Do you love flower essences?

Imagine experiencing the full power of essences for your own transformation while gaining an insurable professional qualification at the same time.

The Flower Spirit Advanced Essence Practitioner Diploma gives you everything you need to select flower, gem, crystal and environmental essences skilfully for others, and to make your own range of essences.  

Do you:

  • Love using essences and want a professional qualification to facilitate powerful emotional shifts and spiritual insights in yourself and others?
  • Want to use essences to become a clearer channel for healing, enhance your intuition, and deepen your sense of purpose
  • Wish you could confidently choose Bach Flower Remedies and other well-known flower, gem, crystal and environmental essences for yourself, family, friends and clients?
  •  Feel a calling to hold space for others’ transformation with sensitivity, skill, respect and confidence?
  •  Yearn to make and sell your own vibrational essences to capture the energy of the plants, crystals and environments that inspire you most? 
  • Want a professional qualification that enables you to support others energetically on every level (mind, emotions, body, spirit and soul)?
  • Work as a coach, counsellor, holistic therapist, Shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher or healer and want to expand the emotional and spiritual support you offer your clients?
  • Feel passionate about essences and want to deepen your understanding of how essences address core issues and trauma while uplifting us emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically?
  •  Long for a safe space dedicated to your personal inner work so you will feel deeply connected to your own heart, intuition, power, passions and purpose?
  • Want to reconnect with the knowledge of earth wisdom, the unseen realms and nature’s wild medicine that is part of your ancestral heritage.

An essence training course is a life-changing experience

When we use essences regularly, their subtle vibrations change us. We become clearer channels for spirit. We become more balanced in our personalities. We open our hearts, awaken our soul qualities and become more attuned to what life has in store for us. We become more authentic, inspired and connected. 

Essences help us get to the root of our core wounds and trauma in a very supportive way; enabling us to feel well-resourced, at home in our bodies, and in touch with our true nature. We feel more centred, peaceful and present. 

Many people are now looking beyond conventional healing modalities for effective approaches which enable them to feel empowered, whole, connected, and in tune with their inner knowing and purpose. Leading essence producers, teachers and practitioners have noted that more and more people are now turning to essences and seeking good quality information and support for using them. This course gives you everything you need to use essences skilfully for yourself and others at this potent time of personal and planetary transformation.

The course has been designed as a safe and supportive container for your inner transformation while providing all the resources you need to graduate feeling confident about working with essences in many different ways, including one-to-one sessions and making your own essences.  

It meets the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association (BFVEA’s) requirements for Advanced Practitioner training, which means that graduates can obtain the professional insurance required to work with clients and join the BFVEA at the level of Advanced Practitioner member. N.B. Level 2 qualification in Anatomy and Physiology is required in addition to this course to become a member of the BFVEA - we can send you details of the home study course we recommend for this element.  

Course format

Unique among professional essence courses, we gather together as a small group for 18 monthly in-person training days (10 single days and 4 residential weekends). During these experiential days, you can immerse yourself fully in learning about, making and using essences within a supportive group environment. 

This strong focus on in-person group work means that you will deepen your ability to hold space for others and have regular opportunities to practice key techniques for using essences with others with sensitivity and skill. The depth of presence and connection we experience during these days is healing, supportive and affirming.  

I believe this is the only flower and vibrational essence course where you experience in-person training days facilitated by so many leading essence producers and teachers. You will benefit from their expertise in dynamic hands-on group sessions. Learn about Crystal Herbs and LightBringer Essences from the people who make them and know them best (Catherine Keattch and Rachel Singleton), and learn about Alaskan Essences from founder Steve Johnson’s dear friend and colleague, Muriel Pichard. 

You’ll explore effective techniques for holding space for others including traditional counselling skills, energy dynamics, intuitive listening and using the wisdom of your body to discern subtle information when working with others. 

Each course day is designed for your own healing, learning and transformation including guided meditations, emotional check-ins during our sharing circle, opportunities to explore essences personally, and practices to deepen your connection with your own intuition and inherent wisdom.  

