These resources help you to get in touch with your emotions safely and effectively.

When your emotions are at peace, YOU feel at peace. You hear your intuition more easily, live with more love, joy and presence and find it easier to follow your purpose.

  Heal Your Inner Child

Are childhood wounds holding you back?

The Inner Child Meditation Kit is a safe space to receive the healing, love, compassion and forgiveness your inner child needs to be a joyful, fulfilled and empowered adult. You’ll:

  • Develop a relationship with your inner child and discover what it needs to tell you.
  • Have a safe space to return to whenever childhood wounds or insecurities get triggered.
  • Send healing through the timeline to the child you once were so you’ll feel more loved, understood and accepted.
  • Release unhealthy childlike dynamics in your relationships.
  • Soothe old pain and trauma from childhood so you can move forward into a bright future.

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Fall in Love With Yourself and Your World

I’ll show you the four stages of returning home to your heart so that it becomes your daily reality to feel deeply loved,  connected to yourself and Source.

You’ll learn how to quieten your mind’s chatter to listen to your heart’s wisdom, embrace your emotions for genuine self-acceptance, experience compassion and forgiveness, and discover the bliss of feeling Oneness with the Divine.

  • Would you like to fall joyfully and unconditionally in love with yourself and your world?
  • Would you like to feel more love, loved and loving every single day?
  • Would you like to reconnect with You?

This is a self-study course designed to give you everything you need to fall in love with yourself and your world.

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Emotional Peace Process

Ever wished you could let your emotions go, rather than analysing them all the time? Now you can.

Emotional Peace is a 30 minute energy process to transform uncomfortable, painful and unhealthy emotions and beliefs easily and effectively so you can get on with living the joyful love-filled life you’re here for.  You’ll:

  • Drop out of the noise of your thinking into the feelings held in your emotional body. That’s where the healing happens.
  • Feel lighter and full of energy. Keeping emotions at bay uses up a lot of emotional energy, so when you learn to feel them you’ll have much more energy for other things.
  •  Learn how to feel the raw energy of emotion in your body so that it becomes second nature to let your emotions move through you without drama.

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 Emotional Balance Kit

Imagine having powerful resources at your fingertips, to use whenever your emotions feel overwhelming, scary or confusing.

This Emotional Balance Kit is full of love, healing and wisdom for personal transformation.  You’ll:

  • Feel comfortable with your emotions and what they’re trying to tell you.
  • Feel greater self-love and acceptance by making peace with all parts of yourself (including emotions you don’t like the look of).
  • Connect more easily to your intuition because your emotions won’t be drowning out your inner voice.
  • Enjoy healthier relationships by understanding why particular people push your buttons so you can choose to react differently.
  • Release old hurts, childhood, Karmic, ancestral and other deeply buried emotional wounds for greater forgiveness and peace.
  • Feel more peaceful, balanced and centred regardless of what life throws at you.

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Inner Peace Meditation

Would you like more inner peace? When you feel peaceful, life is good. Nothing can stress you out or throw you off centre.  You know that all is well and you feel an unshakeable sense of inner calm. Unflappable, tranquil and calm. Decisions are made with clarity, life flows with ease and you can cope with anything.  You’ll:

  • Restore harmony and tranquility when you need to centre yourself.
  • Feel peaceful even when you’re under pressure.
  • Release tension and feel totally relaxed – body, mind, spirit and soul.
  • Experience the kind of deep inner peace that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

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