Are you a flower & vibrational essence practitioner who wants to learn new skills, explore popular essence ranges, and continue your personal and professional development?

CPD Days for Essence Practitioners are held at The Gathering Fields Flower Essences and Retreat near Lancaster.

Self-Empowerment: Exploring our Personal Power

with Catherine Keattch, Crystal Herbs

on Friday 8th March 2019


Commanding our own energetic space, releasing old disempowering stories and inherited patterning, building a strong energetic foundation for the future.  Gather insights to help you with your own transformational process, as well as facilitating a greater understanding of the essences made at Crystal Herbs and how they can help you and your clients with that process.

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Energetic Advertising: Harnessing your Higher Consciousness for Abundant Business

with Rachel Singleton, LightBringer Essences

on Friday 13th September 2019


How do we establish a therapy business in a way that is energetically authentic and joyful? How do we sustain this over many years in ways which replenish rather than drain us? How do we ensure that we can maintain or raise our income as and when we need to? Learn more and book your place here.