I am currently taking a sabbatical from offering one-to-one sessions. Please join the mailing list to be notified when this changes.

One-to-one consultations offer you a sacred space to find your way back to centre again.

Choose from: 

1. Soul Alchemy: a series of three sessions for deep thinkers who are familiar with inner work and already have a spiritual practice. 

Whether you are at a time of change, challenge, or simply yearning for emotional and spiritual nourishment these sessions help you to live your life with more self-compassion, inner knowing, and spiritual connection.

The themes that commonly arise in one-to-one Soul Alchemy sessions include self-acceptance and self-love, inner child healing, listening to and acting upon your inner wisdom, healthy boundaries and relationships, finding and following your purpose, claiming your magical gifts, healing trauma and grief, releasing fears, authentic expression of your true self.

2. Soul Tending: ad hoc sessions for essence practitioners, energy healers, Shamanic practitioners and complementary therapists.

You’ve probably noticed that you are most effective at holding space for your clients when somebody else is holding a safe confidential space for you.

These sessions focus on supporting you to care of your own energy, boundaries and emotions; receive emotional and spiritual nourishment so you don’t get burnt out, depleted and overwhelmed; illuminate hidden dynamics and energetic shifts so you can find solutions and move forward with confidence, clarity and ease, and offer practical support to help you share your gifts with the beautiful souls you’re here to serve.