Home-cooked vibrant vegetarian food is provided during teaching days. Healthy lunch on the 10 single days, and 7 delicious meals on each residential weekend so you will be nourished on all levels.  

Resources to enhance and deepen your experience are included:

  • 8 one-to-one hour-long consultations with the main tutor for your personal soul-tending and to consolidate knowledge from teaching days to help you to feel confident and well-resourced. The course is a transformative experience so receiving this level of support enables you to stay centred and connected throughout the process.
  •  6-10 personal essence consultations from peers on the course. You get the opportunity to practice being both client and practitioner giving you the invaluable experience of someone else choosing essences for you while you develop your skill in choosing essences for others. 
  • Access to online resources to support your learning including membership of a private Facebook group for tutor support, inspiration and group discussion between classes; membership of the Alaskan Essence Online Repertory; access to relevant videos, audio files and other useful information. 
  • 6 comprehensive module workbooks/study guides developed specifically for this course which contain original and exclusive material for flower and vibrational essence practitioners. 
  •  Tutor feedback on written work you submit during the course and assessment of your final portfolio
  • Discounts on all essences studied during the course (Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Herbs, LightBringer, Alaskan Essences).  

Key features of this training course

A safe and sacred space for your personal inner work as you experience the power of essences to balance your patterns, clear old wounds and trauma, reclaim your soul gifts, and hear your intuition more clearly.

Hands-on sessions where you'll use a wide range of deep-acting flower, gem, crystal and environmental essences. Be inspired by guest teaching days led by essence producers and teachers who know the essences best.

Opportunities to explore the therapeutic relationship with sensitivity, depth and skill in group sessions. You'll learn how to get to the root of your clients’ issues, and empower them to find their own clarity and wisdom. 

Become part of a supportive community of like-minded souls devoted to journeying deeply with essences for personal transformation at this exciting time in the evolution of human consciousness.

Is this the right course for you?

Each practitioner training course is different so it’s important you choose the course that’s the right fit for you. The opportunity to hone your one-to-one practitioner skills in real life group sessions, explore the Bach Flower Remedies at a deep level while learning about other popular essence ranges in person from the people who know them best, and the strong focus on your personal transformation over the extended period of 14 months are uniquely combined in this course. 

My intention is that you will leave the course feeling confident about working with clients as a flower and vibrational essence practitioner without needing to invest in an additional coaching or counselling qualification.

You will learn everything you need to know to set up in professional practice, and develop the skills to make and sell your own range of essences.

You will become absorbed in the wonderful world of essences, experiencing their benefits by taking them and learning through dynamic group sessions.  

You’ll get to know the Bach Flower Remedies as a framework for the human psyche, easily identifying the personality patterns in yourself and others that are out of balance so they can be gently restored to centre by taking the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies.  

This deep dive into the Bach Flower Remedies provides a strong foundation of essence knowledge which you will build upon by exploring newer flower, gem, crystal and environmental essences from Crystal Herbs, LightBringer and Alaskan Essences.  

You’ll learn about these popular essence ranges from the people who know them best – the essence makers and teachers themselves. And you’ll experience a wide range of essences for yourself during interactive hands-on sessions in class and personal explorations outside class time. You will learn how to discern which essence range is best suited to different people at different times.  

You’ll have the opportunity to make your own essences using a variety of techniques that deepen your intuitive connection with nature and open your subtle senses. This is a magical and affirming experience of spiritual homecoming that will give you deep understandings of the essences you make, and give you greater confidence in listening to your inner voice in all realms of your life.  

During the course, you will undertake your own transformational inner journey because you will be taking essences throughout your training. This is fundamental to becoming an effective practitioner. We need to clear our own emotional patterns, core wounds, and unbalanced beliefs so we can hold a clear and loving space for others to discern what they most need to feel balanced, connected and at peace.

This course covers everything you will need to know to become a skilled practitioner from connecting intuitively to an essence in order to determine its healing qualities to setting up and running your professional practice in a way that feeds your soul. 

