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Nature Sees You, Nature Loves You

Deep Listening

I’ve spent most of my adult life devoted to deep listening – listening to the stories the plants tell me about their qualities, and listening to the stories people tell me about where they feel at peace and where they feel stuck or in pain.

Vibrational essences speak to the place where stories of plants and people meet because essences encapsulate the most uplifting and transformative qualities of the natural world to address human suffering.

When I first discovered essences I felt a huge sense of homecoming because the states the flowers addressed matched how I felt so directly. By reading about essences, I discovered that I’m not the only one who sometimes feels so sensitive and raw it is as though I have no skin, or who had never really felt at home in my body or on the Earth.

When I began to learn about essences and the nuances of human experience they address, I felt seen by nature. I felt understood. I felt held. I felt loved.

And deep in my bones I felt a sense of relief because somehow everything is OK when I remember that nature has my back.

This is the message that nature transmits to us over and over again.  Nature sees us and knows what we’re struggling with. Nature loves us so much that she offers us plants for our healing. Nature hold us in her huge verdant heart. Nature meets us where we are. Nature is continually offering us exactly what we need.

When we are going through difficult times, we may think that we’re the only one who feels this way and that something has gone terribly wrong. We can find comfort by speaking to other people who have gone through similar things and who can reassure us that what we’re experiencing is normal. If they have travelled through similar terrain and been transformed by it they can reassure us that we will be OK.

Essences give us the same comfort; the same reassurance and recognition. They remind us that what we are experiencing is exactly as it needs to be for the next iteration of our soul.

What if discomfort is an invitation sent by your soul to release what you have outgrown? What if times of transition feel difficult because it’s the shell of your old self breaking open to reveal the radiant luminosity of your true nature?

Nature teaches us not to resist growth or transition but to keep growing with our roots in the Earth and our faces turned towards the sun.

Nature sees us. Nature loves us. Nature hold us. All is well. There is a delicious call and response that is continually happening between our hearts and the heart of our Mother Earth.

Mother Earth Answers

When Dr Edward Bach who created the Bach Flower Remedies felt difficult emotions he turned his heart to nature to discover which plants would offer him comfort, peace and release.  His heart called out in pain. Mother Earth answered by showing him the plant with the energy he needed to awaken the qualities his soul yearned for. Bach turned each plant’s energy into a vibrational essence that can be taken easily and by anyone even if they have never spent time with the plant.

Essences capture the highest consciousness of a plant, environment or crystal. They embody its gifts; the soul qualities it awakens in us. Qualities like love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, power, confidence and spiritual inspiration.

Essences remind us that we are not alone because Nature’s always got our backs, conspiring to reveal our true radiant nature.

And there is a delicious reciprocity in this because as we receive nature’s loving vibrations from essences we are restored to centre once again and live from our true selves, acting more consciously and lovingly. We are more able to transmit the vibrations of love, joy and appreciation that are our true nature. Our energy field then transmits those vibrations as a direct infusion to the Earth and all sentient beings.

The Earth receives our love with every outbreath, we receive the Earth’s love with every inbreath.  The circle of love is restored once again so we can live in greater balance with the natural world and act out of love for our Mother.

NEW! Essence Shop Now Open!

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering a collection of essences, essence combinations and sprays through my Etsy shop. My intention is to honour the stories the plants have to share with you and to offer their energy to you so you can receive their love, their support, their guidance, their luminous beauty and radiance.

And in receiving the gifts of these essences, you will be able to offer more of the energy of your divine heart and wise soul as a direct transmission to the Earth, plants, places and all sentient beings at this potent time of personal and planetary change.

Like most essence makers, the essences I’ve developed reflect the themes that I’ve been exploring myself over the past 20 years:

  • How we heal the emotional heart to activate the qualities of the spiritual heart;
  • How to bring forth our soul gifts in joyful service to our beautiful world;
  • How to listen to the deep wisdom of the Earth and our own inner knowing.

Some are essences I’ve made available as limited edition essences before including hellebore, mugwort and hawthorn. Others haven’t been on sale before and I’m also delighted to be offering 3 combinations as essences and sprays: Luminous Soul, You are Love, and Wild Wisdom.

I will be potentising the essences in sacred ceremony twice a month at new moon and full moon. I want to honour the lunar rhythms which are deeply feminine because my sense is that we need more of that energy in the world.

Offering essences in this slow, sacred and intentional way suits my personal rhythms but is also an act of quiet rebellion against the dominant culture of doing things under pressure and as quickly as possible.

It feels really edgy NOT to offer next day delivery which is probably the pinnacle of good customer service and yet…. offering essences in that way doesn’t feel good to my system whereas potentising them and sending them out twice a month in slow, spacious sacred ceremony feels utterly delicious. That’s the energy I want to put out into the world.

I hope you’ll join me for this adventure and I truly hope you will find something in the shop that speaks to your heart and soul.

Meet the essences here.

With love from the flower spirits and me


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