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 “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  – Rumi

I agree with Rumi but many of us don’t know how to do things FROM our souls until we learn how to do things FOR our souls first.

We’re good at taking care of our families, partners and friends. We put our energy into doing our best work in the world. But we’re not so good at taking care of ourselves.

It’s time we took better care of ourselves. Our hearts, our spirits, our bodies, our energy systems.

It’s time we learnt to nourish our souls.

The Soul Sanctuary is a year of soul nourishment delivered weekly to your inbox from 1st January 2016, and this is your chance to win a free place in our online women’s circle.


12 flower essence allies stand in circle, around the names of the women who are gathering.

In The Soul Sanctuary, we explore 12 monthly themes that are relevant to us all, including boundaries, letting go, self healing, and reclaiming soul parts. We work with 12 powerful flower essences that illuminate each month’s theme and give us their soul medicine.

We let ourselves be nurtured by the loving embrace of the guided meditations that carry us home to our hearts.

We go within to explore our inner worlds: our feelings, beliefs, patterns, stories, intuitive knowing, body messages, guidance from spirit.

We rest, we feel, we notice, we explore, we listen, we heal, we question, we allow, we discover, we transform, we create, we experience, we play, we grow, we accept, we remember, we discuss, we learn, we laugh, we cry.

Most of all, we nourish.

Soul-deep nourishment is the kind that feels like relief and homecoming and love and belonging.

When we nourish our souls we engage with the world differently, from that place of inner replenishment and bone-deep knowing.

We feel the river that is the creative flow of the universe moving within us, and find ourselves doing things from our souls because we are more embodied and connected.

We feel more peace, more presence, more passion and more purpose.

We trust our inner guidance and heed our intuition.

We remember who we truly are and why we are really here.

We come home.

Are you excited by soul work?

Do you love the transformational power of flower essences?

Do you want to get to know yourself better so you’ll access your inner wisdom and intuition more easily?

Are you ready to heal your heart and let go of the past so you can move forward with more love and joy?

Would you like to receive weekly resources to nourish your soul in 2016?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in the right place. The Soul Sanctuary begins on 1st January and today you can win a full year’s FREE membership of our women’s circle.

I feel so grateful and blessed to be holding this space for loving transformation for the third and final time, beautifully supported by 12 inspiring {human} guest teachers and 12 plant spirit teachers as well as some surprise guests who will be making an appearance.

To take part in the giveaway, share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and your other favourite online haunts using hashtag #soulsanctuary. Leave a message in the comments below saying why you’d like to win a place {read all about it here} and list all the places where you’ve shared this post. Each share counts as one entry so the more places you share the more chances you have of winning {e.g. if you share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I’ll write your name out 3 times}. Giveaway closes at 12 noon {UK time} Friday 18th December.

On Friday afternoon I’ll take all the names to the heart of the wild woods where The Soul Sanctuary first came whispering into my awareness two years ago, and pick the winner.

If you’ve already joined our circle, please nominate a soul sister who you’d love to see in our sacred circle instead.




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18 Responses to Soul Sanctuary Giveaway

  1. I ddi this course before and found it so beneficial and would oev to do ti again. I have shared both on facebook and twitter.

  2. I wish to participate in the Soul Sanctuary Giveaway. I have shared the announcement on Facebook and Pinterest.

    • Hi Jackie, What a lovely gift! I have posted it on the Sustainable Bury FB page, my Twitter account @ Fiona Strachan and Pin Interest @ Fee Foxglove.
      Best wishes, Fiona

  3. Brightest blessings Jackie and thank you for such a generous oppotunity to win!! Your Soul Sanctuary is incredible xxx I have just shared on facebook as I don’t have any other social media or Instagram or anything so hopefully one will be all I need if it’s meant for me xxx

  4. I forgot to say why I would like to win DOH!! Over the past year I have been introduced to Awen and the work she does with the moon and divine feminine. I have began a rocky path with the Morrigan and am very very slowly starting to be able to breath from the depths of darkness. I love working with plant spirits and I feel that learning how to work with flower spirits and essences will provide me with the love and light I need to balance the dark and empower me to fight my demons and begin to reach the peace I am so desperate for xxxxx thank you for reading xxx

  5. This sounds so lovely! I could use all the help I can get with making 2016 my best year yet. I shared on Google+, Pinterest, my blog, and on several different places on Facebook.

    • I forgot to add that I will be going into 2016 without a job and no current prospects for a new one. I am confident I will find something though, I always do, so don’t feel bad for me. I am only saying that to let you know that I would be willing to pay for the class, but I currently don’t have the funds to do so. I don’t yet know exactly how to bring about my life purpose and my dreams into a job format, but I am getting closer every day and I think that this class would help me get there sooner. Thanks so much!

  6. I would love to win this because it sounds amazingly perfect and I think its just what I need right now! I’ve been sick and scattered for the past year and focusing on my physical body and neglecting the mental and spiritual. Perfect way to begin the new year! I shared on facebook, twice on pinterest and emailed it to a friend. 🙂

  7. Shared on Facebook. This sounds like a wonderful way to connect with myself and others and Mother Earth, plus I’m looking for my tribe, is this the one?

  8. I’ve signed up! Eeeeek, so exciting! I’d love for my deepest soul sister NICOLA MCCANNY to be able to join too. I’ve shared in Facebook (my only social media place) in the deepest hope that she will win the giveaway! Thank you for the chance xxx

  9. I would love be to be given the opportunity to join The Soul Santuary. I feel that 2016 will be a period of transformation, being and rejoicing in my own truth. I have shared on my Facebook page. Blessings Shar❤️n x

  10. I have shared the post on Facebook, and the reason I am attracted to the Soul Sanctuary is because I am feeling deeply called towards healing my divine feminine. My inner goddess has been having me buy goddess books and listen to podcasts, and create artwork and meditations. I feel so strongly that part of healing and connecting with my divine feminine is sharing community in a circle of like-minded sisters. An online circle is perfect me. This is something that I would love to learn and experience so I can create a women’s circle in my area and share the wisdom and healing with others. I have learned about Reiki, and unicorns, and angels and faeries in my spiritual journey, now it is time that I learn about my innermost self. Thank you, Andrea

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