Imagine experiencing the full power of essences for your own transformation while gaining an insurable professional qualification at the same time.

The Flower Spirit Advanced Essence Practitioner Diploma (accredited by the BFVEA) gives you everything you need to select flower, gem, crystal and environmental essences skilfully for others, and to make your own range of essences.

Do you:

  • Wish you could confidently choose Bach Flower Remedies and other well-known flower, gem, crystal and environmental essences for yourself, family, friends and clients?
  • Love using essences and want a professional qualification to facilitate powerful emotional shifts and spiritual insights in yourself and others?
  • Want to use essences to become a clearer channel for healing, enhance your intuition, and deepen your sense of purpose?
  •  Feel a calling to hold space for others’ transformation with sensitivity, skill, respect and confidence?
  •  Yearn to make and sell your own vibrational essences to capture the energy of the plants, crystals and environments that inspire you most?
  • Want a professional qualification that enables you to support others energetically on every level (mind, emotions, body, spirit and soul)?
  • Work as a coach, counsellor, holistic therapist, Shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher or healer and want to expand the emotional and spiritual support you offer your clients?
  • Feel passionate about essences and want to deepen your understanding of how essences address core issues and trauma while uplifting us emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically?
  •  Long for a safe space dedicated to your personal inner work so you will feel deeply connected to your own heart, intuition, power, passions and purpose?
  • Want to reconnect with the knowledge of earth wisdom, the unseen realms and nature’s wild medicine that is part of your ancestral heritage.


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