Flower Essences for a Changing World

I’ve recorded a video blog for you this week, addressing the uncertainty, chaos and change that’s happening on a global level. So many people have been asking me what we can do individually to heal collectively, and how flower and other vibrational essences support us during this time of change that I decided to record a video about it.

In this video I talk about: 

  • How times of apparent crisis and chaos invite us to pay attention and do things differently so we can create positive change.
  • How to navigate your way through these changing times, taking care of your heart.
  • How we change our inner reality so the outer world becomes a reflection of love, connection and belonging.
  • How essences help us to become fully present, and awaken and embody our soul qualities.
  • Why struggle is an invitation to go deep within yourself and ask what your heart and soul need for wholeness.
  • Why I started taking flower essences and how they helped transform my life from physical illness and deep unhappiness into a different reality that is full of love, joy and fulfilment.

Find out more about the Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner Diploma that starts in the north of England this September.

To choose essences for yourself, try the Crystal Herbs essence selector, visit LightBringer Essences, Alaskan Essences, or FES California. These are the ranges we explore during the Practitioner Diploma course.

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3 Responses to Flower Essences for a Changing World

  1. I was looking forward to watching this….sadly the sound of your voice is so soft that even at full volume, I cannot understand what you’re saying. If you make more videos, please speak louder and put your mic. closer or what have you on your end so we can hear your important message. Thank you <3

  2. These flower essence and gem essence mists have been formulated through loving inspiration, vision, and a wish that you and your pets may enjoy the peace, joyful delight, love, and magic of the forests, glens, meadows, and Devic realms.
    Love, joy, and light to you always!

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