We focus on these four ranges to give you a firm foundation in the principles of working with different essences, but you will develop the professional skills to be able to choose from the many other essence ranges that are available worldwide. 

When and where

Training takes place at The Gathering Fields, Swainshead Hall Farm, Over Wyresdale, Nr Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9DN. 

The Gathering Fields is a retreat venue situated on a working farm in the Trough of Bowland, lovingly developed using geomancy and Shamanic work to create a sacred space. 

Training days will be based in the cosy converted indoor barn, developed by flower and vibrational essence practitioner Helen Leece in harmony with the landscape and nature spirits. 

Situated in ancient woodland with herb garden, paddock and fire pit it offers us a very special sacred space for the duration of the course.

Nourishing homemade vegetarian meals are included in the course fee.

By car: Just off the M6 between Preston and the southern Lake District.

By train: Lancaster (2 hrs 25 mins from London, 2 hrs from Glasgow, 1 hr from Manchester, 15 mins from Preston) then taxi or lift share to the venue. 

We meet for 18 sessions: a combination of 4 full weekends and 10 Sundays a month starting in September 2018: 

  • Residential weekend: early evening Friday 7th September-late afternoon Sunday 9th September 2018;
  • Sunday 7th October ’18; 
  • Sunday 11th November ’18; 
  • Sunday 9th December ’18; 
  • Sunday 13th January ’19; 
  • Sunday 10th February ’19; 
  • Residential weekend: early evening Friday 8th March-late afternoon Sunday 10th March ’19; 
  • Sunday 14th April ’19; 
  • Sunday 12th May ’19; 
  • Sunday 16th June ’19; 
  • Residential weekend: early evening Friday 12th July-late afternoon Sunday 14th July ’19; 
  • {Summer break for August}
  • Residential weekend: early evening Friday 13th September-late afternoon Sunday15th September ’19; 
  • 13th October ’19; 
  • 10th November ’19.  

Meet the course tutors

Jackie Stewart, Course Founder

This course has evolved from my deep love of essences and what I’ve learnt from holding sacred space with essences for the past 19 years. 

After I completed my own 2-year vibrational essence diploma training with the College of Vibrational Medicine I would have gladly signed up and done it all over again. Not because there were gaps in my knowledge, but because I loved it so completely and was transformed so deeply by it. It felt like both homecoming and spiritual awakening as well as the doorway into a new career. 

I want you to leave this course with the same enthusiasm about the wonderful world of essences, and confidence in your ability to use essences to empower others straight away. I am passionate about the power of essences in opening our hearts so we can heal old pain and trauma, connect with our intuition, and live with greater presence, purpose and peace. 

I’m an accredited BFVEA Tutor, Advanced Practitioner, and have a real passion for creating dynamic learning experiences. I've been running my own flower essence practice since 2000 and will be teaching you the key components of being an effective flower and vibrational essence practitioner coupled with practical tips for running a sacred business.

Rachel Singleton, LightBringer Essences

Rachel Singleton is the founder of LightBringer Essences, an Advanced Essence Practitioner and an accredited tutor with the BFVEA. She is also a homeopath, therapeutic energy healer, Reiki master and editor of Sentire Essence Magazine.

Through the deep and wild medicine of plants, Rachel seeks to support a person as they hear and heed their own wild soul and intuitive knowing. Recovering and reclaiming this connection leads to a more luminous and potent individual. This is something vibrational essences uniquely enable and furthering understanding of this kind of deep essence work is something Rachel is passionate about sharing.

Rachel offers trainings and workshops in LightBringer Essences, essence consultations, Soul Readings, and practitioner supervision. Discover more at

Catherine Keattch, Crystal Herbs Essences

Catherine Keattch is a vibrational essence practitioner, healer, teacher and workshop leader. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will help others to find harmony, wholeness and spiritual fulfilment in their lives.

She offers personal consultations, intuitive guidance, talks and workshops as well as universal Christ blessings from Jeshua.

