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Using Essences to Address Trauma. Part 1 of 2

By the time we reach adulthood, I believe that most, if not all of us, will have experienced trauma that impacts on our emotional wellbeing and everyday functioning. I believe that flower and other vibrational essences have a huge part to play in the healing of trauma because they reach directly into the parts of… Continue Reading

10 Flower Essences for When the World Feels Too Much

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ― Hafiz Once upon a time I was an activist, protesting for animal rights and social justice. I got arrested at the age of 17. I was angry about all the things that were wrong with the world and wanted to do something about it. At some… Continue Reading

Nourish Your Soul. Join Us In Soul Sanctuary

  Our online women’s community is opening its doors for one final time and I’d love you to join our sacred circle when we begin on 1st January 2016. The Soul Sanctuary offers you Soul-deep nourishment, practical spirituality and breathing space to get in touch with how you’re feeling, who you really are and what you… Continue Reading

A New World Is Possible

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”  ― Arundhati Roy The time between now and the full moon eclipse on 28th September is being hailed as a potent time for shifts and miracles, as old cycles end and new ones begin. Doors… Continue Reading