Do you hold space for others as an essence practitioner, energy healer, Shamanic practitioner or complementary therapist?

Beautiful. Sacred. What a gift!

You’ve probably noticed that you are most effective when somebody else is also holding space for you.

I offer soul tending for space holders because....  

  • We need to take very good care of our own energy, boundaries and emotions to do work that makes a difference with lightness and joy.  
  • We need to be spiritually and emotionally nourished so we don’t get burnt out and depleted.  
  • We need to be finely attuned to our own inner world so we can show up for our clients without getting overwhelmed or derailed by our own emotions and day-to-day challenges.  
  • Sometimes we need someone else to shine a light on our blind spots so we can find a new way forward when we feel stuck.  
  • You’re not alone if you sometimes struggle with the challenges of holding space for others. This type of work is rich, deep and profound so we need to be spiritually and emotionally well-resourced to be in service to other souls.  
  • In today’s world you are not just holding space for people, but you are probably grappling with marketing, website, social media, finances, business decisions and all the other aspects that contribute to a thriving practice. It can be a lot to hold on your own. 

I provide a safe and confidential space for your soul tending so you can show up fully to share your gifts with the beautiful souls you are here to serve. 

When is the best time to book a session?

Soul tending sessions are particularly useful when you feel overwhelmed, overloaded, stuck, depleted, disconnected, confused or unsupported. 

Sometimes particular dynamics will push your buttons and your own inner world needs gentle tending to enable you to hold space for your clients. 

Sometimes you’re trying to solve a problem with practical steps but there’s an inner energetic shift that needs to happen for the outer reality to transform.  

Sometimes you may feel uncertain about how to support your clients best and need a confidential space to explore your options.  

Sometimes you are being invited to grow outside your comfort zone so your fears rise to the surface and threaten to sabotage you.  

Sometimes you simply need to be witnessed so you can find your own way back to centre once again.  

I hold space for you so you can find your way forward with more compassion, inner knowing and spiritual connection.

What happens during a Soul Tending session?

We meet for an hour by Skype, FaceTime, phone or in person in Hebden Bridge. 

I light a candle and dedicate it to the sacred. 

You talk, I listen. 

I may reflect things back to you, offer insights, or guide you into deeper enquiry with what's happening in your body or subtle energy system.

People tell me they feel seen on a soul level. That's how it feels to me too. 

Together we illuminate what’s yearning for wholeness and integration in your healing practice.  

We explore what feels stuck, blocked, or out of alignment on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  

And we explore what your heart is truly yearning for.

There's usually laughter, often tears. There's always authentic presence and heartfelt connection. 

As a natural empath, experienced essence practitioner, and energy healer I'm listening to your words and feeling the unspoken energy behind them: the whispers from your soul in order to restore balance on all levels.

In these sessions, I help people who are holding space for others to: 

  • Take care of their own energy, boundaries and emotions to avoid overwhelm, depletion and burnout.
  • Tend to their spiritual and emotional needs to illuminate hidden dynamics and experience energetic shifts in their work and life.
  • Heed and honour their soul wisdom for intuitive guidance, inspiration, clear decision-making and focused action. 
  • Make empowered choices that feel energetically aligned and are sustainable on an everyday practical level.  

I would love to do the same for you. 


What past clients say

“If you are looking for a loving and compassionate guide to help you move forward on your path, I recommend Jackie and her Soul sessions with all my heart.”

“This package created the confidence to open up, be seen… be my authentic self and gain the key to releasing ancestral and inner child hurts and misunderstandings… I feel like a new person.. more whole, more in the present.”

Diane, UK

"To work with Jackie has been an absolutely life changing process. She is able to create a space of pure love, acceptance, softness, where you can be what you are with your own timing. My sessions with her have empowered me in ways I could not even imagine."

“Jackie’s ability to excavate my core wounds that needed to be brought to the Light of Love was simply brilliant.”

Jean, USA

Free 30 minute consultation  

If we haven't worked together before, please book a free 30 minute consultation (Skype, FaceTime or phone) to see if we’re a good match. Please tell me your time zone/country when you email, so I can suggest times when we’ll both be awake! I'll get back to you within 48 hrs (excluding weekends). 

Click here to email me so we can arrange your free 30 minute consultation.

Soul Tending for Space Holder sessions are £60 (approx. $78/approx. €68) unless you've completed your practitioner diploma with me, in which case the exchange is £45.

Please pay for your session in advance using the appropriate Paypal button below. You don't need a Paypal account, it also offers an option to pay using card.

N.B. Your essence combination/s will be invoiced separately (approx. £10-£15/approx. $13-$19/approx. €11-€17 plus postage) after your consultation.





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