture of using the earth for our own needs where generations have taken aggressively from the Earth without asking and without giving back.

We were to create a weekend where, instead of imposing our will on the landscape, we would ask the land spirits to guide us on how to proceed. We were to create a weekend that is a celebration of our shared love of nature and our appreciation for the incredible essences that nature gifts us with.

Essences are such a gentle and sustainable way to receive nature’s energy, they take so little from the plant, crystal or environment and provide so much in return. They open our hearts so we feel more connected to ourselves, each other, and all of Life.

Using vibrational essences is a beautiful example of humans in right relationship with the rest of nature.

This is the kind of relationship our ancestors had with the land – imbued with gratitude, reverence, respect. Never taking more than we need, and always offering something back.

At Spirit Fields, we will begin the weekend with an opening ceremony to honour the land, the waters and all of Life as we set our intention and light the Sacred Fire. And we will close the weekend with a biodynamic stirring infused with Helen Leece’s Sea Maiden essence to give thanks to the land and evoke the devas of the waters, bringing forth hope, courage and the power of the ocean to our sacred waters.

Some of the talks and workshops that will invite you into deeper relationship with the spirits of the land and the plants during the weekend include:

  • Linda King offering an opportunity to weave magic on the labyrinth on the land,
  • Anna Clapp guiding you to make your own flower essence and hear its messages,
  • Saskia Marjoram demonstrating how to create high vibration hydrosols by distilling plants,
  • Julie Wood and Mark Willenbruch guiding you to meet your personal plant spirit ally and enhance your plant spirit communication skills,
  • Amy Murphy-Watts sharing ways to connect with the ancient wisdom of plants and trees using essences,
  • Sue Goodwin offering magical mugwort ceremony with a personal healing from mugwort spirit.

There are over 25 talks and workshops at Spirit Fields, offering opportunities for transformation on personal and planetary levels, as well as art and creativity sessions including making a nature-inspired landala and willow offering bowls to honour the sacred waters.

Download the programme, ticket information and receive gentle festival updates when you sign up here:


Or if you just want a sneaky peek at the programme you can download the PDF by clicking here: spiritfields-programme.

While our relationship with the waters, the land, and the plant spirits may have become fractured and fragmented over time, it is not broken beyond repair. In fact, the tide is turning as more and more people reconnect consciously to the heart of nature to hear its messages, honour nature’s wisdom and restore balance and harmony once again.

We have chosen to incarnate at this time because, deep in our souls, we remember what it feels like to be living in peaceful alignment with other sentient beings and the spirits of our sacred Earth. It pains us when we see harm done to the waters and the lands because we know there is a different way that we are here to live.

We are here to walk the way of the gentle heart, celebrating our love of nature and putting things right where previous generations have unconsciously caused damage.

We hope you will join us at Spirit Fields at the end of June. In celebration. In reverence. In heartfelt appreciation. Opening our hearts to the beauty and divinity around us and within us together on these sacred lands.

Keep updated on festival antics via instagram and Facebook.

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