Limited tickets available - prices start at £125. We'll send you a link to the full programme & how to buy tickets when you sign up. 


Be inspired

Spend a weekend being inspired by vibrational essence teachers and makers who use essences to bring harmony to mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul.

Over 25 experiential workshops and talks provide a space for you to learn about essences, develop new skills in using them, and experience the wide-ranging benefits of essences for yourself. 

Our intention is that you'll leave the festival feeling spiritually connected, emotionally empowered and creatively inspired.

Be transformed

Essences help us to transform our energy, consciousness, wellbeing and relationships.

During the weekend, you'll have opportunities to use essences in many different ways for personal and planetary transformation

Experience plant spirit teachings, meditation, journeying, essence-making, and sacred ceremony on the land.

Open your heart to heal old stories, enhance your intuition, ignite your creative spirit, experience your authentic truth, and deepen your connection with Source.

Be connected

Spirit Fields offers us a unique opportunity to join together with kindred souls for a special weekend at The Gathering Fields in rural Lancashire. 

We will learn and be inspired together. We will celebrate, eat and play together. And there will be quiet indoor and outdoor spaces for reflection and integration so we can be in deeper communion with our selves and the land itself. 

We will feel the earth between our toes and the magic in our hearts as we co-create a sacred weekend that honours our love of essences.  

We invite you to join us

  • If you're a vibrational essence producer, practitioner, teacher or student who wants to spend a weekend feeling inspired by fellow essence enthusiasts.
  • If you're using spiritual or healing approaches in your work (e.g. herbalism, homeopathy, yoga, shamanism) and want to explore how essences can enhance your skills. 
  • If you're a vibrational essence lover who wants to discover new ways to use essences in your life. 
  • If you're new to essences and want to learn how they work on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels.

Meet the workshop facilitators

Rachel Singleton

Rachel Singleton

LightBringer Essences

Emma Farrell

Saskia Marjoram

Saskia's Essences

Sue Goodwin

Wisdom Seeds

Muriel Pichard

Muriel Pichard 

The Essence Within

Angie Jackson

Angie Jackson


Amy Murphy-Watts

Amy Murphy-Watts

Nature's Wish

Davyd Farrell
Linda King
Julie Wood

Julie Wood

Lady Comfrey

Amanda Krawczyk

Amanda Krawczyk

The Essence Bowl

Lily Ayre

Jackie Stewart

Flower Spirit

Alexa Sergeant

Alexa Sargeant

The Well of Belonging

Sharon Curran

Sharon Curran

Soulflower Therapies

Helen Leece

Helen Leece

The Gathering Fields

Mark Willenbruch

Mark Willenbruch

Wild Wisdom

Anna Clapp

Anna Clapp

Wild Moor Alchemy

Amanda Willington

Amanda Willington

Seasonal Wellbeing

Spirits of the Land

The Gathering Fields

Organised by Jackie Stewart, Helen Leece & Alexa Sargeant


  • Opening Ceremony
  • Tuning In: Learn How to Make a Flower Essence 
  • Weaving Magic, Labyrinth and Sound
  • Teaching Tales from a Plant Spirit Healer
  • Hydrosols as Vibrational Medicine
  • Networking with Nature
  • Connecting with the Wild Animal in You
  • Intuitive Art: Healing Through Creativity with Essences  
  • Essences for Radical Change and Collective Care  
  • Opening Our Hearts with Essences  
  • Touching Source – Raising Our Consciousness with Essences  
  • Tarot and Essences  
  • Plant Spirit Immersion: Meet With Your Personal Plant Spirit Ally 
  • Understand your Soul Plan and supporting Bach Flower Remedies


  • Morning Movement Practice  
  • Flower Essences and Family Dynamics 
  • Plant Spirit Allies to Hold Your Centre and Maintain Energetic Sovereignty  
  • Plant Spirit Labyrinth Immersion  
  • Essences for Trauma
  • The Magic of Mugwort
  • Mxnstruation, Moon Cycles & Essence Magic
  • The Dancer in You - Music, Silence & Essences
  • Create a Nature Inspired Land-ala
  • Call to Action  
  • Biodynamic Stirring With the Sea Maiden Essence  
  • Closing Ceremony  

25+ workshops, talks and so much more....

  • 2 nights camping (Friday 28th & Saturday 29th)  
  • drop-in art and creativity sessions & workshops throughout the weekend
  • indoor chillout barn for conversation, teas, rest, integration & connections
  • outdoor spaces (with and without seating) for conversation, rest, integration & connection  
  • Saturday evening party: optional - bring an instrument & dress as your favourite essence, nature spirit or elemental!
  • Beets and Beans vegan & vegetarian food for sale
  • essences & other beautiful products for sale
  • outdoor altar for making offerings to the land

inspiration * transformation * connection * exploration * celebration

Limited tickets available - prices start at £125. We'll send you a link to the full programme and how to buy tickets when you sign up. 


With thanks to all the speakers, Scarlett-Roze, Molly Matcham Photography & Leena Asgodom Photographer for images.