Hellebore, Integration and the Magdalene Flame

I retreated deeply this winter, listening to quiet guidance from Spirit and healing old wounds that ran deep. It’s been a time of reconnection, replenishment, release and renewal.

And now, as spring comes shining through the windows of our woodland nest I feel gentle and quiet. My heart hums with the quiet delight that comes from being able to spend more time outside in nature without getting chilled to the bone or falling flat on my face trying to navigate the slippery uphill terrain of this steeply wooded valley!

I’m moving gently forward into the vibrant possibilities of spring without losing the practice of deep inner listening that winter has given me. Projects and ideas are reaching towards me and I am taking my time, seeing where the energy gathers without rushing to take action now.

It can be a tricky balance, navigating our relationship with the external world without losing the depth of our connection to ourselves.

This time of year sees us dance between the restorative reflective energy of winter and the vibrant outgoing energy of spring. It invites us to integrate our feminine knowing energy with our masculine active energy.

I find my excitement about ‘doing’ things often takes me out of my ‘being’ space sooner than my soul needs so I am trying to honour my need for both action and inaction. Giving my imagination the fertile ground it needs for ideas to grow into their fullness rather than rushing them into the world too soon.


I’m practising how to integrate my energies so that I take aligned action that feels easeful and flowing rather than feeling rushed to meet a deadline or being driven by comparisons with how productive other people seem to be! This theme of integration is coming up in different shapes and forms in client sessions at the moment.

How do we integrate our physical and spiritual selves? How do we integrate our inner feminine and masculine energies? How do we integrate the soul medicine we have gathered from the past into who we are now? How do we integrate our need to be in intimate relationship with others with our need to be in sovereign relationship with ourselves when there is only so much time and energy available to us?

As I sit with the questions and ponder the answers that feel true to me, hellebore is the flower essence I’m taking. She is an old friend with new knowledge to share.

Hellebore is an essence I’ve written about here and here. She is the essence in the Wild Woman’s Wisdom Sacred Space and Aura Spray that sold out so quickly last year.

Each time I connect with her, I’m given another piece of information about her energy and what her essence offers us. Connecting with a plant over time is like getting to know a friend better over the years as you learn new things about them.

It blows my mind the way different threads of information about a flower’s essence emerge as you deepen your relationship with the plant. These threads become woven together to create the rich fabric of what a flower essence is all about. (There are some tips in this post that you can experiment with if you want to practice listening to flower spirit messages.)

I knew hellebore was about womb healing and women’s wisdom. For women who are ready to claim their power.

I’ve lovingly been describing her as the divine badass essence, helping women to stand up and claim their power with confidence in their own wisdom and deep inner knowing. Now she’s shown me how she integrates the energy of the womb with the energy of the heart.

The hellebore deva always appears to me as an archetypal Priestess figure wearing a hood. In my most recent journey with her, she removed her hood for the first time and showed me who she really is. It made me cry. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote in my journal afterwards:

“I am taken into the cosmic womb, filled with pink light. The cloaked woman I recognise as the hellebore deva is removing her hood. She tells me she is Mary Magdalene and she’s holding the Magdalene Flame at her heart. The hellebore flower ignites the Magdale Flame within us, she tells me.”

(During this journey I received information on white hellebore and green hellebore and the interplay of the energies of the three plants, but it isn’t time to share all that yet.)

As soon as I had the chance, I goodled ‘cosmic womb’ and ‘Magdalene Flame’ to see if they’re a thing – you know a real thing that other people know about! Turns out lots has been written about both. I liked this description channelled by In’Easa mabu Ishta.

“The Magdalene Flame is the feminine heart flame that assists mankind to align to their creation potential through the heart of Source. It is fully aligned and merged with the Maitreya energy of God consciousness, thereby holding the divine presence of the Triple Flame of the heart of God. It aligns both man and womankind to the creation energy of Source.  Mary Magdalene is an ancient spirit, an Ancient Earth Mother and also a high priestess in the times of Atlantis and in Egypt in the Temples of Isis.”

Hellebore tells me that she ignites the Magdalene Flame within our hearts.

She integrates the energy of the womb with the energy of the heart so we can lead with love and power.

She helps clear out misaligned energies from the womb for greater feelings of female empowerment. She helps us to feel a love so strong and a power so deeply rooted in the womb that it filters out any energy that is not that.

Hellebore tells me this is her time, this is her moment. This is when her energy is needed because everything that has been happening on the world stage in recent times has been preparing us, as women, to rise together in the name of love.

We know how to lead from the heart. It is time to heal the separation between the wisdom seeded deep within our wombs and the love that glows in our hearts.

I know that many people are familiar with Mary Magdalene’s teachings. I’m not. My piece in the tapestry is to bring through the messages from the flowers that speak to me. If anyone reading this is working with the Magdalene Flame I would love to hear about your experiences and what you sense looking at the hellebore photographs.

Hellebore Essence Available Now!  Orders now closed

I’m making hellebore esence available to buy for a short time. I want to be bottling the essence while she at her best in the garden, able to lend her love and living energy to the process. This feels potent and alive to me. I may open up orders again this time next year when she is in flower once more, but I don’t plan to offer hellebore essence again this year. If you’d like a bottle of this empowering essence, it will only be available until the full moon on Sunday 12th March so place your order soon. Two options are available: Hellebore Essence and Hellebore Essence: Wild Woman’s Wisdom Special.

Benefits of using hellebore essence:

  • Ignites the Magdalene Flame in the heart;
  • Integrates the energy of the womb with the energy of the heart for confident empowered loving presence;
  • Deepens your connection with the Wise Woman within you and the mysteries of the sacred feminine;
  • Gives you the confidence to say yes to what you do want and no to what you don’t;
  • Awakens the powerful badass part of you that is fearless and wise. Think high priestess meets mama bear protecting her cubs;
  • Helps you recognise your female body as sacred, beautiful and worthy of respect and celebration.

Hellebore essence (25ml) – £9 (approx. $11/€10) + p&p

25ml of hellebore essence at stock level. Can be taken alone or combined with other high vibrational essences.

Hellebore essence: Wild Woman’s Wisdom special – £14 (approx. $17/€16) + p&p

25ml of hellebore essence at stock level, plus 30ml empty atomiser bottle to make your own wild woman’s wisdom spray, exclusive wild woman’s wisdom spray recipe + soul prompts for deeper exploration of your wild woman’s wisdom.

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