Flower and crystal essences are gentle yet powerful catalysts for inner transformation.

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They help you release imbalanced emotions, patterns and beliefs so you can show up for life with an open heart.

Essences are natural holistic remedies which gently yet powerfully realign you with the love in your heart and the wisdom of your Soul.

They are powerful catalysts for transformation; releasing emotions, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you so you’ll experience more love, joy, purpose, presence and peace.

The best-known essences are the Bach Flower Remedies discovered by British physician Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. I’m passionate about the power of the Bach Flower Remedies to clear our personality patterns and make us clearer channels for Spirit.

They gently release the states we all experience from time to time, e.g. lack of confidence, fears, overwhelm, uncertainty, low self-worth, emotional neediness.

You may have used Rescue Remedy® (also known as Revival Remedy™ or Five Flower Remedy®) which is a combination of 5 Bach Flower Remedies to treat shock, stress and emergency situations. This popular combination has been voted best alternative remedy by customers of Boots the Chemists.

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There are now hundreds of companies around the world making flower, gem, crystal, environmental and even animal essences. These essences are known collectively as vibrational medicine and are usually taken orally, a few drops at a time.  Their effects are cumulative so the more you take them, the more changes you will see in your life.

Essences are like a bridge of light realigning you with your Soul essence and the divine qualities that are already inside you. You are already full of love, light, clarity, beauty, abundance and joy but sometimes you might forget that. Sometimes your heart needs extra healing or you need fresh insights. Essences enable you to clear any shadows on the surface so you can live with love in your heart and a deep connection to your Soul.

Here on this site, I can choose essences for you or you can choose your own from the Shop.

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