Seeing into your soul to sense where you need to heal

“The moment I heard Jackie’s incredible voice for the first time I knew that she was a wise woman and deeply connected. Jackie Stewart can see into our souls and she can sense where we need to heal. She is powerful but also very gentle and I always feel so safe and lovingly held when we meet.

I invested in her package to receive support for my channeling retreats in Australia and this has helped me so much more than I could ever hope for. She has helped me heal my inner child and to restore parts of me that I thought were lost forever. She can see the greatness of my soul when I’m facing deep fears of not being enough or of asking for too much.

It’s like she can see me from a higher perspective and then she takes my hand and gently guides me back home again. The guidance she offers is always spot on and I know she is strong and soft enough to hold space for me as I release fears, doubts and pain. If you are looking for a loving and compassionate guide to help you move forward on your path, I recommend Jackie and her Soul Alchemy sessions with all my heart. “

Karina Ladet | Intuitive Guide at


Excavating core wounds and bringing them to the Light of Love

jean2“Working with Jackie has truly been invaluable to me.  Her ability to excavate my core wounds that needed to be brought to the Light of Love was simply brilliant.  She brings so much compassion, integrity and wisdom to every session, and I always felt completely seen, safe and accepted.  I also appreciated her sending me some of the notes she took during our session….it was very beneficial for me to read for myself her observations…and as always, the flower essences that she prescribed were absolutely perfect. Jackie,  you are an angel and pure blessing.  Thank you for extending your Love to all.”

Jean | Spiritual Counsellor | USA


A life changing love-based revolution

To work with Jackie has been an absolutely life changing process, a love-based revolution that helped me grow in a very loving and respectful way.

I have suffered of strong depression for 10 years, and of debilitating panic attacks for 13 years. I was scared of everything. When I found Jackie I was only at the start of my spiritual journey, fueled by Nature and crystals. Her gentle ways, her Heart centered approach, and her respect for the slowness we sometimes need, made it very easy for me to develop trust in her.

I want you to understand how bad it was for me. Not only I was basically home bound, scared beyond control at the idea to go outside (except little walks to the trees right behind my home), scared of changing, scared of certain foods (for no particular reason), feeling uncomfortable in a body that kept giving me issues, not very sure about all that “love yourself” thing and how you made it happen.

Sometimes I was even scared of meditation, because I feared it would bring me something I wasn’t ready to face. I was feeling always dizzy, I was unhappy, I was extremely critical toward myself, I was constantly guilty, I felt powerless, and very confused about life. I wanted to break free of the cage, and I was terrified at the idea of it. I felt like a burden to everyone around me, for my inability to be normal. My very empathic self was a big problem as well, because I was so easily overwhelmed and drained. I was infinitely scared of panic. I would do anything to avoid a panic attack.

I am not going to tell you that Jackie used her magic wand on me and made everything fine in a minute. But I know that her presence, power, Heart, did a lot for me. A part of me craved to have a Soul Alchemy session with her. The rest of me was scared. Terrified. I was scared that, by doing the digging in my soul, I would open a can of worms, one I would not be able to deal with. Jackie never pushed me, which is something I am deeply grateful for, and that I deeply respect about her. Anyway, I booked my sessions. And then panicked. Hah!

If you are reading this, trying to work out the courage to do what I did and start your journey with her, I can tell you this: you will find someone who is deeply respectful of each part of you, the strong willed ones and the weak ones, the happy and the wounded ones, and even the ones you dislike and try to push down where you don’t see them. She is able to create a space of pure love, acceptance, softness, where you can be what you are with your own timing.

My sessions with her have empowered me in ways I could not even imagine. Some hurtful things from the past came out, and strong feelings emerged, unpleasant ones, but everything went someway right. I had one of these healing crisis I read about in many books (and that terrified me), I panicked, I thought I had lost my mind for good…and she helped me, using her flower allies. And everything shifted. And I was fine again, and not so traumatised. She taught me the respect for my own emotions and all the parts of myself.

