Inner Child Meditation Kit

Are childhood wounds holding you back?

What if you could finally let them go?  The Inner Child Meditation Kit helps you to let go of past wounds so you’ll experience more joy, empowerment and fulfillment.


How Do You Know if Your Inner Child Needs Healing?

If you resonate with one or more of these statements then you would benefit from the Inner Child Meditation Kit.

You have feelings of not being good enough, not being loveable enough or that it’s your fault when things go wrong.

You didn’t feel loved as a child and now you find it difficult to experience healthy loving relationships and expect other people to let you down.

You experience intense and irrational emotions e.g. crying uncontrollably, fury, deep feelings of insecurity.

You know that you carry wounds from your childhood, including experiences of abuse, death of someone close to you, parents’ divorce or other trauma.

You hate the idea of being on your own or being abandoned and your relationships are emotionally needy.

You feel powerless in your life and, on some level, expect someone else to make you feel better, ‘fix things’ or make your decisions for you.

You have childlike responses to particular situations or people, e.g. you want to rebel and stick your tongue out or have a tantrum and stamp your feet.

Benefits of Using the Inner Child Meditation Kit:

By healing childhood wounds, you let go of the past and take a radical leap forward in personal healing and empowerment.

You’ll develop a relationship with your inner child and discover what it needs to tell you.

You’ll have a safe space to return to whenever childhood wounds or insecurities get triggered.

You’ll send healing through the timeline to the child you once were so you’ll feel more loved, understood and accepted.

You’ll understand when your inner child is influencing your reactions and feel empowered to make healthy adult choices instead.

You’ll be able to understand and release unhealthy childlike dynamics in your relationships.

You’ll soothe old pain and trauma from childhood so you can move forward into a bright future.

Receive the MP3 for instant download for £8/approx. US$11/€9.50


Why is Healing the Inner Child So Important?

We were all children once so the inner child is a part of us all that needs to be acknowledged and integrated.  Emotional issues like not feeling good enough, fear of abandonment, fear of getting it wrong and feeling ashamed usually have their basis in childhood experiences.

Many of our emotional responses to life come from unconscious negative beliefs that get absorbed in childhood and continue to influence our adult behaviour. 

This is most commonly seen in our relationships, where our inner child’s unmet needs for love and attention can cause problems with communication, trust and intimacy many years later.

Inner child healing is a priority for about three quarters of my one-to-one clients. In healing sessions I regularly go back to a particular time or times in childhood to heal wounds that are still holding people back 20, 30, 40, even 50 years later.

In our subtle anatomy we have an emotional body that stores all the emotional experiences in our life. Because many of our early emotional experiences happened to us in childhood before we had the logical framework to understand them, inner child issues get stuck in our emotional body until we find a way to release them.  We can’t necessarily heal them with talking therapies alone because they are can’t be reached purely by the mind.

We heal the emotional body by finding a safe space to feel our emotions and that is exactly what these meditations do. They reach into your emotional body, bypassing your logical thinking so that you can absorb the healing you need.

A Safe Space for Radical Healing:

The meditations in this kit have arisen from me wanting to offer more people a safe space to travel back to childhood experiences that need healing so they can live joyful and fulfilling lives.

You’ll receive the healing, love, compassion and forgiveness you need to heal your inner child.

When you choose the Inner Child Meditation Kit, you receive two healing experiences: Inner Child Healing and Inner Child Love.

Inner Child Healing is a 30 minute process to meet your inner child and receive healing that wasn’t available at the time. My voice guides you gently back through the timeline of your life to a childhood time that needs healing. You may even travel back to babyhood. You’ll shed light on how current issues are linked to childhood needs and reclaim an essential quality from your childhood.






Inner Child Love is 15 minutes of healing whenever you need a boost of unconditional love and acceptance. Use it if you’re feeling vulnerable or scared and want to feel protected or use it anytime you need love and support. You’ll be bathed in golden light, feel safe, nurtured and loved and receive the unconditional support of the most loving parents in the world.





When you enter into deep relaxation through these guided meditations, you can access experiences and feelings that are usually hidden in unreachable parts of your mind.  As your conscious mind sleeps, negative experiences are released from your subconscious leaving you feeling more positive, calm and confident.  Even if you fall asleep the healing will still be going into your subconscious.

Listen to a sample of the meditation by right clicking or control clicking on the download link below and selecting ‘save link as’





Are you Ready to Heal the Past and Step into a New Future?

Receive the MP3 for instant download for £8/approx. US$11/€9.50.


