Spirit Fields Festival

We’re sorry to announce that Spirit Fields Festival 2019 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Stay informed about other vibrational essence and plant consciousness events by connecting with the festival organisers and speakers following the links below.

Jackie Stewart (that’s me behind this website, signing up to the mailing list here will keep you up-to-date with essence workshops and other events)

Helen Leece, The Gathering Fields (festival venue) https://www.northernapproach.co.uk

Alexa Sargeant, The Well of Belonging (festival organiser) https://thewellofbelonging.wordpress.com

Rachel Singleton, LightBringer Essences https://www.lightbe.co.uk

Emma & Davyd Farrell, Plant Consciousness https://www.lightbe.co.uk

Saskia Marjoram, Saskia’s Essences https://www.saskiasfloweressences.com

Sue Goodwin, Wisdom Seeds http://wisdomseeds.co.uk

Muriel Pichard, The Essence Within http://theessencewithin.co.uk

Angie Jackson, Healthlines http://www.healthlines.co.uk

Amy Murphy-Watts, Nature’s Wish http://www.natureswish.co.uk

Linda King, Creative Healing Arts http://www.lindaking.org.uk

Amanda Krawczyk, The Essence Bowl https://www.theessencebowl.co.uk

Lily Ayre, Elemental Efflorescence https://www.elementalefflorescence.com

Julie Wood, Lady Comfrey https://www.ladycomfrey.co.uk

Sharon Curran, Soulfower Therapies https://www.soulflowertherapies.co.uk

Mark Willenbruch, Wild Wisdom https://wildwisdom.org.uk

Anna Clapp, Wild Moor Alchemy https://www.wildmooralchemy.co.uk