Right now, I still have panic attacks and I am still scared to go outside. But so many things in my inner landscape have changed, things that I am sure will lead me to a life with more freedom. I am now much more embodied than I was before, I don’t feel dizzy, and I trust my body as an ally. I am learning the concept of letting go, of allowing change and trusting that everything has its perfect timing and that indeed we live in a loving Universe, and that I deserve love as well. I know what it is to love myself. My relationship with the natural world has deepened, and I now receive messages and helpful hints from flowers, trees, animals – which makes me feel connected to all of life. I am proud of being a woman, and I feel the power I have in me. I am ready to shine my light through my art and my business.

I am facing every day with mindfulness, listening to my heart and my body, learning that my own timing is the most right for me.  I can often sit with my strongest, scariest emotions and simply let them be, give them a name if I know it, or simply observe them, allow them to flow through me, while comforting my Inner Child that all is fine. And this is such a…well, a love revolution!

Alice Savage | Art for the Soul at


Helped me to TRULY start unlocking my true potential!

“Thank you so, so, soooooo much for being who you are and therefore for sharing your gift of feeling into people and sensing what they need to let go of the old / making deep energy shifts possible / inviting a new life… thank you, thank you, thank you…

I felt so, so, so stuck, remember? Now I feel like sitting in a rocket, so many things happen so fast! It is still happening on the inside (but my guides tell me that for me it really needs to happen on the inside first before it can show outside). I feel that huge changes are going to happen (so exciting!!!). I am so much closer to who I truly am, and still getting closer each day! My true potential and the true reason why I was reincarnated into this life slowly unfolds in front of me like a beautiful flower… I am capable of staying with me much better now. And when I fall down I can get up much quicker now and gain balance again!

You helped me to TRULY start unlocking my true potential! To not just stay on the surface but to dive so, so deep… because this is where I am/was. Hiding away so deep down because of all the trauma that has happened in previous lives and of the conditioning of my cells, female ancestral line and throughout my childhood… I NEEDED to dive deep. Somehow I KNEW deep inside of me that I needed to get down there but just couldnt do it! You saw my needs, my blocks, and felt what can help me to release the blocks who were holding me back to dive deep… the blocks are gone. I am diving so, so deep! 😀

I do not know how to say thank you. The words are not enough! You, the talks we had, your magical essences, this is what I truly needed to get forward on my path! And oh boy how fast things go now! I do not know what is awaiting me. It just feels huge!”

MK | Switzerland

 The confidence to be authentic

di-circle“Embarking on a package with Jackie was one of the most fulfilling, sensible and self caring things I did this year. I love Jackie’s meditations and have used flower essences from her before and the heart and soul package absolutely created the confidence to open up, be seen, seek to be my authentic self and gain the key to working with releasing ancestral and long term inner child hurts and misunderstandings.

With Jackie’s support, I was able to encourage potentially uncomfortable situations where I was able to observe my reactions and feelings. And with her guidance I could then understand where the core root of these reactions and feelings stemmed from and acknowledge/release the patterns.

On the one to one sessions with Jackie on the phone I felt safe, really seen and loved. Jackie manages to tease out issues and hidden messages and untangle the web they create. I loved the day the essence blends and notes would arrive – the words and choices absolutely bringing insight and clarity – Jackie puts so much thought into these magical parcels.

As a result of this package, I feel like a new person approaching 2014, more whole, more in the present and have a wee toolbox of tricks to draw on when energy levels and self belief threaten to disappear over the horizon once more. I wholeheartedly recommend Jackie’s work.”

Diane Oliver | Community Development Officer


Now I am at a place in my life [where] I wanted to be

I realized that now I am at a place in my life, the place I wanted to be in when I first contacted you at the beginning of the sessions in February or March.

I am doing what is right for myself, I am letting go, trusting. I am excited to move on, to see what comes next. I am happy and content and it’s just really a wonderful place to be in. I have a belief that things are good now, and that they will get even better. 
These sessions and flower/crystal essences seemed to be all that I hoped they would be and more. Thank you so much for guiding me through those mediations and showing me which flower essences were just right for me to make these subtle changes.
Erica Diazoni |Switzerland

Identifying the feelings and providing clarity

“I’ve absolutely loved working with Jackie and benefited enormously from the work we have done together.  Having someone I can share things with and gain perspective from has been so valuable.  Jackie has combined working with me to identify and address the feelings that have arisen from different situations with a business viewpoint too.  As the essences brought things to the surface, it helped to be able to process this with Jackie. 

