There was a time when we intuitively knew how to connect with plants to receive healing, wisdom, emotional and spiritual nourishment.

The time has come to remember and reawaken our inner knowing.

♥ Have you ever wondered how to make flower essences from plants you love?

 Do you yearn to slow down and reconnect with the wild wisdom of your own heart?

 Curious about how to communicate with plant devas, nature spirits and the magic of the land?

 Want to co-create with nature to make a divine essence that sings to your soul?

 Fancy a blissful day receiving guidance and healing from nature?

Join me to make a flower essence on Saturday 23rd June 2018.



You’ll discover how to make a flower essence from a plant that wants to communicate with you right now.

In one day you’ll learn everything you need to know to make flower essences for yourself, family and friends. 

I’d been using flower essences for years before I learnt how to make my own. I assumed it would be complicated, difficult, esoteric and that I probably wasn’t intuitive and spiritual enough to do it. Turns out none of these fears were true.

Intention and heartfelt connection with nature are everything when it comes to essence-making.

Plants speak to us through our hearts so we will spend the day deepening into the wisdom and magic of our own wild hearts as we connect with the wisdom and magic of the land.

Our time together will be both sacred and practical, so you’ll experience how to open your heart to the hidden messages from nature AND feel confident about all the practical steps required to make, preserve, dilute and use your essence.

When you learn the techniques I’ll share with you in this hands-on workshop, you’ll never look at a dandelion in the same way again!  You may even discover a new flower essence that’s never been made before – previous participants have!

I promise you a day of heart wisdom and wild magic, where you will remember that you belong in nature and feel deeply supported by the guidance, healing and love that plants have to offer you.

You will:

♥ Learn how to make a flower essence that is exactly what you need for balance and healing;

♥ Discover how to communicate with plant devas and other nature spirits;

♥ Listen to the wild wisdom of your own heart;

♥ Open up to your intuition for inner guidance, clarity and answers;

♥ Receive guidance and healing from nature;

♥ Experience blissful meditation for inner peace and relaxation;

♥ Take your essence home to use again and again.


This is ancient knowledge, seeded deep in your bones – waiting to be reawakened through the gateway of your heart.


Where, When and Other Essential Information:

♥ Offshoots Permaculture Project, Towneley Hall, Towneley Holmes Road, Burnley, Lancashire BB11 3RQ.

(Easily accessible from Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire – I’ll send directions before the workshop).

♥ 10am-5.30pm on Saturday 23rd June 2018.

♥ 5 CPD points for holistic practitioners.

♥ Please bring healthy vegetarian food to share for lunch. I’ll provide drinks and yummy wheat-free dairy-free nibbles.

♥ Glass medicine bottle, distilled water & preservative (organic brandy or alcohol-free alternative) for bottling your essence is included in your booking fee.

The workshop is fully booked.

Please be in touch if you want to join the waiting list in case of a last minute cancellation: info[at]flowerspirit[dot]co[dot]uk



What People Say:

“Jackie’s mix of warmth, knowledge and love of nature, made for a relaxed and fun day, learning how to tune in to flowers and make a wonderful essence. I’d definitely recommend the workshop and look forward to attending others in the future. I’d started the day feeling quite tired, but drove home totally energised. A big thank you.”

Judith Reid, Naturopathic Nutritionist at

“Beautiful special wonderful place. The plants are clearly so very very happy! Oh so much Love! Wisdom, guidance, and the experience of connecting with the other people here, plants and plant spirits.”

“The workshop reminded me of the power of flowers. It’s given me a healing tool I can use for the rest of my life. I like being able to ‘capture’ a vibration.”

I liked taking the time to connect with our own plant. The teachings, beautiful connections with the phlox plant, real loving connections from meeting beautiful like-minded people and actually having an essence to take home.”

“I liked the lovely people, open hearts, connecting in with plants and people. Wonderful venue if a little tricky to find! So welcoming here, a really magical space. I’ve received so many big messages I need to process in the coming days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I liked the complete connection – each other, plants and flowers, meditation. I even enjoyed the rain!”

“A beautiful day in a gorgeous setting. Feel very connected with flowers, plants and Mother Nature. Thank you!”

“I gained specific skills in essence-making and greater confidence in my capacity to tune in. Hearing/seeing others demonstrate similar but different aspects of connecting with plants was great. I liked your approach – clear, gentle, knowledgeable, respectful.”

“A wonderful, wonderful day of being introduced to nature. Thank you.”

“Thank you for a day of nature connection and essence-making. I have a deeper understanding of the process and look forward to continuing my journey. Thank you.”

“I liked having time to look at different flowers and hearing from the other people in the workshop. Beautiful venue. It reminded me of the need to spend time meditating in nature and being fully present in it.”

“I’ve received many insights – too many to mention. Thank you for sharing your warmth and knowledge.”

“What a lovely day, whole new worlds.”

“Thank you very much for such an interesting and enjoyable day. I’ll definitely have a go at making my own essences in the future.”