Essences – Reweaving the Threads of the Soul: Guest Post by Alexa Sargeant

This is the first in a series of guest posts from some of the women who have recently graduated from the first Flower Spirit Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner Diploma. I’m honoured to share their words of wisdom about essences here with you.


Hello, My name is Alexa, from  The Well of BelongingI am an Embodied Relational Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner and trainee Wild Therapist who loves working and connecting with nature and the otherworld through art, story, journeying, dreaming and creating ceremony and ritual to honour our connection to ourselves, the earth and each other. You can connect with me on Facebook at The Well of Belonging and at my website/blog

Having had the honour of being one of Jackies’ students on her Flower Essence Practitoner Diploma there are so many aspects of the training that have been transformational it’s difficult to know how to begin. So I will share a little of what I’ve learned and come to understand of essences and the profound depth to which they can work, to give just a glimpse of what they are and what can be achieved through using them.

Imagine you are made up of a majestic hand woven tapestry- created with a unique design that is yours and yours alone.

This is a living work of creation, of you, as a human being, which began to be woven long before you were born and continues to be woven every day of your life. Every experience you encounter, every disappointment you face, every setback, every victory, every milestone – is woven into the fabric of your being.

Some parts of it are vibrant, richly coloured, intricately sewn from fine strong fibres – this represents the most whole aspects of your being.

Some areas are a little dusty, some of the threads are frayed or broken, some places have holes in or are threadbare and fading – these are the areas that represent the older forgotten parts of you, the bits you haven’t taken as good care of. You can still see the design in the tapestry but it’s a little dull.

And then there are the areas that have been knotted, torn, ripped, shredded, burnt, stood on, scuffed, trampled and covered in layers of dirt and mud and grime  – here you can barely see the pattern to discern where one bit ends and another begins. These areas on your tapestry represent your wounding and your trauma.

Some parts of the tapestry seem to have other people’s threads tangled up in them – or there appears to be a pattern that has been locked into ours that doesn’t belong to us – as though someone snuck in and took over what was being created without our knowledge and without realising, we carried on with the design.

Some places have threads that have snagged and got so tangled up that no further design is possible until the thread is undone or cut out and rewoven.

Working with essences is like lifting the dirt off the tapestry, mending the broken threads and restoring the whole thing to its most brilliant, vibrant original form.

A little bit at a time. Piece by piece. Thread by thread. Layer by layer.

They allow us to slowly piece back together the missing parts, fill in the holes, and re-weave threads of our liking and choosing to create a tapestry free of others’ design ideas and ill-fitting threads.

Essences are an amazing doorway to discovering exactly what is you and what is not you. What you need and what you don’t need. They help to uncover and clear the energetic imprint of our trauma, our limiting beliefs, the emotional and mental patterning that has formed who we are based on the energy we grew up in and around.

They do this by enabling us to return to a state of natural balance by correcting the energetic imprint or thread if you like.

Whilst training as an Essence Practioner and using essences on a regular basis, lots of small changes have taken place. I am still who I am, but the shifts in perception and awareness of my life story and patterns of what I have experienced have subtly altered and expanded as new insights and understanding have filtered through.

There have been challenging emotions and shadow aspects of my being to confront. Boundary issues to work on, trauma to heal and release, unprocessed anger to work on in a way that puts the energy to creative rather than disruptive or destructive use.

Essences have supported me to be much more grounded in my body but not without first working through the blocks and wounding that caused me to be out of my body in the first place.

They have put me more in touch with emotions I dared not acknowledge or allow myself to feel in the past.  My vulnerability and sensitivity. My inner strength and resolve.

They have helped me learn from my past mistakes, acknowledge the limits of what I can and cannot do and what is and isn’t possible. My mind is calmer, my thoughts clearer. I am more able to allow myself to follow my own natural, rhythmic flow of fullness and emptiness without constantly trying to change it.

Having essences to help us is like having a circle of really good trusted allies who will build you up, support you and encourage you but who will also call you on your bull.

They let you know when you’re not being honest or truthful with yourself in a very gentle and loving way, and show you what you might not be seeing or may have missed so you can have a broader, clearer, more truthful perception of yourself and the world you live in.

Learning to select essences for others has been a deeply rewarding and enlightening experience. One that has shown me without doubt that we are not alone in our human struggles and the Earth we live on is patiently waiting for us to reconnect with her and make use of the abundance of healing she has to offer, if only we would turn to her for support.

Learning to tune into nature and create essences from the plants and crystals really opens up this connection to a new level.

Nature connection can be a valuable mirror to our own soul.

Having the opportunity to integrate principles of Embodied Relational Therapy with flower essence consultations has deepened my capacity to connect and relate to both the client and the essences, and work more deeply with issues that arise – not through talking and questioning but through tuning in to the client’s energy and selecting essences that relate to the issues the client is bringing, some of which they may not be fully aware of. You can work with others very deeply without necessarily needing them to say very much or for them to even know what it is they need.

This makes working with people who may not be able to specifically identify an issue, or who have several issues that interlink, a little easier as a therapist and also means the client, through using essences to support where they are at that time, can begin to reach a place of clarity on their own process and identify what within them is needing most attention. By paying attention to a client’s unfolding process through what the essences bring up to clear, support can be offered to match the shifts and transitions a client is going through and space can be held to support the integration of the new energies, insights and understanding that arises.

Seeing people blossom as a result of working with the natural energy of flowers, gems, elements and specific natural environments, seeing how much more quickly people shift through their blocks, stuck-ness and wounding to embody more of their own true soul nature has been an amazing honour to witness. I’ve particularly enjoyed working longer term over several sessions with people who are looking for ways to find more harmony and balance between their own needs and the needs of others whether that is within the family, between partners or within their working life.

To step into this Training is to open up yourself and your life to new possibilities, new awareness, and new ways of being and to commit to healing your own personal wounding, barriers and blocks along the way.

I feel the essences can do in a short space of time what therapy alone cannot.

I am eternally grateful to Jackie for arriving in my life with this when she did. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t trusted my instincts and taken the opportunity to train with her.

The next practitioner diploma which starts in September is enrolling now. Learn more here

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