Mugwort Flower Essence for Life Re-enchanted

‘Beloved Sun, light the lamp of the everlasting stars in my heart this day.

May a sun star palace of golden spires and silver threads be woven in the magical kingdom of my soul.’

Elen Tompkins, author of Silver Wheel

Deep in winter’s dreaming, I asked which flower essence helps us to tune into the magical energy of this time of year.

Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris)  flower essence, although strongly connected with midsummer, helps us to embody winter’s gifts of inner reflection, dreaming, visioning, and spiritual understandings so we can live our lives, re-enchanted.

Mugwort is associated with lucid dreaming, deep sleep, visionary states, the unconscious, and integrating psychic knowledge in our lives. She teaches us how to use our spiritual gifts in everyday ways so that our daily lives become enriched by magic and meaning.

Rather than escaping daily life to feel connected to the magic and mystery of life (which many sensitive souls do), mugwort helps us to infuse magic into our everyday lives and all that we do.

Mugwort helps us to re-enchant ourselves and our lives; infusing us with the remembrance of our true spiritual nature so we can weave our dream of a new Earth that honours all of Life.

My relationship with mugwort began during my shamanic apprenticeship when Spirit told me that I needed to grow mugwort in our garden. Our connection has grown over the past four years through essence-making and essence-taking, regular offerings of gratitude to the Mugwort plants in our garden, Shamanic journeying, observing, drawing, listening, and participating in a Mugwort ceremony hosted by my dear friend Sue Goodwin (she’ll be offering mugwort ceremony later this year, sign up here to be the first to hear about it).

Mugwort speaks to our deep self in non-linear, and often wordless, ways. Her wisdom is sensed, felt and intuited; it is woven into our DNA. The spiritual truths she embodies precede our conscious thoughts as human beings and remind us instead of our cosmic heritage among the stars.

Part of mugwort’s gift is to help us put the logical analytic mind in the backseat and open fully to our intuitive emotional knowing and visionary Star-self wisdom instead.

Mugwort enhances our ability to receive information from our visionary dreaming self so we can live our lives re-enchanted. She helps us to feel inspired and awake to who we really are and why we are really here.

She tells me that she holds the spiritual Star template of the cosmos so that our multi-dimensional selves can be activated fully and we will experience Heaven here on Earth.

Mugwort is a weaver. Her energy helps us to weave our spiritual (starlight) body and emotional (moon) body together for greater integration so that we glean the spiritual truths from our emotional journeys.

Instead of the old mistaken belief that we will ascend spiritually by transcending our human experiences, mugwort teaches us how to integrate our spiritual knowledge here in this lifetime for embodied spirituality.

She draws our cosmic energy down from the stars into our bodies so we can experience our divinity here and now. While we originated in the stars, this incarnation on earth is about embodying our starlight in tangible ways to transform the consciousness of our times.

Mugwort warns us not to abandon the emotional self in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. And reminds us not to get so mired in our emotions that we can’t see the spiritual truths our emotions are here to teach us. We must re-weave spirit and matter together because in truth they are the same, it’s just our minds that have separated them.

Her message is not about transcending our humanity but integrating it. Embodiment not ascension. Heaven on Earth. Here and now. In this body, this life. ‘A dance between physical reality and the spiritual world’ as Lisa Estabrook describes it in her beautiful Soulflower Oracle Deck.

Mugwort essence helps us to access the visionary wisdom of the mythic poetic realm where Otherworld speaks and our souls draw close to listen for guidance.

This is the realm that speaks to us through our dreams, our waking daydreams, through art, myth, poetry, archetypes, movement and synchronicity. It speaks to us in what we sense and feel and know deep in our bones.

Mugwort helps us to access guidance and direction from our spiritual selves. While taking mugwort essence you will likely notice that your night-time dreams become more significant and easy to remember. That channel of information opens to us through mugwort’s dreaming spires. Mugwort also activates daytime dreaming where life feels more magical as we step into the remembrance that everything has significance and meaning. Number patterns, significant animals, sounds, encounters, conversations, synchronicities, oracle cards, mythic stories, poetic resonance.

What are the signs we notice in our daily lives? What is the significance and meaning of the moments that capture our attention? How is Otherworld showing itself in our ordinary reality? This is how we draw the threads from our dreaming self into our waking lives to find inspiration, guidance, helpful patterns, clarity, insights, and inner knowing. We begin to see that life is our waking dream, and we step into the magic and mystery when we tune into that channel of information. We experience expanded consciousness when our spiritual psychic self is set free to guide us in this way that was intended. We find that we become a living embodiment of spirit in action.

Mugwort embodies winter crone dream wisdom. Guiding us home to our magical selves across the sea of stars.

When I see the Mugwort deva (the deva overlooks a plant’s perfect unfoldment in a similar way to how our souls curate ours) she appears as Arianrhod, the Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess who is also known as the Goddess of the Silver Wheel.

I ask her to clarify the link between Mugwort and Arianrhod and she says: ‘We both do the same thing – we help you to anchor spiritual information in your body-being.’ They embody the same energy, they invite us to step into the waking dream so we can live our lives, re-enchanted.

Arianrhod is said to be able to shapeshift into an owl who sees into the subconscious and the wisdom of the soul. The old stories say that she travelled from the stars to descend into the sea so she could experience a closer relationship with the moon. She didn’t travel up to the stars to ASCEND, instead she travelled down to earth to get to know the moon (emotions) better.

With her spinning wheel, Arianrhod weaves the tapestry of Life. With gossamer threads, Mugwort weaves our spiritual and emotional bodies together so we experience integration between these sources of deep knowing within us.

This is the way of the sea and the moon and the stars. This is how feminine intuitive knowing weaves with our cosmic consciousness.

Mugwort flower essence benefits:

  • Activates our visionary self for potent dreams, dream recall, and spiritual inspiration;
  • Weaves together our emotional and spiritual bodies so we feel light, clear and integrated;
  • Gets energy moving – helps to clear emotional chatter so we hear our spiritual truths more easily;
  • Helps us to dream our dreams alive – activating our spiritual wisdom in our daily lives;
  • Anchors Otherworld knowledge in this reality through our silver thread of cosmic consciousness;
  • For travelling into the subconscious – diving beneath the surface to bring back pearls of wisdom;
  • Opens the doors of perception to hear the song of our Star self;
  • Helps with meditation, dreamwork, visionary and psychic states;
  • To re-member your true nature and re-enchant your life;
  • For spiritual souls who identify with Lemurian, Atlantean, Ancient Egyptian and other spiritual civilisations but find it hard to bring forth their spiritual gifts here on Earth now;
  • Reminds us that we are here to weave the dream of a new Earth by co-creating a new paradigm that supports all of Life.

Mugwort has a deep relationship with the cycles of the moon so has asked me to prepare the Mother tincture into stock bottles in a specific way to weave the energy of winter’s lunar dream into this essence.

Mugwort essence orders received by 9am UK time on Monday 21stJanuary will be mixed and potentised during the full moon lunar eclipse that day. Mugwort essence orders received between 9am on 21stJanuary and 9am on Monday 4th February will be potentised during the lunar imbolc new moon that day. Orders for mugwort essence will close at 9am on Monday 4th February, so will only be available in personalised Soul Essence combinations after that.

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