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Metaphoric Prehistoric Pottery and Qualities of Soul

  The prehistoric pottery workshop had just begun when my friend and I arrived. We found a space at one of the tables and were handed balls of cool moist grey clay. Around 20 people of all ages on the second floor of the mill, shaping similar balls of clay. Each of us shown the… Continue Reading

The Place of Belonging

                                We are part of nature, so it’s essential soul care for us to nourish our connection with the natural world. Studies show that time in nature is good for our mental health, and our connection with nature is soul-deep.… Continue Reading

10 Flower Essences for When the World Feels Too Much

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ― Hafiz Once upon a time I was an activist, protesting for animal rights and social justice. I got arrested at the age of 17. I was angry about all the things that were wrong with the world and wanted to do something about it. At some… Continue Reading

Acceptance Will Set You Free

For the first time in almost 20 years I went on holiday on my own this summer. Part of the trip was a gathering of around 200 people in English woodland exploring spiritual and creative activities together in community. Unusually I wasn’t doing any of the three things I tend to do when I’m in… Continue Reading