Praise for the Inner Child Meditation Kit:

Profound changes in my life and how I relate to the world

“This meditation is incredible, not only does Jackie’s voice guide you to where you need to be but there is something in the energetic space that she provides which allows for powerful shifts to occur. That was certainly my experience. After years of working and training in the therapeutic fields of Alcohol Dependency and Domestic Violence, I have experienced much work with my inner child. I can honestly say that none of that impacted me in the way that this meditation did.

I was gently guided to a place in my childhood and discovered certain decisions about myself and the world that were still deeply held in my unconscious and affecting my day to day living. I could see how this core belief was radiating out, like a spiders web into every decision and choice I was making as a grown up. I could also easily see what my child needed to know and felt very capable of giving that to her in the inner realm. I think that is the real magic of this meditation. Jackie’s wisdom and desire for healing weave together and create an energetic template for healing that I can easily access. I felt held, supported and guided every step of the way. What could have been a difficult issue to heal felt almost easy, certainly natural.

As the days have passed I am still reaping the rewards of this new understanding and I am able to make conscious decisions and choices that allow me to make profound changes in my life and how I relate to the world. Rather than being a meditation that is simply nice to do for myself on an evening it was a tool for allowing powerful shifts that have made significant and tangible changes in my life.

I am so grateful to Jackie for sharing her work, it is powerful, transformative and drenched in love.”

Cara Wilde | Channel & Energy Therapist at


I wasn’t aware of how deeply my inner child had been wounded

“I enjoyed the Inner Child Healing meditation so much! Jackie’s beautiful and gentle voice helped me feel so safe that I could fully trust my journey back in time. Jackie feels like an old soul and a wise woman and she held the space in a way that made me feel so relaxed and loved.

As I started out this meditation I wasn’t aware of how deeply my inner child had been wounded but the deeper I went, the more I could feel how this wound had been created a long time ago. It felt so magical to go from a sense of being held back to the profound acceptance of who I am.

This meditation supported me to go very deeply into myself in order to release an old blockage and a pattern that has had a big impact on my life. Now I can finally accept all parts of who I am and all of my emotions. I would recommend this guided meditation to anyone who feels drawn to it. Jackie’s work is incredible and she is such a loving and grounded guide. I love her meditations and they always make me feel like I am home. If you are looking for a powerful transformational tool – this one is for you!”

Karina Ladet | Intuitive Guide at


 An understanding of something I’d been struggling with for years

“I loved this meditation. Deeply relaxing and very insightful. It gave me an understanding of something I’d been struggling with for years and brought peace to a restless, conflicted part of me. Highly recommended.”

Nikki Wyatt | The Karma Coach at


Connections between my present life and the past

“These inner child meditations held me in the safest, most gentle way while allowing me to access deep and challenging memories. Listening to them, I was able to uncover pieces of myself and see clearly what my child-self needed me to know.

I was able to draw connections between my present life and the past that I never would have come to on my own. Jackie’s voice is so loving and beautiful and served as the perfect guide for this soul journey. Most importantly, I felt free at all times to follow my thoughts and my heart and go where I needed to go while listening, knowing that I was supported all the while.”

Lori-Lyn Hurley | Spiritual Intuitive at


A safe gateway to a place I find difficult to visit

“I’ve only listened to the meditation once, but I’ve gleaned so much already. I can feel in my body the power of this exercise and I know that I’m processing the experience beyond the actual session itself. The meditation provided me with a safe gateway to a place I otherwise find difficult to visit.  I have always had trouble recalling my childhood prior to say, the age of fourteen. With the Inner Child Meditation Kit, I found it really quite easy to travel back in time – I saw myself physically walking back to one of my childhood homes.

 The 30 minute meditation gave me time to prepare myself properly to truly benefit from a deep connection. You have a light and loving energy, Jackie. You bestow calm and hold the space in a respectful way that feels just right to me.

There will be a time and place in your life when you are called to bring forth your inner child. It might not be now, but it will happen. (It happened to me after my mum died.) These meditations will help you deal with that situation in a safe and loving way.

Humans carry a lot of baggage – even the most enlightened of us. I believe that it is our responsibility to examine and relinquish that baggage as we move along our life’s pathway. If you’re doing the deep, inner work of self inquiry, then these meditations will help you uncover baggage from your past – baggage that you might not even be aware of yet.

Julie Gibbons | Creative Guide at

















N.B. The Inner Child Meditation Kit can be used alongside any other inner child healing you choose including talking therapies, workshops and taking inner child essences.