Emotional Peace Process

Ever wished you could let your emotions go, rather than analysing them all the time?

Now you can.


Emotional Peace is a powerful 30 minute energy process to transform uncomfortable, painful and unhealthy emotions and beliefs easily and effectively so you can get on with living the joyful love-filled life you’re here for.

E-motions are energy in motion so they’re meant to pass through but often they get stuck and cause us pain, so we feel stuck too.

How do you know if the Emotional Peace Process if for you?

You have the self-awareness to recognise your patterns and triggers but you still can’t move beyond them.

You’re good at analysing your emotions (and you probably use therapeutic language to describe them… Yes I’m looking at you, with your inner critic and your father issues!) but you don’t know how to actually feel them.

You’re fed up of seeing the same dynamics playing out in your relationships on an endless loop but you can’t shift the emotions that keep you stuck.

You wish you didn’t feel the uncomfortable stuff like fear or low self worth or guilt or anger or neediness because you don’t think it’s very spiritual, but secretly you know that those feelings aren’t going to go away if you keep ignoring them.

You go round and round in circles trying to understand how you’re feeling but that isn’t bringing you the emotional peace that you’re looking for.

You want to feel lighter, happier and more YOU and you know there are unhealthy emotions or beliefs that hold you back from expressing who you really are and doing what you’re really here for.

Benefits of using the Emotional Peace Process:

You’ll drop out of the noise of your thinking into the feelings held in your emotional body. That’s where the healing happens.

You’ll be able to heal and release the emotions and beliefs that stop you from feeling joyful, loving and at peace. It’s just as effective with the strong emotions as it is with little niggles that make you feel out of sorts.

You’ll have a practical resource to use whenever someone pushes a button that feels painful, uncomfortable or just a bit ‘off’ so you can get to the heart of the wound that’s being triggered for you.

You’ll feel lighter and full of energy. Keeping emotions at bay uses up a lot of emotional energy, so when you learn to feel them you’ll have much more energy for other things.

You’ll learn how to feel the raw energy of emotion in your body so that it becomes second nature to let your emotions move through you without drama.

You’ll have emotional support whenever life throws you something unexpected, painful or difficult. Because life does that to all of us at one time or another, and you need to be able to feel loved and centred regardless of what is happening around you.


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How will The Emotional Peace Process help you?

I see a world full of people who are scared of feeling uncomfortable emotions in case it’s painful. Yet I know that when emotions are felt in a safe space, the release can be instant, effortless and transformational.

The one thing that most of my clients and friends say to me over and over is ‘I just don’t know how to get in touch with what I’m feeling.’ Most of us are very good at talking about how we’re feeling but letting ourselves feel is a lost art. I’m on a quiet crusade to bring it back!

That’s where the Emotional Peace Process comes in, because it enables you to drop your awareness out of your logical mind and into your emotional body. I want this process to become second nature to you so that you have the ability to be present with your emotions whenever they arise and they no longer hold you back from living your most beautiful life.

You may have had moments of feeling your emotions in a workshop or with an energy therapist but you want something more sustainable that you can use in your daily life.

It’s more empowering and practical for you to find emotional peace within you than it is to book a session with a therapist or go on a workshop every time an old wound gets triggered or an emotional drama lands on your doorstep. That’s why I developed this process. I’ve spent the past 20 years discovering how to feel and heal my emotions and the past 13 years empowering clients to do the same.

Now you can experience the relief (yes! actual relief – I promise!) of letting yourself feel what you need to feel so you can heal what you need to heal and get on with the vibrant soul-enriching life you’re here for.

What you’ll love about it

This is a gentle process that enables you to feel the energy of your emotions in a very safe and loving way. Think of it as guided meditation meets energy healing session. You follow the healing rhythm of my voice to travel into your body to feel your emotions. It isn’t me leading you into a flower meadow or opening up to other realms, it’s a journey through your body into the heart of your emotions. You’ll go deep into your subconscious for fast and effective healing, but you’re always in charge so it won’t bring up anything that you’re not ready to work with. You might fall asleep – sometimes that happens when the mind can’t switch off and the healing needs to be absorbed at a deeper level.

