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How to Connect With Nature Spirits

Can you guess which topic I get asked about more than anything else? The title of this post is probably a giveaway. Yup, people email me all the time asking for my tips on how to connect with nature sprits so I thought I’d write about it here. First things first, why would you want… Continue Reading

Sacred Space, Sacred Life

Have you noticed that when you walk into a church, mosque, cathedral, temple or other place devoted to the sacred it feels vastly different from a restaurant, school or a shop? The energy is different. It feels sacred. There is an air of reverence. Devotion. Stillness. I have stood in mosques in Turkey, ancient churches… Continue Reading

Why Sensitive Souls Need Spiritual Practice

  Since the start of this year I’ve been feeling quite different. Stronger, more resilient. I feel whole. More alive, more present and life is good. ‘I feel like an actual normal human being’, I’ve been laughingly telling my friends, and this is wonderful because it hasn’t always felt like this. If you’re a sensitive soul who… Continue Reading

Nourish Your Soul. Join Us In Soul Sanctuary

  Our online women’s community is opening its doors for one final time and I’d love you to join our sacred circle when we begin on 1st January 2016. The Soul Sanctuary offers you Soul-deep nourishment, practical spirituality and breathing space to get in touch with how you’re feeling, who you really are and what you… Continue Reading