She is an enthusiastic creator of vibrational essences and as a partner in Crystal Herbs for over twenty years has been responsible for producing a wide range of flower, gem & crystal essences that are now sold around the world. Discover more at

Muriel Pichard, The Alaskan Essences

Muriel initially trained as a Homeopath and during the course of her training, was introduced to Flower Essences which was a true revelation and changed the course of her life and work.  

Vibrational essences became the core of her practice – alongside more recently, aromatherapy - and she set up “The Essence Within” to offer consultations, flower essences courses/workshops in France and the UK, and develop “The Atlantic Essences”, a range of environmental, animal and flower essences.

In her more recent work, she has loved incorporating essential oils working with them on an energetic level. Through touch and listening presence, she holds a space to be heard.  

She is an experienced and passionate tutor of the Alaskan Essences and is thrilled to be invited on the course to share with you her knowledge and love for these essences. Discover more about Muriel’s work at  

Jayne Johnson, Counselling Skills

I’m really excited and honoured to be teaching the counselling skills practice on this course. As a Homeopath and flower essence practitioner myself I have a strong relationship with homeopathic remedies, flower, gem, crystal and environmental essences. I qualified as a homeopath in 2001 and the 3-year training involved many hours of being with and exploring flower essences, which I soaked into my being, and have since continued to use in my practice. 

Over the years I have gone on to qualify as an Embodied Relational Therapist (body psychotherapy/counselling) and teacher. All of my work involves connections with our bodies, our emotions and with nature; both inside a room and outside in woodlands and valleys. I also offer my own style of Western Shamanism and facilitate workshops in wild and remote places offering people an opportunity to re connect with the land, themselves and nature spirits. Discover more at  

Emma Deyn, Muscle Testing for Essences

You will learn how to muscle test using either an arm or leg muscle, these are the easiest muscles to use when you first begin muscle testing. You will learn how to test for a yes or a no response from a muscle, and will also learn how correct questioning helps you find the most appropriate and beneficial essences for your clients.

I am a trained kinesiologist and crystal therapist based in Cumbria. I work with both humans and animals and I also do access bars sessions, lomi/nurturing massage and geopathic stress surveys. 

Discover more at  

Hear what graduates say about the course

I've stepped onto my path, gathered parts of myself back that had been lost

"I'd been very aware of the emotional issues behind physical issues that people bring to me with massage - that's the bit of the jigsaw in my practice that was missing. I've always worked with the land and plants and been able to hear what they say but never valued it enough. Meeting with women regularly in circle, being able to verbalise and be clear about your experiences and what you're learning, having freedom to explore that was really valuable. The connections with the group were very special, having the continuous teacher presence and bringing in other teachers was really good. The whole process of self-exploration is the biggest shift for me. I learnt so much more about myself, I'm more aligned with who I am. It feels like I've stepped onto my path, gathered parts of myself back that had been lost and maybe fractured off. I feel stronger, I know my power now. For years I've struggled to find my place in this world. I've found my place. Wherever I am in the world the flower essence support is there."

Helen Leece, The Gathering Fields & Ayurveda Northern Approach

An incredible life-changing experience - the transformation is really huge

"I enjoyed being together with the women that were part of the course, the meditations and the experiences that facilitated. Getting in touch with the part of me that intuitively knows what I need and can find those things in nature; feeling that I can communicate with nature again. I was really blown away by the spiritual experience of it. I'd felt isolated so connecting with a much bigger picture and finding that support and healing possiblities was very empowering. Each essence brought another shift, awareness, opening and deeper understanding. Meeting the essence makers and hearing about their journeys was really exciting. Having experienced the benefits of the essences there's no way that I can't provide that as a service for people because I've seen how transformative, supportive and healing that can be. I feel radically different in a really beautiful way. I feel more like a woman, I've come home to myself. I feel more confident and connected. I feel really empowered. It's an incredible life-changing experience and it's a lot more than the qualification - the transformation is really huge."

