Our online women’s community is opening its doors for one final time and I’d love you to join our sacred circle when we begin on 1st January 2016.

The Soul Sanctuary offers you Soul-deep nourishment, practical spirituality and breathing space to get in touch with how you’re feeling, who you really are and what you most need to feel happy, connected and alive.

During our time together, you’ll get to know 12 flower essence plant spirit allies and experience their Soul medicine. You’ll use 24 guided meditations-meets-energy processes to get in touch with your body, spirit, energy body and your heart. You’ll uncover your stories, patterns and beliefs so you can release those that don’t serve you and energise those that do. You’ll explore a wide range of loving resources for gently healing and transforming your relationships with yourself, other people and life itself.

I created The Soul Sanctuary because I believe we are hungry for a deeper connection with life, and it’s a hunger that’s only fed when we nourish our Souls.

I used to be looking for something without really knowing what I was seeking. Love or validation or connection or purpose or meaning. All of these, I suppose. It felt like something was missing and if I could find that missing piece then everything would fall into place. If I found the perfect job that inspired me and used my talents. When I found the perfect Soul partner. If I healed the physical pain of my migraines and the emotional wounds of my past. When I found the right home in the right community.



There was this deep yearning within me for something more, until I eventually got the message that none of that external stuff matters. Everything we are looking for is already there, within us. It sounds so cliched but it’s true.

When we stop looking outside ourselves and instead pay attention to what we’re experiencing within ourselves, we enter into a conscious connection with our Souls that changes our lives forever.

So I made a commitment to nourish my Soul, first and foremost.

When I nourish my Soul, everything else falls into place and life feels good.  I have this deep feeling of belonging and connection that doesn’t waver because I know that I am held. My daily experience is of being loved, supported, held, and connected to the spirit in all things. Life feels sacred. Life is sacred. And I feel blessed.

When I nourish my Soul, I hear my intuition much more clearly and it guides me beautifully.  I know that I’m tapping into the ancient wisdom that lives within me and the inspiration that wants to flow through me. Things line up in the right place at the right time. Life has a greater quality of ease because I’m listening to how my Soul wants to guide me instead of forcing things to happen according to my own agenda.

True happiness isn’t dependent on whether we have a good day or a bad day, on whether things are how we’d like or not. It’s not fragile or conditional like that. It’s spacious and all-encompassing and we experience it when our Soul’s presence fills our hearts with a deep sense that all is well.

Nourishing our Souls feels like a deep sigh of homecoming, but it takes practice and commitment to keep choosing to come home to ourselves because we live in a distracting busy world.

I get distracted constantly. I’ve checked Facebook 11 times while writing this post, and been on Instagram twice. It’s like eating fast food. I go onto social media looking for connection, beauty and inspiration and I take quick hungry gulps but it doesn’t really feed me. It’s not what I want or need. If we don’t focus our attention on what truly matters we end up feeling unsatisfied, disconnected and spiritually malnourished.

That’s why it helps to have tried-and-tested resources to keep us focused – to feed us with the nourishment our Souls are hungry for. The practices and processes in The Soul Sanctuary have been nourishing Souls for the past two years, with 92% of Soul Sanctuary members rating them as excellent. I would love to share them with you.


The Soul Sanctuary is a gathering place for those of us who want to feel connected to the love in our hearts, the wisdom of our Souls and the great mystery of life every single day. Soul nourishment, loving transformation and so much more.

I hope you’ll join us for 2016 because when we nourish our Souls, our hearts are lifted up by the most beautiful sense of peace, love and belonging and I believe that’s what we’re all here to experience.

Is 2016 your year of Soul nourishment? Read more and book your place here. I’m offering an early bird discount until midnight on Monday 14th December.




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