Higher vibrational essence describes any flower, crystal, gem, environmental and animal essences other than Bach Flower Remedies.

The Bach Flower Remedies work on universal human states that we know we are feeling, whereas higher vibrational essences work on specific issues and subconscious states for deeper healing.

There are thousands of these vibrational essences from around the world; some of the best known are the Australian Bush Remedies, Alaskan Essences and Indigo Essences.

In my practice, I mainly use higher vibrational essences made by Crystal Herbs in Norfolk. They make chakra essences, Inner child essences, angel and archangel essences, Karmic essences and approximately 800 individual flower, gem and crystal essences. I am incresingly drawn to using Alaskan Essences and LightBringer Essences more and more too, having attended a seminar on using Alaskan Essences for trauma and using LightBringer essences for my own healing in recent times.

How do high vibrational essences work?

Higher vibrational essences work more deeply than the scope of the Bach Flower Remedies, releasing the subconscious issues that are blocking your path.

You may be experiencing difficulties in your life but not know why because the programming comes from your subconscious. You might be carrying ancestral beliefs, Karmic issues or old pain from childhood without even realising how that influences you today. That’s the thing with the subconscious, it’s hidden from us until we start to shine a little light in there.

High vibrational essences help to shine a light on hidden aspects and work very dynamically and deeply to release core issues. Situations in life that you may currently be finding confusing, painful or difficult offer the greatest opportunities for growth and healing.

When we feel at our lowest ebb or in the most emotional pain, it is usually when subconscious feelings from childhood or our past have been triggered.

These unhealed feelings may be experienced and re-experienced throughout a lifetime until we can let them go. Flower and crystal essences gently allow them to be released.

If you are carrying an emotional wound at a subconscious level, you will keep attracting situations that trigger the wound until you can acknowledge it and release it. This is your Soul’s way of showing you how to find balance.

As higher vibrational essences are taken, old wounds can finally heal.  As the past is honoured and released, you can create a brighter and healthier future.  Essences offer the opportunity to bring self-awareness to the unhealed aspects of ourselves and enable them to be transformed.

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