You’ll discover that feeling is much easier than you think once you get started. It will feel very natural to you because emotions actually need to be felt – that’s their natural impulse and it’s only because we get stuck in our heads analysing them that they get stuck in the first place!

Because you’re working with the energy of your emotions and beliefs, you’ll see that this is a very fast and efficient way of finding emotional peace. You’ll feel peace with emotions that have been bothering you and they’ll either disappear altogether or feel much less painful. Sometimes you’ll only need to use the process once to find relief, sometimes you’ll need to use it over a longer period of time. You will know when you’ve let something go because it just won’t bother you any more.

When results can you expect from using it?

People tell me that it’s helped them to let go of emotions quickly, even really uncomfortable and deep rooted states. I’ve used it to release extreme fear (you know the kind that prickles all over your skin and you can’t think or move because you’re so terrified?) and to heal heartbreak that was so intense I thought my soul was being ripped apart.

On a less dramatic level,  I used it to get in touch with a recurring issue at work where old feelings of not being good enough kept being triggered. When I used the Emotional Peace Process to feel into the energy of what was coming up, it quickly shifted and then the work dynamic changed. That’s what happens. When we make the changes on an inner energetic level, the world rearranges in beautiful new ways around us.

Emotional pains were soothed away

david-circle“Listening to the emotional peace process was like having a beautiful bubble bath, like all my emotional pains were being soothed away by the gentle, yet powerful energy being summoned through Jackie’s channel. I have listened to it a few times, and each time the soothing balm of her voice goes deeper and deeper into my soul. It’s a beautifully subtle, yet nonetheless powerful way to make peace with where you are HERE and NOW.”

David Rabone | The Soul Healer

Forgiving the past – the wound is totally powerless over me now

“I have spent decades being held back by my memories/ experiences/ conditioning from a two year period of – well – who knows what you even call it, really – with my father and his wife. I was able to completely forgive ALL THAT STUFF in this 30 minute meditation.  I had two major epiphanies in the half hour listening and lost all the emotional charge the situation held.

The Emotional Peace Process was just exactly, entirely, perfectly what the doctor ordered for me. At one point in the process I experienced this liberating epiphany about the origin of emotion (which I won’t give away so as not to be a spoiler!) and then a few minutes later you described it! A little while later another epiphany and then whoosh! You described it again! Over the few days since doing the Process I’ve engaged in a good bit of poking the wound to see what was up. I tell you it is completely and totally powerless over me now and I feel so much better. Thank you. Thank you!

My life this year is going to be very different. It is never too late to change what you would like to be different.  It is never too late to wake up one morning and make a whole new choice.”

Jen Furlong | Life Coach and Yoga Teacher

So simple to release something so deep

“Thank you so much for the meditation download 🙂 I’ve just listened to it & saved it to my device … I can’t believe it was so simple to release something so deep for so long!  More emotions came up after my salt bath & I’m now feeling lighter & happier … even with a cold virus! Thank you again.”

Lorraine Morrow | UK

Travelling through difficult emotions and trauma to move forward in trust and tranquility

“This is a meditation that speaks to my heart! Jackie is amazing to be able to encapsulate such feeling and knowledge and compassion. I find myself travelling through difficult emotions and trauma, facing “flashbacks” and pain my mind often steers away from. I feel safe and nurtured while I listen and find myself able to breathe gently into whatever arises.  Afterwards I am much more centred and peaceful. I feel settled within myself and ready to move forward in trust and tranquility.”  

Jule Webster | Australia

 Things that bothered me strongly are gone or greatly lessened

“This is a very special, beautiful meditation. It is a safe loving space to fully experience emotional pain of any kind. I was brought up told that only happy feelings were OK, so I was always resisting, denying and trying to fix so called ‘negative’ emotions. I felt bad about feeling bad. The beauty of this meditation is you’re not trying to fix or get rid of an emotion, you’re allowing it to be there. It’s OK to feel whatever you feel. I love that. I bring every possible thing I’m feeling into it. And although I’m not trying to get rid of anything, after doing this meditation I’m always amazed to find that things that bothered me strongly are gone or greatly lessened. That’s how it is when you can truly accept & allow your feelings to be there & this is a wonderful space to experience that.”  


Are you ready to feel Emotional Peace?

Receive the MP3 for instant download for £8/approx. US$11/€9.50.