Metaphoric Prehistoric Pottery and Qualities of Soul


The prehistoric pottery workshop had just begun when my friend and I arrived. We found a space at one of the tables and were handed balls of cool moist grey clay.

Around 20 people of all ages on the second floor of the mill, shaping similar balls of clay. Each of us shown the same basic techniques to transform our clay into pots.

I felt the weight of its cool delicious smoothness and every part of my being felt at home and at peace. As a tactile Earth sign, touching the earth is always good medicine for me.

It felt sacred. I sat in quiet reverence as the heat from my hands began to make the clay warmer and more malleable.

Handfuls of grit were heaped on the tables, to be worked into the clay to make it more resilient.

My friend and I shared a smile at this metaphor for life.

As we kneaded the grit into the soft body of the clay, it became integrated. No longer rough, gritty and separate but an essential part of the clay’s structure without which our pots could neither hold form nor function.

Metaphoric prehistoric pottery.

We kneaded, squeezed, shaped and stroked the clay, inviting it to stretch up and grow taller.

Absorbed in our clay meditation, utterly present, utterly at peace. Winter quietly opening into spring in the woodland outside the windows.

I silently gave thanks to the earth, air, fire, and water as I stroked the clay smoother and taller.

When I looked up to see what other people’s pots looked like, I was startled to notice that they were all very different from each other and all very different from mine.

My pot was rough around the edges, quite short, and very open. I hadn’t planned for it to look like this; I was aiming for more of a smooth elegant vase.

No matter what I did to try to shape it how I’d planned, it insisted on being an open bowl. So open that it broke open in a couple of places.

I gently repaired it with fat sausages of clay placed on the inside of the bowl, smoothed lovingly into place.

Gently reinforced from within; stronger than it had been before it broke.

I found myself reflecting that everything we create inherently expresses aspects of our own essential nature.

Just the week before, in the final session of the flower and vibrational essence training course, we had been honouring the soul qualities we see in one another.

What a gift to see and to be seen in this way.

My openness and open heart were honoured again and again. My heart, like the bowl, open wide.

My heart, like the bowl, broken open by heartbreak, grief and life then repaired with fat sausages of love.

Reinforced from within.

Stronger. More open and resilient than before.

My  imperfect wide open rough-around-the-edges prehistoric metaphoric bowl is infused with the essence of openness; one of my essential soul qualities.

How could it not be?

Our soul qualities infuse all that we create.

Pottery. Art. Essence-making. Food. Knitting. Crochet. Music. Felt. Writing.

As humans, we need to make things because creativity is one of the ways in which our souls express themselves; one of the ways we let our souls be seen.

That’s why I think it can be vulnerable to show other people what we’ve made. It’s like saying “here’s part of my soul right here in front of you.”

That’s why it felt vulnerable yet deeply moving to sit with each woman on the course that day, not hiding behind our personality defences but trusting each other enough to let our souls be seen.

When I told the friend who’s a spiritual mentor to me that we’d shared a process to honour one another’s soul qualities in the final class, she said: “that’s what we expected from our parents as children and did not receive.”

I got the tingles when she said that. The tingles that my cells recognise as deep truth.

It is profoundly moving to drop beneath the surface level of our personality and to let our souls be seen.

It is deeply humbling when another soul trusts us enough to drop their defences and show us who they truly are.

As I’ve been reflecting on the ending of the essence training course, I am more certain than ever of the role that essences have to play in bringing us into living daily relationship with our own souls.

With a gentle and loving touch, they help us to clear away all the defences we have put around our hearts to stay safe, to be loved, and to function in the world.

Flower and other vibrational essences help us to recognise and let go of our conditioning, patterns, stories, beliefs, emotions and old wounds piece by piece.

Essences do this, not by trying to fix or change what we don’t like or don’t want in our lives, but by infusing all parts of us with so much love that everything out of alignment with that vibration simply doesn’t make sense anymore.

Our systems can’t sustain the lie that we are anything other than pure love, shining bright.

As we invite essences into our lives, the surface self crumbles away like loose pieces of dried clay and we are left standing in the radiance of our own souls.

I’m honoured, delighted and excited to be opening new spaces for one-to-one Soul Alchemy sessions this month.

I’m offering space for your soul to be seen, so that anything that is out of alignment with who you truly are can be lovingly transformed. And you will step forward feeling the vast love in your heart, the deep wisdom of your soul, and the creative magic in your life.

Check out the link to see if it resonates with you to join me for this delicious experience of soul-to-soul connection.

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