Emotional Balance Kit

Imagine having powerful resources at your fingertips, to use whenever your emotions feel overwhelming, scary or confusing.

This Emotional Balance Kit is full of love, healing and wisdom for personal transformation.



 How do you know if The Emotional Balance Kit is for you?

  • Is life bringing up strong or confusing emotions that you don’t know how to deal with?
  • Are you experiencing uncomfortable emotions that you wish you could make peace with?
  • Have you noticed recurring emotions like feeling anxious or unloveable or lonely or self-doubting or angry or hurt?
  • Do you wish you could understand your emotions better so they don’t upset your equilibrium?

The Emotional Balance Kit will help you to:

  • Feel comfortable with your emotions and what they’re trying to tell you.
  • Feel greater self-love and acceptance by making peace with all parts of yourself (including emotions you don’t like the look of).
  • Connect more easily to your intuition because your emotions won’t be drowning out your inner voice.
  •  Enjoy healthier relationships by understanding why particular people push your buttons so you can choose to react differently.
  • Release old hurts for greater forgiveness and peace.
  • Release childhood, Karmic, ancestral and other deeply buried emotional wounds.
  • Feel more peaceful, balanced and centred regardless of what life throws at you.

What you receive

Powerful tried-and-tested tools to accept, heal and balance your emotions:

40 minute guided meditation for deep healing and loving acceptance.

Emotional Healing workbook filled with Soul wisdom.

14 powerful healing exercises to help you understand and release unhealthy emotions.

Bonus 20 minute Self-Love meditation to remind you of your true nature of love.

Want powerful resources for emotional balance at your fingertips to use whenever your emotions seem overwhelming, scary or confusing?

Receive the Emotional Balance Kit for instant download so you can start feeling the benefits straight away.

£15/approx. US$20/€18.


As soon as you buy the Emotional Balance Kit you’ll receive:

Emotional Healing Meditation MP3 that gives you permission to feel exactly what you’re feeling rather than going round in circles trying to understand your emotions.

  • This meditation is a safe space to feel and accept emotions that need to be healed, and gain insight about where they come from.
  • You’ll follow the wisdom of your body to discover areas where emotions are being held and could be affecting your health.
  • This meditation goes deep, taking you into the layers of your subconscious that hold the key to your healing. You might tap into inner child wounds, ancestral pain or Karmic issues.
  • Regardless of where your emotions come from, this meditation will bring comfort and healing to how you’re feeling NOW.


♥ Emotional Healing Workbook PDF packed full of Soul wisdom, love and worksheets to help you understand your emotions and discover how to accept, heal and integrate them.

  • Learn powerful practices to soothe and nurture your heart so you’ll feel more love and acceptance.
  • Explore 14 powerful healing exercises and practical wisdom to bring relief and awareness to recurring and confusing emotions.
  • Understand why particular relationships and dynamics push your buttons and discover how to respond to them in healthier ways.
  • Discover the key emotional patterns that keep you stuck and release them from your energy field.
  • Explore powerful ways to integrate what your emotions are showing you by discovering body wisdom, balancing your inner masculine and feminine, healing your inner child, and releasing ancestral loyalties and Karmic issues.


♥ Bonus Self-Love Meditation MP3 to remind you of your true nature of love. Self-love is an inner state of being; the true nature of your Soul.

  • During this 20 minute guided meditation you’ll release your barriers to self-love and realign with the love that is already inside you.
  • Listen to it whenever you need to feel love from the inside out.


Unresolved emotions absorb a lot of energy, so when you make peace with them you will feel lighter, happier, more energised and more YOU.

Praise for the Emotional Balance Kit Resources:


Helped me to heal ancestral cellular memories

robyn-circle“Jackie’s Emotional Balance Kit has helped me to heal ancestral cellular memories that needed to be healed for me to move through my spiritual journey. A lot was revealed in the meditation. Very powerful inner wisdom was unearthed for me to work through. With the help of Jackie’s gentle guidance and reassurance that I was ‘perfectly normal’ – I worked through the worksheets that she provided as well”

Robyn Bogart | Australia | The Apple Tree and Avalon


I have been awestruck at what I have felt and what has been released

“Jackie Stewart is very special. I have used a lot of guided meditations and visualisations in the past but there is something about Jackie’s voice and energy that makes one just feel so very safe. This meditation makes me go deep, VERY deep, and yes, it accesses (as far as I can tell) karmic, rather than this lifetime stuff. I have been awestruck at what I have felt and what has been released in what feels like a beautiful, safe, healing space. This is a beautiful healing journey.”

Jane Alexander | Author of The Energy Secret |www.exmoorjane.blogspot.com


A giant hug from the cosmos

Amanda-circleI found the meditation to be wonderfully supportive in a soft, tender and loving way. It felt as if I was receiving a giant hug from the cosmos. Jackie’s voice is soothing, but also powerful, and I found myself delving deep into the imagery that she was offering. Afterwards I found the worksheets really helpful to support my experience further and I highly recommend it.”

Amanda Cruise | Whole Foods and Macrobiotic Health Coach | Scotland


The very thing I need just now in my life

ruthie-circle“Thank you so for this wonderful Emotional Healing Balance kit, just the very thing I need just now in my life.  I have to tell you that you have one of the loveliest, most soothing voices ever & it makes the meditations a real joy to listen too.”

Ruthie Redden | Artist | www.ruthieredden.com


I was so depressed and emotional, I was crying all the time

“When I ordered the Emotional Balance Kit I was so depressed and emotional, I was crying all the time. I started the workbook and have done the healing meditation several times. The workbook is very good and I can understand that I do have emotions that need to be healed.” SG | UK

I could feel the energies working through my body

“Thank you for such a powerful meditation. Firstly, I think your voice is wonderful to listen to, the perfect voice for a meditation. Through your guidance I found that I could deeply feel the energies working through my body and could easily visualise what I needed to. It felt truly magical. I felt renewed and found that I was smiling at the end.” Rosie | Bespoke Hand-Knitter | Yorkshire

Love your Healing Package

I really do love your Healing Package, your voice at the meditations and your writing style!” JP | Netherlands

Read more praise here.

Want powerful resources at your fingertips to use whenever your emotions seem overwhelming, scary or confusing?

Receive the Emotional Balance Kit for instant download so you can start feeling the benefits straight away.

£15/approx. US$20/€18.

N.B. The Emotional Balance Kit resources are all downloadable items so you don’t receive a package by post. Once you purchase the kit, you’ll receive an email with a link to a password-protected page that contains the resources. If you don’t receive it by email as soon as you purchase, please check your spam/junk mail folder.