Changing Times. Soul-Affirming Times

When Dr Edward Bach brought the Bach Flower Remedies into the world almost 100 years ago he described their role as bringing the personality into harmony with the soul. This is the understanding that lies at the heart of essence work.

I believe our souls are continually guiding our way in life, conspiring to open us to more love, more joy and more truth. More vital aliveness where we feel deeply connected, utterly loved, and abundantly blessed.

And yet sometimes it is hard to live with this soul truth anchored in the centre of our being because our personalities are being so deeply challenged. Sometimes life throws us things that seem to be the antithesis of love, joy and truth and we cannot see why our souls would choose this for us. Sometimes we are facing things that rock us to the core and we find ourselves experiencing great fear, shock, trauma, grief, uncertainty, despair.

The vulnerabilities of our human selves are there on the surface and we cannot find our centre, we do not feel connected to our souls. We are caught up in our pain or discomfort and cannot find our way to experience that which feels loving, supportive and wise. Or perhaps we experience the love, support and wisdom for a time only to lose it, and wonder why we are back in the pain of all-that-is-not-that again.

This is where essences are powerful allies for comforting our personalities so we can feel more present and centred, and thereby able to truly inhabit the abiding peace of our soul selves once again.

When the personality is at peace, we can drink more fully of our soul’s own presence.

When the personality is at peace, we feel our soul’s touch in our lives and it becomes our guiding light through the uncertainties of life. We remember, once again, that we are loved, we are held and all is well.

In difficult times, there are two parallel slipstreams we can inhabit – one where our personality’s discomfort is very much on the surface and what we identify with, and the other where we see the bigger picture that Life is inviting us to dissolve our outdated ideas about ourselves so we can inhabit a much more luminous and beautiful reality. It’s important to honour both – not to abandon our personality’s discomfort in some disembodied quest for enlightenment but instead to make space for the personality to reveal its richness. And it’s important, even in the most challenging of times, to remember that our souls are inviting us to experience more love, more truth and more joy even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Spiritual practice helps us to experience the energy of our soul’s presence, and vibrational essences remind me a lot of spiritual practice. They invite us into that same place within us that is peaceful, wise and eternal. Taking essences is a practice that is instantly reassuring when we are feeling too unravelled for spiritual practice, and as they bring us back to centre we are more able to do spiritual practice once again.

Essences have a core gentleness and kindness that remind us that all is well.

They top us up with the soul qualities they embody and which, truly, are ours to embody too. Qualities like stability and courage and compassion and trust. They resource us to cope with life’s challenges and they help us to find the threads of gold that our souls are spinning for us.

My world has been turned upside down again and again in recent months, bringing me things which I would not have consciously chosen. Things which have, at times, felt unbearable. I have broken down again and again. The Bach Flower Remedies have been a powerful resource to take care of the scared parts of my personality that have risen to the surface – lack of faith (gentian), terror (rock rose), overwhelm (elm), raw vulnerability and difficulty adapting to change (walnut), and shock and trauma (Star of Bethlehem).  I’ve also been taking Fireweed Combo from the Alaskan Essences:

“Fireweed Combo encourages and supports deep processes of transformation and renewal. It can be used to help you prepare for a transformational experience, but it is especially useful when you are in the middle of an intense healing process and need extra support to get through it. Fireweed Combo enables you to access the support you need to face your fears, let go of your resistance, and allow the process to move forward through each stage to its completion.” (Available from Healthlines in the UK or direct from Alaskan Essences in the US.)

My life is very different from 6 months ago when, honestly, my personality liked it much better! But deep in my soul I know that all is well, and I’m pretty sure it’s all been necessary to move my life into a new shape that will serve my soul better. I can see new possibilities and beautiful potential opening up ahead of me as I unshackle myself from my attachment to how things were, heal, re-centre, and integrate the losses of the past few months.

Much is uncertain in the world around us but there are truths that I know deep within me. I know that we are continually evolving, growing, learning, healing and opening more to Life and this requires us to keep letting go, surrendering, trusting and opening.

I know that when we listen fully with presence, compassion and curiosity to what is arising within our bodies, our hearts and our spirits, we find grace, love, wisdom and beauty even when it seems like that’s what we’re least likely to find. I know that when our systems feel overloaded and we don’t think we can cope, we need to top ourselves up with that which is gentle and life-affirming so our systems can re-set. It is a disservice to our souls to do otherwise. And so we become more centred, more connected, more open to Life’s unfolding, and we become more of who we truly are.

These are challenging times on a personal and collective level as the old way of life on Earth crumbles and we don’t yet know what is next. Collectively there is a lot of fear and uncertainty and sense of shock as things are changing quite dramatically with much polarisation. I see this happening environmentally and politically and I see it on an individual level in myself and amongst many of the people I know.

Human beings are not always quick to embrace change because we live with the illusion that things staying the same equates to stability, security and safety. And yet it seems to me that we are being asked to get much more comfortable with change and uncertainty; to learn how to inhabit the unknown.

I can see my own attachment to wanting to get through the changes that are pulling the rug out from under me so I can be in the more comfortable place where things are settled again. But that sense of feeling settled cannot really come from outside of us. It doesn’t come from external things like a job, a home, savings or a relationship. Stability needs to come from within us, we need all our parts to feel settled and welcomed within our own being to feel truly at home in our bodies, on the Earth.

Old systems and structures are falling away and we don’t yet have a map for the new way of being. In truth we are creating the map by finding our way through the uncertainty letting our hearts and bodies and inner knowing guide us forward. It is more important than ever to resource ourselves well with practices that tend to our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits so we can find our inner stability and access our deep knowing in the most uncertain of circumstances.

The collapse that is happening now is necessary and required for something more beautiful to be born. Have you heard about caterpillar soup? The caterpillar dissolves into an unrecognisable liquid before transforming into a butterfly – it’s a messy transition and requires the caterpillar to let go of all it was to step into the unknown potential of what it will become. I see that happening in the world, in myself, in so many of us right now.

Essences are a powerful resource to keep us centred through these changing times because they bring us home to our hearts where we find joy, love and truth. They remind us not to ‘lose heart’.

Spending time with other people who see the bigger picture and believe that the old way is crumbling so we can co-create something life-affirming and new is supportive and inspiring to our souls. I believe we are hungry for community and were not designed to live without it.

Getting away from technology and social media as much as possible help us to unhook from the dominant fear-based narrative so we can hear the voice of our own souls instead.

Spending time in nature as much as we can reminds us of that which is ever-changing yet eternal.

I believe in our human capacity to co-create a different kind of life; a new paradigm that is infused with compassion, inner knowing and spiritual connection.

That is why I do what I do. Here are two resources which I hope will be of service to your soul.

I’m offering Limited Edition Bespoke Soul Essence combinations to help you experience your soul vibration – available until 15th March unless they sell out before then.

We have just opened up bookings for Spirit Fields Festival – a weekend devoted to essences where we will join together with kindred souls to honour the land, the waters and the elements as we celebrate the many ways essences help us to create a new template for living on the Earth.

Perhaps one of these offerings is calling to your heart as you navigate these uncertain times devoted to feeling the living presence of your soul?

Exciting times. Changing times. Soul-affirming times. We are loved. All is well.

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  1. Thank you very much Jackie. Beautiful and just what I needed to hear as I too am going through the unexpected but I will have to trust something beautiful and better will come from this.

    • Things are being shaken up for so many of us just now, I truly believe that it is because Life wants something more beautiful to be born. Sending you love at this time of unexpected things xx

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