What was of greatest benefit was a sense that Jackie really ‘got me’ and could provide objective observations that gave much needed clarity.  She also understood many of the challenges I had encountered from her own experience.  The notes and follow up from each call were immensely helpful – just having a sounding board made all the difference.  Working with Jackie is helping me embrace the bigness that I want to be and helped me see what is possible. Thank you so much for all your wisdom and reassuring words”.

Nicola Warwick | Online Presence Coach at

A marvellous healing tool for true breakthrough

michelleI had long been wanting to have a Soul Message and Intuitive Diagnosis with Jackie and have already used many of her wonderful meditations, and her free booklet on Bach Essences has been a constant companion and help for me lately.

The time felt just right now,  and I cannot begin to tell you what a marvellous healing tool this has been for me…I have been on a journey of self-discovery for a few years now and have had some guidance and help already from a gifted dear friend .

However, not until Jackie’s email with the results of my reading  arrived did the true breakthrough begin for me… As an HSP it took me a wee while to actually be able to read the whole email, so accurate and mind-blowing was her information for me!  It all resonated almost at once and took my breath away. I am now about to begin more work with my inner child and have bought Jackie’s meditation to use for that too.

And I know most profoundly that since her work with me the ancestral healing has finally taken place on my maternal side. Astonishing. Her guidance for me on the subject of how and where to continue with my creative art has already lead to a new idea and one that feels so very right for me…I am about to start work on making that happen! But I think there is still much more to come….slowly and surely, as I am ready. I have my chosen essence blend now too,  to support me on my journey.

Jackie has always felt like a kindred spirit to me and I was very attracted to her writings and blogs from day 1….a very special lady indeed. 

Michelle Loetz | Photographer


I have never received such a calming and fine tuned message

header“Jackie is a true nature spirit of the flower kind, it is like listening to that inner voice that often gets drowned out.

I am a Hedgewytch and Druid and felt an instant connection to Jackie after completing the Barefoot Breathing course as I felt Jackie’s approach and values overlapped with mine. Jackie is gentle, grounded and connected, an almost otherworldliness walking amongst us to help us.

I was at a stage where many life events and issues were whizzing about and I felt as if my energy was spinning too fast, something that was very difficult to describe and get across to others but I felt Jackie may be able to help.  As I started to write down where I was and what I wanted I feared it was garbled nonsense that made no sense to me let alone for Jackie to work with!

Jackie understood completely and connected in a way that made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle. I remember sitting on the edge of my bed opening my gorgeous letter in the post and Jackie had included an image of a card from a deck that she did not use very often. It was the very same card that I had been meditating on, one that as I looked over the top of my letter was there on my sacred space looking back at me! Jackie went on to mention an item that was significant and also located my area for support being my solar plexus.  I have had many readings and insights over the years, some by people I know very well, and I have NEVER received such  a calming and fine tuned message as Jackie’s Soul Message and Intuitive Diagnosis. Jackie was spot on.
I have learnt that it is okay to listen to that inner voice and that it is okay to shout and be heard at times rather than bottle things up. This has given me confidence to try new things and I have returned to painting, drawing and creating. I create free resources usually nature based, and blog regularly at

Not only did I receive the gorgeous message that my soul was shouting for me to listen to and the essence to help calm me, through Jackie I made other connections online and have learnt so much. I have my confidence back, I have a better understanding of myself and my soul is on a happier level.

I would recommend the Soul Message and Intuitive Diagnosis to everyone, and I do, I tell everyone – frequently! I have more than worked with it, it has changed everything.”

Lisa Holden | Mistletoe Oak


I can feel a real shift in my way of feeling and thinking

robyn-circle“Jackie’s Emotional Healing program has helped me to heal ancestral cellular memories that needed to be healed for me to move through my spiritual journey.  A lot was revealed in the meditation. Very powerful inner wisdom was unearthed for me to work through.  With the help of Jackie’s gentle guidance and reassurance that I was ‘perfectly normal’ – I worked through the worksheet that she provided as well.

Once all of this was done, Jackie sat with my spirit guides to prescribe a flower essence to help me shift these changes that were occurring.  A week later, I received my essences in the mail along with a beautiful letter that was written straight from the heart. I felt wrapped in love – and still do each time I read her words.