Amanda Krawczyk, The Essence Bowl

A very deep inner journey - such a deep rich soulful experience

"A very deep inner journey - such a deep rich soulful experience. It's threaded many parts of my own personal development and professional life together in a very gentle but profound way. A lot of the course has been about developing my intuition and balancing it with more rational ways of being. The course has taken me apart and put me back together in a more evolved way - the word is recalibrated. It's been transformational. There's been such acceptance and suppport from the group and from the essences. I'm feeling more confident to work deeply with people on a one-to-one level. It's heart work and it's soul work. Don't underestimate how powerful essences are - sometimes the impact of them is really profound."

Linda King, Linda King Creative Healing Arts

A wonderful gift of connection, support and reclamation of my wise, wild and intuitive self.

"I chose this particular course because Jackie was running it. Having attended a couple of workshops and reached a make or break point in my life, I followed the nudges from the plants and the universe to more deeply connect with their wisdom. Having met and worked with Jackie I knew she would be the perfect person to guide me through this journey. I was delighted when I discovered she would be running a professional training, which came at exactly the right time in my life.  

Being able to immerse myself in taking essences for the last 18 months has completely transformed my life for the better. I was in a very unhappy, unstable and unbalanced place and have been able to work through many layers of past hurt and trauma that had been difficult to get beyond. I was just going round in circles through the same stuff over and over again.

Working with a carefully chosen group of women through this process has been a wonderful gift of connection, support and reclamation of my wise, wild and intuitive self. I am more grounded, more present, more focused and more comfortable in my own skin. The essences have supported me in my other Therapy training, helping me to a place where I am able to work with others with better personal and energetic boundaries, able to honour myself and other without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and with more confidence in my capacity to support others as a professional practitioner.  

My favourite part of the course has been connecting with the plants and flowers to create my own essences and discovering the medicine they have. Realising that I’m not a crazy woman but a woman connected to the plants and able to discern the qualities each plant has to help bring us into to balance and wholeness. Having Jackie supporting and encouraging me and knowing she trusts and believes in me too, has helped to anchor trust in my own connection with the natural world.  

Essences have become a part of my life now, I can’t imagine not having them around and I’m looking forward to using them as a practitioner to connect others to the wisdom and medicine essences offer. I’m looking to work one-one with those who feel ready to work more deeply on what they feel may be holding them back or keeping them stuck in old ways of being, who are ready to enter into a gentle process of deep transformation to bring more of who they truly are into the present, with the option to use the essences alongside Wild Therapy and Embodied Relational Therapy in an integrated and supportive way.  

If you are thinking of joining the next course I’d say go for it, but be prepared for what may sometimes be a challenging experience. There is plenty of support and guidance from Jackie who has an abundance of amazing knowledge and experience so you are in safe and capable hands. The course is rich, deeply immersive and full of opportunity to dive deeply into the ways in which essences work on a personal level – you won't just be finding out what an essence is for, you will have a personal journey with them for the duration of the course. Shifts will happen. Your stuff will come up. You will discover so much about yourself along the way and it will be well worth the time and effort. Consider it a gift to yourself that you can then go on to give to others. I highly recommend it. It's a well balanced, robust, grounded, professional training that will provide you with the skills and resources needed to be a safe and capable practitioner should you choose to go on to work with others."

Alexa Sargeant, The Well of Belonging

I feel more aligned - able to easily let go of old stories. It's taken my self-awareness to a whole new level.

"I spotted an advert for a one day essence making workshop with Jackie on a social media site and thought it would be a fun day out with a couple of friends. Like Alice following the White Rabbit, I had no idea that day how deep my journey into the world of vibrational essences would go. It was such a magical day and it clearly woke something in me, I picked up a leaflet for the practitioner course, felt instantly it was for me, then sighed that it wouldn’t be possible to make a monthly trip so far away (I live in a rural area and have yet to pass my driving test!). Fortuitously for me, one of the friends I had attended the workshop with was also drawn to the course, so we embarked on the journey together (figuratively and literally).  

I hadn’t considered becoming a flower essence practitioner before meeting Jackie, but I just knew in my bones that I needed to do her course. It was Jackie’s open-hearted authenticity that drew me in, and the magic of the flowers that stole my heart, along with the power that came with being in circle with the other women on the course and Jackie every month.  

