Plant Consciousness

When I first began to consciously listen to messages from plant spirits during my vibrational essence training, it felt like an entire new world had burst open right in front of me.

Discovering that essences are made by conscious communication with plants to gather their messages was the most magical thing I’d ever heard of.

Yet it also made complete sense on a very practical level. Extraordinary and ordinary at the same time.

As a child, the flowers I loved most were ragged robin, foxglove and cotton grass.

I wasn’t consciously tuning into the energy of these childhood plant allies but on an unconscious level I was receiving their medicine. This is how it is with nature. Even when we don’t consciously think we’re connected, we are. We can’t NOT be connected, but we aren’t always aware of the depth and nuances of the relationship.

I used to think my heart would explode when ragged robin came into flower because I felt such a surge of delight seeing the dancing flowerheads of this beautiful meadow plant. Foxgloves seemed to open a gateway to wild magic and I felt a sense of anticipation that something AMAZING was about to happen every time I saw their spires in the woodland. I would walk up the hill to the marshy moorland where the cotton grass grew whenever I felt vulnerable and scared so I could stroke their fluffy heads.

Now that I know about essences, I couldn’t have chosen better childhood allies and teachers than these three particular plants. Their medicine is exactly what I have needed, and their gifts show me what I am here to integrate and embody.

Ragged robin helps you to bring your soul qualities through to the physical level so you’ll experience greater connection with your soul’s purpose and soul gifts. Ragged robin tells me that it opens up the Akashic Records to show us who we truly are and why we are really here. This deep enquiry into the nature of the soul is what I contemplate most, and my work is devoted to creating spaces for others to get in touch with their soul gifts and heed their soul wisdom.

Foxglove is recognised as a powerful ally for the heart with strong associations with the Otherworld magic of the faerie realm. Foxglove tells me it helps us dissolve heart defences that have arisen as the result of past hurts. It dissolves the ego’s need to experience separateness by opening the heart to more compassion and unity instead. This journey from the wounds of the emotional heart into the bliss of the spiritual heart has been my conscious focus for most of my adult life.

Cotton Grass is the only one of these three that I haven’t personally made into an essence although LightBringer Essences and Alaskan Essences both have. Like me being comforted by stroking the flower heads as a child, cotton grass essence brings comfort and support particularly after trauma.

Rachel Singleton from LightBringer Essences says “it is an essence of protection and grounding. It reminds us that we are safe and supported – even in intensely challenging and fearful situations when we might feel shocked to the core and deeply destabilised.” The impact of trauma on our systems and how essences help us to recover is quite possibly my favourite topic. It was my own trauma that first led me into the essence world seeking healing, and now over 20 years later I feel sure that essences are at the leading edge of trauma release.

Each of these plants attracted me and got my attention from childhood. These plants became trusted friends and allies long before I knew what their flower essences were for. They stood out to me, they showed up for me, they gave me what I needed.

I suspect that the plants we feel the strongest connection with in childhood give us clues about the life themes we are here to learn, integrate and embody.

Perhaps, like an astrology chart or numerology of our day of birth, our childhood plant allies show us our life themes, our challenges and our gifts? Knowledge that is hidden in plain sight, as my Shamanic teacher would often say about nature’s teachings.

What are the plants that spoke most to you in childhood? Can you convey each plant’s quality in one or two words? How do their qualities relate to your life themes? These are good questions to take into your heart as you ponder the connections between the plants you most loved as a child and the trajectory of your life.

Each plant contains multitudes; messages waiting to be discovered, conversations waiting to be had, qualities they embody and want us to awaken within ourselves. Each plant extends an invitation from its heart to yours so you can experience its inherent qualities and hear its wisdom.

We are here now on this beautiful planet at the time of the Great Remembering, when our unconscious connections with plants are coming into our consciousness once again for deep knowing, wild medicine and soul-affirming integration.

There was a time when we intuitively knew how to connect with plants to receive healing, wisdom, emotional and spiritual nourishment. That knowledge went underground for a while, hidden from our waking awareness. Hidden in plain sight.

Now the time has come to remember and reawaken our inner knowing.

Now is the time to remember the depth of our connection with the plant realm. Now is the time to make our unconscious connections with the green world conscious once again.

As we deepen our connection with nature to absorb its messages and medicine we inhabit our bodies and our souls more fully. This is how we become integrated and whole. This is how we find our way home.

We are being invited to reawaken our ability to become a bridge between plant consciousness and human consciousness to experience the wild magic of the world.

This is ancient knowledge, seeded deep in your bones – waiting to be reawakened through the gateway of your heart, and there are many resources available to help you.

Events for deepening your connection with plant consciousness:

Blog posts for deepening your connection with plant consciousness:

Image of me hanging out with the bluebells many springs ago taken by Jason Smalley. Ragged robin, foxglove and girl in foxglove images taken by me.

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4 Responses to Plant Consciousness

  1. It’s diffiuclt to chose a favourite, or even just a handful of favorites, but I made up stories about the plants in the garden at school: Queen Iris , surrounded by her Daisies-in-waiting, all looked over by the Cherry Blossom Goddess.

  2. My favorite flower as a child was Dandelions. Everytime I saw their bright sunny faces, I knew spring is here. They always made me feel happy. They still do. Now, my six year old loves Dandelions too.

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