Jackie to me, has a real empathy with people who have lost their way, spiritually. For those of us who feel unconnected to dear Mother earth, for those of us who are lonely and don’t know why. I am still in early stages of the essence taking.. but already I can feel a real shift in my way of feeling & thinking. Oh yes, I still get angry and sad.. but now I know that this is energy changing, healing and shifting for me to move through. Thank you so much Jackie. Namaste.”

Robyn Bogart | Australia | The Apple Tree and Avalon

This is powerful work. This is true healing.

flora-circle“Jackie allows you to sink deep and deeper still into your psyche, spirit and soul and safely release irksome sprites like fear and negativity, pain and fury that lurk in the darkness.

She is your ideal companion on a journey to your wonderment being brave and sensitive, wise and intuitive – a folktale wild woman.

In your gentle yet powerful transformation, Jackie supports you with shimmering fairy realm cords wrought from crystal & flower essences and guided meditation, emotional healing workbook and your own fascinating personalised report so that your soul essence feels heard, safe and nurtured.

Her tenderness, knowledge and ability to help people manifest their soul’s purpose – for you to be strong and resilient in your authenticity and individuality – allow you to soar and explore, gain insight and glorious epiphanies.

This is powerful work. This is true healing. In the sacred space you have with Jackie all kinds of deep-healing miracles can happen.”

Flora | Writer | Founder of Inner Wild Therapy and Inner Wild, wilderness wear for dearhearts


Truly wise, gentle (yet powerful) healing gifts

Gin-circle“Thank you so very much for the lovely Emotional Healing Package! Your beautiful letter and all the written information you included are treasures, and I can feel the energies of the essences even when I only look at the bottle.

You offer truly wise, gentle (yet powerful) healing gifts, and I feel so blessed to have met and connected with you. I’m very glad I finally ordered your Emotional Healing Package! Even though I didn’t order it when I originally thought I would, I believe it’s arrived in my life at just the right time for me.

I wanted to say thank you from my heart.  Many blessings.”

Gin White | Inner Harmony Alchemist | Founder of Subtle Harmony


Getting to the root cause of the challenges I face

“Working with Jackie, over the phone and taking flower remedies over the last two months seems to have had a very profound and moving effect on my whole being.  In the phone consultations, Jackie holds a safe and supportive context for me to explore my current state of being, providing powerful insights.

I have worked with many therapists and tried all sorts of methods to get to the root cause of the challenges I face and I believe the flower and gem essences have finally reached that place I have not been to before. She describes and explains very clearly how the essences work and also the qualities of each individual essence she has prescribed for me. This has illumined my own self awareness and understanding and I feel a process of integration is finally taking place. I have loved learning about flower essences and myself through Jackie’s therapeutic practice.” – ND | Middlesex | UK

It resonated so deeply within me

“Received my essences yesterday along with your report. Words cannot express my appreciation with what you wrote. It resonated so deeply within me.” Jan Martin | Glasgow | UK

People tell me how much lighter I am

“Hi Jackie. Just wanted you to know how things are going. I have nearly finished my drops and this weekend I have had 3 different people tell me how much “ lighter” I am. How my aura has changed and how brighter I am. Amazing.  I have had one weekend that I actually liked myself and how I looked.  I just want to get stronger and stronger.  Thank you so much” – HW| Midlands, UK

I feel so much lighter

“I just wanted to say thank you SO much for today – and not just the actual phone consult but also very much the safe space you so conscientiously created for me with your emails and being clear about exactly what was happening, I felt VERY supported by all of this. So thank you. I feel so much lighter. I am loving the essences you chose for me. Amazing!” FK | Scotland | UK

Supported and seen on a soul level

“I wanted to say how wonderful it was to talk to you yesterday & it really quite energised me for a couple of hours afterwards! Your descriptions of the essences made my heart fill with gratitude & my being feel wholly supported & seen on a deeply nurturing & soul level. They are just beautiful & so personal. Your ability to intuit the perfect essences is a very special gift. ND | Surrey | UK

Huge positive changes in terms of love and intimacy

“Thank you for the flower essences.  I have almost finished the bottle and noticed huge positive changes in myself especially in terms of love and intimacy. I feel like I have such an abundance of feeling! This is so lovely because I switched my feelings off as best I could when I was younger so I wouldn’t have to deal with them.” Client | UK