I have so many wonderful memories from the course, and I enjoyed every session (I am a bit of a right brain/left brain split person, loving the intuitive exercises as much as the more head heavy information) but my favourite day was when we co-created a tree essence as a group, I had been slightly skeptical that we would all pick up the same information, or that what I was intuiting from the tree was all wrong, but when we gathered as a group at the end of the day to share our findings, I was utterly blown away by how similar they were. If I had been wavering in trust before, it was then that I was ‘all in’ and I knew that I would be working with essences for a long time to come.  

I feel I have changed a great deal since I started taking essences regularly, I feel more aligned and like I have been able to easily let go of old stories I believed about myself that were not serving me. It has taken my self-awareness to a whole new level, yet without the agonising pondering, or lengthy journaling, I had done in the past. It has not always been easy, but the insights I have had about myself and the way that I do things the way I do have been well worth it. I am looking forward to working with clients during one to one consultations, and helping them to remember their wondrous qualities. I am also particularly drawn to making essences and I’m building up a small collection, I am unsure where I am headed with them at the moment, but I am having a wonderful time listening to the plants whisper their secrets to me. I would advise anyone thinking about joining the course to just go for it if they feel that pull, it will be so worth it. I just knew I needed to be on it, and I am so grateful I listened to that call."  

Anna Clapp  

Even if you do not wish to be a practitioner, taking part on this course will bring true enlightenment to your life

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am an aromatherapist and Flower Essence Practitioner. Prior to starting the Flower Essences course with Jackie, I had not used Flower Essences. I had heard of ‘Rescue Remedy’ but had not taken them myself. I remember that this was a consideration for both Jackie and I when I applied for the course but it did not prevent me from completing the course and being able to fully commit to the course.  

I wanted to complete the course as I have an interest in alternative ways of healing and I wished to add to my knowledge. I also wished to have a change in my career. After reading the course content and speaking to Jackie I felt that this was the right course for me. 

Whilst on the course, I enjoyed making and taking my own essences and sharing this with the group. Spending time with the flower, gem or environment before making the essences is a truly magical experience. I also enjoyed learning about the different Essence producers and learning more about the Higher Vibrational Essences. Having never taken essences before, it was wonderful to experience the amazing differences between the ranges and being able to work with others and share their journeys and connections with the essences. 

Taking the essences has given me a clearer picture of my true self and the journey I am on. It has allowed me to accept and work with the qualities of myself that I am not completely happy with and to work through patterns that have stalled my emotional, spiritual and personal development. I am now more able to recognise when old unhelpful patterns are rearing their head again and for these to be worked through. 

Having completed the course, I plan to set up my own practice to help others heal with the use of essences and to set up training events to share my knowledge with others. More importantly I will continue to use essences within my daily self-help routines. When I am called to do so I will make essences from flowers, gems or the environment. 

If you are interested in alternative forms of healing for yourself or others, whether or not you have taken Flower Essences before I would recommend this course. The content is a balance between the structured academic sessions and the practical experiential sessions. Jackie makes all sessions interesting, even the legal parts! Even if you do not wish to be a practitioner, taking part on this course will bring true enlightenment to your life if you truly commit yourself to the course. Enjoy!

Amanda Willington  

It has given me a practical way to help myself (and others) through everyday life and times of change

I most enjoyed being witnessed and witnessing others in a shared space. As a result of each of us sharing from our place of vulnerability I obtained a greater understanding of myself through the experience of others. By hearing form others and recognising in their journey elements of my own experience I felt less lonely and isolated on my personal journey.  

I have a greater understanding of myself, I can now see with greater clarity patterns, and recognise them unfurling and being released. It has given me a practical way to help myself (and others) through everyday life and times of chosen or imposed change. On a very ‘real’ world level I have found the confidence and courage to leave a job that was stressful and damaging to my health and felt supported by the essences in making this change. 

If you're thinking about the next course:

  • Go for it with an open heart and mind;  
  • Flow with what is offered for your attention; 
  • Grow with the courage and support of the flowers; 
  • Shine, and quietly give others the permission to do the same.  

Jo Robson