Welcome! Here's how Soul Alchemy works  

You bring what you're struggling with and what your heart most desires.

I bring Love. Plant Magic. Depth. Presence.

How do you know if Soul Alchemy sessions are for you?  

Whether you are at a time of change, challenge, or simply yearning for emotional and spiritual nourishment these sessions help you to live your life with more self-compassion, inner knowing, and spiritual connection. 

I believe I am of greatest service to deep thinkers who are familiar with inner work and already have a spiritual practice of some kind.

The themes that commonly arise in one-to-one Soul Alchemy sessions include self-acceptance and self-love, inner child healing, listening to and acting upon your inner wisdom, healthy boundaries and relationships, finding and following your purpose, claiming your magical gifts, healing trauma and grief, releasing fears, authentic expression of your true self. 

Soul Alchemy will help you to:

Make peace with yourself 

Wholeness and belonging are the core of this work, and I hold a space where everything is welcomed. You'll experience greater compassion and self-acceptance. Love heals. Truly.

Illuminate and integrate  

We'll shine a light on the recurring themes that trip you up and cause problems e.g. sensitivity, overwhelm, fear of being seen, lack of confidence, unworthiness.  

Reconnect with inner wisdom 

You’ll feel centred and connected, get clear about your truth, your purpose, and make decisions with confidence. All the answers are within you. You know that.

Release blocked energy 

We'll bring healing to your inner child, past trauma, and stories held in your body, so you'll feel lighter, and have more energy available to feel radiant and alive.

Soul Alchemy honours your emotional depth, spiritual gifts, body wisdom, and inner knowing so you will step forward feeling the vast love in your heart, the deep wisdom of your soul, and the creative magic in your life.  

Why is Soul Alchemy needed?

There’s a lot of quick-fix pseudo-spiritual personal development approaches out there.  

We’re told we need to change our mindsets, think positive, and constantly strive for some outer definition of success. We’re being fed the lie that we need to keep improving ourselves to be better people.  

We're given the message that if we don't feel amazing all the time then there's something wrong and we need to change. Uncomfortable emotions get shunned in the impossible quest for constant happiness.  

Sheesh, not only does this make us feel under pressure to be what we're not and dishonours the depth and range of our emotional experience, it conveys the message that we are broken and need to be fixed in order to be happy.  

No wonder so many people feel disconnected, unfulfilled and not good enough. No wonder stress is a modern epidemic.  

What if there's nothing wrong with you? 

What if everything you need is already within you?  

What if your emotions are ever-changing, necessary, and rich with wisdom?  

What if the only change you need to make is the shift into trusting the wild wisdom of your heart and the inner guidance of your soul?  

It’s time to remember our wholeness instead of swallowing the lie that we are broken.  

It’s time to put our hearts at the centre of our decisions, and let our souls guide our actions.  

This is the embodied way of the wild feminine.  

And this is where flower and other vibrational essences are most effective; helping us to reawaken our inner knowing, our spiritual gifts, and the vast love in our hearts.  

I’m here to help you deepen into the rich intuitive knowledge you have within you so you can live with greater peace, purpose, passion, presence and power.  

Soul Alchemy for the Wild at Heart.

Because the real magic happens when you honour your heart and soul, and live life from there!

What happens during a Soul Alchemy session?

We meet by Skype, FaceTime, phone or in person in Hebden Bridge. 

I light a candle and dedicate it to the sacred. 

You talk, I listen. 

I may reflect things back to you, offer insights, or guide you into deeper enquiry with what's happening in your body or subtle energy system.

People tell me they feel seen on a soul level. That's how it feels to me too. 

Together we illuminate what’s yearning for wholeness and integration in your life.  

We explore what feels stuck, blocked, or out of alignment on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  

And we explore what your heart is truly yearning for.

There's usually laughter, often tears. There's always authentic presence and heartfelt connection. 

As a natural empath, experienced essence practitioner, and energy healer I'm listening to your words and feeling the unspoken energy behind them: the whispers from your soul, so I can select the best combination of essences for you.

Over the past 18 years, I've helped hundreds of self-aware women (and a few good men) to connect more deeply with their hearts and souls to:

  • Enjoy more loving relationships with themselves, partner, family and friends by understanding hidden dynamics and releasing barriers to love, connection, belonging, forgiveness and self-acceptance. 
  • Make their dreams come true (self-employment, travel, relationships) as hidden beliefs, emotions and patterns that were tripping them up came to light and stopped running the show. 
  • Heed and honour their soul wisdom for intuitive guidance, inspiration, clear decision-making and focused aligned action. 
  • Make empowered choices (moving home, leaving relationships, career changes, starting a family) based on what they truly want rather than feeling frustrated about what they don’t.  

I would love to do the same for you. 

Join me for Soul Alchemy: a loving space for soul-deep transformation.  


What past clients say

“If you are looking for a loving and compassionate guide to help you move forward on your path, I recommend Jackie and her Soul Alchemy sessions with all my heart.”

“This package created the confidence to open up, be seen… be my authentic self and gain the key to releasing ancestral and inner child hurts and misunderstandings… I feel like a new person.. more whole, more in the present.”

Diane, UK

"To work with Jackie has been an absolutely life changing process. She is able to create a space of pure love, acceptance, softness, where you can be what you are with your own timing. My sessions with her have empowered me in ways I could not even imagine."

“Jackie’s ability to excavate my core wounds that needed to be brought to the Light of Love was simply brilliant.”

Jean, USA

Free 30 minute consultation  

I invite you for a free 30 minute consultation (Skype, FaceTime or phone) to see if we’re a good match. Please tell me your time zone/country when you email, so I can suggest times when we’ll both be awake! I'll get back to you within 48 hrs (excluding weekends). 

For practicalities including frequency of sessions and payment details please click here.

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