Are you a flower & vibrational essence practitioner who wants to learn new skills, explore popular essence ranges, and continue your personal and professional development?  CPD Days for Essence Practitioners are held at The Gathering Fields Flower Essences and Retreat near Lancaster.

Energetic Advertising: harnessing your higher consciousness for abundant business

with Rachel Singleton

Friday 13th September 2019

How do we establish a therapy business in a way that is energetically authentic and joyful? How do we sustain this over many years in ways which replenish rather than drain us? How do we ensure that we can maintain or raise our income as and when we need to?

We are surrounded by marketing models for business that can feel intimidating, tech-heavy, expensive, gimicky and at odds with our work as therapists. Often, we are expending time and energy we haven’t got doing something we think we should do. There is something fundamentally flawed about this: to run an energetic business that flows, we ourselves need to be in the flow.

This teaching day will help you access a deeply reliable inner source of energy and wisdom from which to grow your practice.

In the past two years, I have been exploring and developing the techniques and processes I term Energetic Advertising. My own income – and that of the 8 practitioners I have supervised who wished to be involved – has at least doubled in this time for each of us whilst our working hours have reduced by an average of one third to one half. The sense of ease and spaciousness is delightful. The feeling of coming home to self and doing what feels natural and good is lovely. The sense of trust and security is incredible. And the more we practice this skill, the stronger it gets.

It can be daunting to start a practice and wondering how to get the word out. And it can be deeply frustrating to have been a practitioner for years but never really earned abundantly.

Self-doubt, insecurity and overwhelm can easily set in. The pressure to have a facebook page, go on Instagram or Pinterest daily, write a blog, establish a YouTube channel, be available 24-7, makes us feel we have to be tethered to technology and skilled at self-promotion in order for our business to grow. This can be so disheartening. The science around the negative effects of both too much tech and too much social media is becoming a substantial body of work. All of it concurs: we become more insecure, more easily distracted and less able to function deeply and confidently the more time we spend on these virtual platforms.

Thankfully, there is another way. During this CPD day we will move away from current models of thinking to approach this area of our work from the teachings of vibrational medicine and energy flow.

We will explore the following:

  • The baby and the bathwater: what works for you and what doesn’t in current models of advertising and marketing; what you don’t want to take from this model and what you do
  • Higher consciousness and the re-envisioning of your work: anchoring your energetic work to your deep values and spirituality
  • Your bearing and your flow: understanding the person you are within who matches this deep vision; beginning to embody this
  • Essences to support your work: exploring key essences in the LightBringer Essence range to support a state of higher consciousness
  • Stepping on to the energy highway: your Essence Power Tonic and the practices that will support you in energetically sustaining your business

Key benefits from the day:

It is my intention that you will leave this day with a much stronger sense of the power and energy that comes when you align yourself, your business, your actions and your bearing to flow. This power is within you: I hope to show you how to access this. You will begin to see your work, your offering and your energetic self-care very differently, understanding the purpose and value of each. You will leave with an individually selected Power Tonic of essences from the LightBringer Essence range and a core set of practices you can use to help you in your work.


About Rachel:

Rachel Singleton is an Advanced Essence Practitioner, tutor, supervisor and essence producer. She is the founder of LightBringer Essences and the editor of Sentire Essence Magazine.

Rachel is passionate about recovering the wisdom of the essential self in every day life, feeling for the natural rhythm and harmony that occurs when we align ourselves to flow. Find out more at: www.

About The Day:

Who can attend? The workshop is open to all flower and vibrational essence practitioners who have undertaken recognised professional training (e.g. CVM, BFVEA, Bach Centre) as well as homeopaths, herbalists, health kinesiologists and other practitioners who have an interest and understanding of using vibrational essences in their practice.

CPD: Participants receive 5 CPD points for attending.

Timings: 10am-5pm with an hour’s break for lunch.

Lunch: Nourishing home-cooked seasonal vegetarian/vegan lunch and hot drinks are provided.

Venue: The Gathering Fields Retreat Barn, Swainshead Hall Farm, Over Wyresdale, Nr Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 9DN

By car: Just off the M6 between Preston and the southern Lake District.

By train: Lancaster (2 hrs 25 mins from London, 2 hrs from Glasgow, 1 hr from Manchester, 15 mins from Preston) then taxi or lift share to the venue.

LightBringer essences will be on sale at a special price for workshop participants.

How to book: The workshop is £75, places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and bookings close on Thursday 16th August unless all places sell out before then.

This workshop is fully booked. Please email to request details of future dates on this topic and/or to be added to a waiting list in case anyone cancels their booking for September.