Welcome to the Flower Spirit Essence Shop where you’ll find essences made by the healers at Crystal Herbs.

The Bach Flower Remedy shelf contains the world’s best-known flower essences. These are 38 natural remedies that release conscious states like anger, depression, lack of confidence, uncertainty, shock and fear. The best known is Rescue Remedy® also known as Revival Remedy which is used in emergencies and times of stress or shock.  Click here to browse the Bach Flower Remedy shelf.


Did you know you can get Confidence or Inner Calm in a bottle? The Divine Harmony shelf is where you’ll find them. These essences will transform your life with combinations for Feeling Worthy, Healing Bereavement, Inner Joy, Auric Protection, Creativity, Emotional Balance and Soul Connection along with many, many more. These are the combinations I choose most often in one-to-one sessions. Click here to browse the Divine Harmony shelf.



Heal your Inner Child with Inner Child Essences. Inner child healing helps you to heal wounds from childhood that influence your reactions as an adult. You may find it difficult to remember what it was like to be a child or you may know that you carry wounds from that time. Inner Child essences release childhood pain that may be buried deep in the subconscious, to enable you to become a more empowered adult. Click here to browse the Inner Child Essence Shelf.



Balance your chakras with Chakra Essences. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or spinning disk of energy and it is through the chakras that energy enters and leaves our bodies. Chakras become blocked by unresolved emotions, rigid thought patterns and toxins which stop this natural flow of energy and can lead to disease. We stay healthy by balancing the mental and emotional issues of each chakra and these essences do just that. Click here to browse the Chakra Essence shelf.


Angel Essences bring angelic qualities into our lives and make wonderful gifts. How would you feel to know that the Angel of Joy, Angel of Love or Angel of Abundance was by your side gently guiding and supporting you? Receive divine inspiration from the angelic realms as you welcome the love and support of angels into your life. These make beautiful gifts. Click here to browse the angel essence shelf.


Access deep spiritual wisdom from the Archangel and Ascended Masters.  Each of these essences is attuned to the consciousness of an Ascended Master or Archangel to help you connect with their guidance more easily. Do you want to deepen your connection with Archangel Raphael for healing? Do you feel an affinity with Archangel Michael for protection? This collection of essences brings spiritual connection and guidance.  Click here to browse the Archangel and Ascended Master Essence shelf.

To discover the Soul Alchemy for the Wild at Heart essences, combinations and sprays I make myself, please visit my Etsy shop.


Please note: I’m a Crystal Herbs affiliate so I receive income when you buy products from these shelves. I only recommend essences that I use myself, choose for clients and wholeheartedly believe in.