Pomegranate Essence: Hidden Beauty – Guest Post by Linda King

This is the second in a series of guest posts from some of the incredible beings who have recently graduated from the first Flower Spirit Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner Diploma. I’m honoured to share their words of wisdom about essences here with you. Words and photographs by Linda King.


What follows is a description of a recent essence making experience which is part of a series of essences created over the past year, all in some way connected with qualities and aspects of the Divine Feminine.

The essence world attracts highly sensitive creatives and intuitives, often a little bit on the wild side with a deep connection and love of Nature.

The diploma could be described as a training in intuition, the very nature of the work itself belongs to the world of the Sacred Feminine not the Patriarchal world in which we mostly have to navigate and survive.

This work is sacred, soulful and optimistic. Intention, consciousness and mindful awareness are all key requisites for this work.

When we create essences we connect and co -create with The Universe through the flowers, crystals, elements, planets or an infinite range of vibrations, intentions and possibilities in between.

The essences we both take and make offer a road map of our challenges and life lessons as we continue on our unique journeys as well as aiding us to make long lasting and transformational changes in our lives on a cognitive, emotional and energetic level.

The story of the creation of this essence begins with my arrival at Spiti Ton Kevaron, a Holistic holiday and retreat centre on the Pelion Peninsula in mainland Greece to run a week-long Women’s Retreat with my dear friend and colleague Andrea Bartig who amongst other things is a classically trained homeopath. Check out www.kalikalos.com.

We were immediately drawn to the Pomegranate tree in full flower and close to the sitting area where we would do our sharing circle each morning with the intention of connecting at a heart level.

Each morning from dawn till dusk the tree literally buzzes with life as bees and ants fill its branches. The more we observed and got to know this tree the more we became in awe of it – it is indeed an extraordinary member of the plant kingdom.

Our immediate response was that it somehow embodied all ages of women. Its tightened almost nut-like buds swell to reveal sacred geometric patterns within the strong orange calyx, which then opens into a six, seven or eight pointed star which again opens out allowing the orange tissue-like petals to unfurl. The extreme delicacy of the petals resembles the finest silk or chiffon speaking to me of full blown sensuality and youthful beauty. The colour of the flowers connects it with the sacral chakra associated with creativity and fertility.

The flowering cycle of the tree is fairly extensive but the individual flowering is brief, the petals fall to the ground along with the vast majority of the unfertilised calyxes creating a mini starred universe.

Phase 1

Andrea and myself very much wanted to create the essence together: ‘sisterhood’, mutual support and encouragement being a strong aspect of many of my essences so at 4.40 pm on 30th May 2018 we tenderly placed a glass bowl of mountain spring water close to the main trunk and roots of the tree and then both did our best to connect with the tree through mindful observation, stream of consciousness and day dreaming. We shared our thoughts and impressions including real or imaginary conversations with the spirit of the tree. This part of what I wrote:

‘I am always full of life, holding the secrets of eternity.

I provide shelter and abundance – you know me from conception to death.

I dance between the worlds.

The exquisite beauty and fleeting moments of womanhood beauty is in my petals as delicate as finest tissue.

My calyx is strong and sturdy and for the few that are fertilised and ripen I grow over months of pregnancy to become rounded, thick skinned outside toughened and almost leather-like whilst inside my pink flesh creates another world of sensuality – jewels, ruby-like and shining, whilst my seeds are hard and dark.’


Andrea had collected some petals but not the obvious fallen orange ones that  I had noticed. These were slightly smaller, somewhat crumpled and dried out. They had now deepened in colour and were a most beautiful deep crimson red like blood. I had not even noticed them despite what I thought was my acute observation of the tree!

As we talked, these older petals spoke to us of hidden beauty not apparent like the obvious and somewhat flamboyant beauty of youth but perhaps echoing the beauty of the older woman.

As older women we can feel dried out, crumpled, lesser and easily be overlooked but here we recognise the energy of the older woman as a beauty that endures and transforms. It also brings other gifts of deep connection with the Life Force echoed through the colour like blood and of the base chakra.

These little petals spoke to us of mature wisdom, stability and structure.

Phase 11

At 5.50 pm on 30th May 2018, we added a handful of the darkened petals we had collected to the water and once again placed it under the tree where it too could be supported and protected as the energetic transfusion occurred.

The foliage of the tree, although fairly nondescript-looking, contains long spikes suggesting an ability to protect itself. This is no vulnerable unarmed being.

The pomegranate is able to thrive in fairly extreme temperature withstanding both freezing cold winter temperatures and the summer soaring temperatures of the Mediterranean – no coward soul is the pomegranate tree indeed.

It is beautiful, fruitful, extraordinary and resilient.

So our little bowl was left out over night under its own tree as the full moon in Sagittarius rose and set, a fiery Moon once again echoing, enhancing and amplifying the fiery, feisty quality of the tree and held in the essence.


Phase 111

8.15am on 31st May 2018. When I collected the bowl in the morning I noticed several small insects had fallen into the water and reflected that this essence can hold and contain death too. This can also be considered one of the roles of the older woman, the crone, having to face and confront both her own and others’ mortality.

As with any complete creative cycle we find both life and death here, the wheel turns through birth, life, death and back to life through rebirth. We are asked to complete this cycle again and again. Avoiding any of these stages is not possible if we are truly to progress.

And so before the community became fully active with another day of activity, interactions and conversations I removed the bowl to the quietness of an inside space where we filtered the water into a sterilised bottle creating the mother tincture at the proportions of 40% local brandy and 60% of the imprinted water – our pomegranate essence had been birthed.

Phase 1V

May 31st 2018 onwards. Since then we have been testing  out the essence within the community. Over the coming months and possibly years I look forward to learning more about its magic.  I feel as though we have already identified many aspects of it:

  • Beauty of all phases of womanhood;
  • Tough feisty resilience coupled with sensual softness;
  • Hidden beauty of the older woman to endure and transform;
  • Deep connection with Life Force;
  • Mature wisdom, stability and structure;
  • Cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Creating it was a rich and deep process with many layers of synchronicity, revelation and connection and I look forward to using it in both my one-to-one consultations and group workshops.

I invite you to ‘Weaving Magic: A creative weekend retreat to develop the art of magical living: 19th-21st October’ where we will explore the healing potential of Flower and Vibrational Essences, Labyrinths, Sound and creative self expression. Early bird discount for bookings received by 1st October. Find out more here.

About me

Mother, daughter, artist, healer, friend, lover. Blessed, joyous, dark, sensitive, privileged, intense, careless, free child, safe, trustworthy, bonkers, funny, sad, lonely, passionate, kind, thoughtful, thoughtless…. and so it goes on.

I come from a visual arts background and have worked as an artist, counsellor, therapist, intuitive body worker and creative group facilitator for over 30 years. I have a lifelong interest in natural and complementary medicine, alongside a somewhat relentless need to keep growing, exploring and expressing who I am, sharing what I discover and aiming to live a kind and purposeful life.

I have an ongoing curiosity, intensity and passion for Life.

My journey has always been an interweave of arts, self expression, personal enquiry and healing work alongside the very serious business of being a mother and now grandmother.

I could also add various letters and qualifications after my name including BA Hons, Diploma in Humanistic Psychology, and Certificate in Person Centred Art Therapy and a Diploma in Postural Integration (a form of deep tissue bodywork). I am a Veriditas trained Labyrinth Facilitator and now Advanced Practitioner in Flower and Vibrational Medicine but have never been too good at limiting myself or my interests into too tight a bag.

For more information about my work please visit www.lindaking.org.uk  or contact me directly linda@lindaking.org.uk

Blessed Be.



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