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Energetic Advertising: Harnessing your Higher Consciousness for Abundant Business

with Rachel Singleton, LightBringer Essences

on Friday 13th September 2019


How do we establish a therapy business in a way that is energetically authentic and joyful? How do we sustain this over many years in ways which replenish rather than drain us? How do we ensure that we can maintain or raise our income as and when we need to?

It is my intention that you will leave this day with a much stronger sense of the power and energy that comes when you align yourself, your business, your actions and your bearing to flow. This power is within you: I hope to show you how to access this. You will begin to see your work, your offering and your energetic self-care very differently, understanding the purpose and value of each. You will leave with an individually selected Power Tonic of essences from the LightBringer Essence range and a core set of practices you can use to help you in your work.

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Bottling flower essencesBFVEA Accredited Flower and Vibrational Essence Diploma Course – starts September 2020.

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You’ll learn everything you need to become a professional flower and vibrational essence practitioner over 18 in-person group training sessions.

This is a rich and varied curriculum of exploring essences, learning therapeutic skills and making essences.

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