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The Essence of Your Soul

I talk about Soul a lot. In both my own inner work and the resources I create for other people, the focus is always the same: to deepen and explore our relationship with our Souls. My wish is for us all to know our Soul’s energy as tangible and real, rather than thinking it’s something… Continue Reading

Coming Home To Your Soul

It’s 20 years ago. I’m ‘living the dream’ in London. But I’m burnt out, stressed out, disconnected and unfulfilled. My doctor can’t prescribe any stronger painkillers for the migraines that are knocking me out for days at a time, so she suggests yoga. After fighting off my self-conscious giggles at chanting Om with a group of strangers… Continue Reading

Your Humanness Is The Face Of Your Soul

I used to think I’d be more spiritual if I wasn’t so human. You know, if I didn’t have the doubts and worries and hang-ups and those times when I wanted to kill people for being so bloody annoying. I had this idea that if I was genuinely spiritual I’d be able to fast track to love, forgiveness… Continue Reading

Spring Tea Meditation

A guest post by the magical Lindsay Luna of Danmala Teas “In the spring, when you extend your roots back into the soil to draw your strength from fresh nutrients. The becoming of the sun can cause a rush of energy and upheaval as the trees and flowers bud and blossom. All of that energy rising upwards and outwards is released and then shared… Continue Reading