The work we have done so far and the essences have been a big help

“Thank you so much for the wonderful consultation we had yesterday. So lovely.  The issues coming up are so big and deep and I feel that having started my healing journey again I am totally committed to working through and beyond (FINALLY) some of them to a more wholesome place. I feel the work we have done so far and the essences have been a big help.”  AC | Argyll | UK


“I always feel better after a consultation.  it’s great to be able to be open and honest about how I’m really feeling. I take essences as an alternative to anti-depressants and to balance my anger. They help me to like myself more and to have increased self-belief.” VB | Glasgow | UK


“Jackie has a gift in seeing the essences which most exactly help my current state. Her empathy, compassion and professionalism mean I always finish feeling uplifted, motivated and clear about my next steps.” – NW | East Sussex | UK


“The flower essences provide a strong foundation for wellbeing. The effects are subtle yet powerful.  I feel more able to cope with life when I’m taking essences. Without them I feel my stress levels rising.” – LF | Argyll | UK


The depth of relaxation and inner peace that flooded through me as you channelled the healing energies took me by surprise. Never before have I visited that space deep inside, seen so many colours through my closed eyes or felt such big blocks flowing away from me.  Today, one day later, I’m bathed in a new emotion of self worth, of contentment and certainty.  Thank you for helping me on the journey of releasing my pasts.” AS | Lancashire | UK

The essences you’ve chosen seem just perfect for where I am now!  Aquamarine, in particular, works toward issues I’ve had for some time, and I was very interested to learn about Larimar, which I hadn’t heard of before.  I think I will start keeping a bouquet of roses in my home…  Thanks again for such a beautiful, healing, and supportive blend!” Client | USA

“I don’t know how to thank you! So much is falling into my life and into place.” Client | UK

I have been awestruck at what I have felt and what has been released

jane-circle“Jackie Stewart is very special.  I have used a lot of guided meditations and visualisations in the past but there is something about Jackie’s voice and energy that makes one just feel so very safe.

This meditation makes me go deep, VERY deep, and yes, it accesses (as far as I can tell) karmic, rather than this lifetime stuff. I have been awestruck at what I have felt and what has been released in what feels like a beautiful, safe, healing space. This is a beautiful healing journey.”

Jane Alexander | Author of The Energy Secret |


Wonderfully supportive in a soft, tender and loving way

Amanda-circleI found the meditation to be wonderfully supportive in a soft, tender and loving way. It felt as if I was receiving a giant hug from the cosmos. Jackie’s voice is soothing, but also powerful, and I found myself delving deep into the imagery that she was offering. Afterwards I found the worksheet really helpful to support my experience further and I highly recommend it.”

Amanda Cruise | Whole Foods and Macrobiotic Health Coach | Scotland | UK


Layers of resistance and old pain slowly melt away

karina-circle“During this meditation Jackie creates such a loving and safe space. Every time I could feel myself trying to do more or push harder she gently encouraged me to accept where I was and what I was feeling. Jackie’s guided meditations make me feel like I am surrounded by warmth and infinite love. Her voice is so soft and soothing and at the same time her guidance is very clear and she brings me very deeply into my soul. Her work is so powerful and I can feel how layers of resistance and old pain slowly melt away.

Jackie is an amazing healer and wise women and I recommend all of her work to anyone who needs guidance and limitless love. Thank you, Jackie for sharing your gifts with the world.”

Karina Ladet | Intuitive Guide at


Meditations are a real joy to listen to

ruthie-circle“Thank you so for this wonderful Emotional Healing Balance kit, just the very thing I need just now in my life.  I have to tell you that you have one of the loveliest, most soothing voices ever & it makes the meditations a real joy to listen to.”

Ruthie Redden | Artist |


A powerful meditation

“Thank you for such a powerful meditation. Firstly, I think your voice is wonderful to listen to, the perfect voice for a meditation. Through your guidance I found that I could deeply feel the energies working through my body and could easily visualise what I needed to. It felt truly magical. I felt renewed and found that I was smiling at the end.”

Rosie | Bespoke Hand-Knitter | UK

A deeper state of relaxation and connection than I have experienced before

“Your soothing voice is absolutely without match and your guided imagery leads me into a deeper state of relaxation and connection than I have experienced before. What a great blessing you are!”

Guinevere | California |USA