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An Antidote To Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

I certainly have been, and almost everyone I speak to is feeling the same.

We are expected to do so much; respond to so much.

We receive sensory information 24/7 because of the constant stimulation of social media.

The pace of modern life is not natural, and it puts us on high alert.

We weren’t made to live this way. 

We naturally need to ebb and to flow; we need both movement and rest. Stimulation AND silence.

Our natural rhythms change depending on the time of day, month and year but the constant noise of modern life doesn’t allow for that.

Our sensitive systems can only absorb and process so much, and we are all receiving much more input than we can handle. We are over-stimulated and under pressure.

We weren’t made to live this way.

So we get overwhelmed. We feel stressed. We feel like we’re not coping. We take it out on others. We get anxious. We get depressed. We get ill. We disengage.

The information and the pressure and the sensory overload are going to keep coming and keep coming.

Modern fast-paced life comes with no filter so we each need to become the guardians of our own energy levels, emotional landscapes, minds, bodies and souls.


We need to reach out for resources that help us cope in an increasingly crazy and busy world. We need to look after ourselves by practising exquisite self-care regularly.

We need to give ourselves permission to say no and put our responsibilities to one side at times so that we can take very good care of ourselves.

We need to get off the merry-go-round every now and again.

That’s why I’ve recorded this meditation/guided process for overwhelm. It’s for when you’re feeling overwhelmed by duties or responsibilities. Or when you feel overwhelmed by sensory input – there’s too much information coming at you and you feel bombarded. When you’re overwhelmed by your-to-do list and don’t feel like you can cope. Or when you’re overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world, and it’s too much to bear. When you feel like you’re at breaking point and if someone asks you to do one more thing you’re going to snap.

You weren’t made to live this way. 

Overwhelm is your body saying STOP. Take a breather. Put it all down. Let it all go. Your body has the wisdom to know when it’s reached its limit. Your body knows when enough is enough.

This is your invitation to listen to your body and receive what you need.

During this 30 minute recording you’ll meet a plant or tree that will give you an infusion of the energy you most need right now so that you will feel more peaceful, spacious and replenished.

Let yourself be nourished by the plant spirit medicine that is here for you so you can get on with your day feeling resourced, resilient and able to cope.

The pace of life is not going to get any slower.

You have to claim your own deep rest and spaciousness within the busyness.

That’s exactly what this recording is for.

From my heart to yours. From the deep spaciousness of my soul to the deep spaciousness of yours. With gratitude for the plants and trees that are so generous in sharing their love with us.

I’d love to hear about the plant or tree you connected with in the comments! For me today it was elder that came and swept me up in a froth of flowers and reminded me that all is well.

Click on the link below to download the file and it will open in a new window. Select ‘save as’ to save the MP3 file or listen to it on the web page.



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