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37 Ways to Use Bach Flower Spirit Cards

The new Bach Flower Spirit Cards aren’t just pretty pictures.

Images of the Bach Flower Remedy plants invite us into relationship with the soul medicine of the Bach Flower Remedies themselves in dynamic and creative ways.

These new cards offer us an intuitive way of connecting with the energy of the Bach Flower Remedies because they were taken with the same love and reverence that goes into making essences.

Bach Flower Remedies have been used for over 80 years and their effects are widely recognised. Images of these special plants help us to experience the energy of the Bach Flower Remedies themselves.

In the deepest wisest aspects of our being we intuitively know what we need for balance; we sense it without necessarily even being conscious of how a plant’s soul speaks to ours.

We tap into this inner knowing when we see the image of the flower whose energy we need.  It’s like a cosmic dance where a particular flower calls us closer to get more intimate with it; to dance cheek-to-cheek for a while and learn the steps it’s here to teach us. And then, when our learning is complete and we have integrated what we needed for balance, we are drawn to a different plant teacher; a different messenger.

The Bach Flower Spirit Cards offer an invitation to connect with the Bach Flower Remedies in many different ways. Most of these suggestions can be used with other consciously created flower card decks too. I particularly love these and these.

Use cards to choose essences for yourself:

I recommend getting centred by taking a few deep breaths or meditating before you begin.

  1. General wellbeing selection. Placing the cards face-up, ask ‘which Bach Flower Remedy can help me most at this time?’ and notice which image/s attract you.
  2. General wellbeing shadow guide. Placing the cards face-up, ask ‘which Bach Flower Remedy can help me see what I’m not seeing at this time?’ and notice which image/s attract you. Get intimate with this flower and see what treasure it has to share with you.
  3. General wellbeing ‘blind pick’. Turn the cards face-down, shuffle them and spread them out. Ask ‘which Bach Flower Remedy can help me most at this time?’ Pick the card/s you feel drawn to or which fall out of the deck.
  4. Get specific about what you want more of in your life – ask which Bach Flower Remedy will help you to embody more of particular qualities or to fulfll a particular intention (e.g. achieve success, listen to your heart, express yourself, feel confident etc.)
  5. Get specific about what you want to let go of – ask which Bach Flower Remedy will help you to illuminate and release particular issues, patterns, emotions, beliefs and stories (e.g. ‘which Bach Flower Remedy will help me to release my fears of being seen?’ or ‘which Bach Flower Remedy will help me forgive my ex so I can move on?’).
  6. Soul-level check-in. Ask ‘which Bach Flower Remedy does my heart need’? ‘Which does my body need’? ‘Which does my mind need?’ ‘Which does my spirit need’? and finally ‘Which Bach Flower Remedy qualities does my soul wish to embody at this time?’. Notice which cards resonate with you as you hold each of these intentions in your heart. You can do this face-up or face-down (the cards that is, not you, though I suppose you could be lying face-up or face-down too). Do what feels good!

Use cards for insights and guidance:

  1. Pick a daily, weekly or monthly card for your altar. Ask to receive insights, guidance and balance from this Bach Flower Remedy during that time. Make offerings, give thanks, light a candle, burn incense, sage and other practices that feel sacred to you. You can tune in consciously on a daily basis or simply set your intention for the time period you’ve chosen and reassess how things have changed (or not) afterwards.
  2. Pick a card and explore its messages in your journal. You may wish to refer to the guidance in the booklet enclosed with the cards or other books you have about Bach Flower Remedies. Which aspects of this plant’s teachings are relevant for you at this time?
  3. Pick a card and explore its messages in your artwork. Art is a great way to bypass the conscious mind and what we think we know about our lives so we can travel more deeply into the unconscious. You can reproduce the image of the Bach Flower Remedy on the card you’ve chosen with your eyes open or set an intention to capture its energy (often best done with eyes closed) and your creative self will take over.
  4. Past, present, future. Do a three-card pick to explore past, present and future and how each Bach Flower Remedy illuminates the learning and healing from each.
  5. Three-card pick to tune into the moment. Do a three card pick while asking: ‘What is arising within me now that needs to be honoured?’, ‘Which Bach flower Remedy can best help me navigate this?’ and ‘What is the soul quality that is yearning to be expressed within me?’
  6. Decisions, decisions – follow the energy. When you have a decision to make, tune into the energy of each of your options and ask to be shown a card which relates to the energy of each choice. This card and its inherent qualities will have significance for you. Notice how it feels in your energy field when you’re holding that card – e.g. does the card associated with each decision make your energy rise or fall? What else do you notice? Be open to sensations, words, images, memories and other types of guidance coming through so you can gather data about each of your options.
  7. Decisions, decisions – use information from the booklet. When you have a decision to make, choose a card to represent each of your options and explore how the message of this Bach Flower Remedy can help you, using the information in the accompanying booklet in a more conscious way than the previous prompt. It’s helpful to use both decision-making prompts to access the wild wisdom of your sensing self and the informed knowing of your conscious mind.
  8. Clarity. Think about a specific situation you would like greater clarity on, and ask which Bach Flower Remedy has the energy and message you most need. I like to do this while shuffling the cards until the perfect image seems to fall out.
  9. Deepen your knowing. You can go deeper by choosing cards while asking ”what are the patterns/beliefs/emotions/stories I’m being invited to illuminate in this situation?’ and ‘What are the qualities I’m being invited to embody?’ Take any guidance you receive into your journal to explore in more depth.

Use cards dynamically:

While cards like the Bach Flower Spirit Cards are traditionally used to help you select which essences to take, you can use the cards in many dynamic ways too.

  1. Potentise your drinks. Choose the card you’re most attracted to and place it under a glass of water to energise the water with the vibration of that Bach Flower Remedy. This is ideal if you’re travelling, don’t have a particular essence available when you need it, if you want to avoid the alcohol preservative that’s in most essences, or if you’re very sensitive to the effects of essences. It’s also great for children and they love to make up their magic water. More and more essence makers are now making essences in intentional ways like this instead of placing cut blooms in water the way Bach did back in the 1930s. As consciousness changes and we become more sensitive to energy we can work with more subtle vibrations (e.g. the plant’s spirit being conveyed through an image into the water) and feel the effects because we’re less dense.
  2. Energise your creations. Place cards under items you make, e.g. body creams, essence sprays, yummy foodstuffs, fabric crafts, artwork, jewellery etc. to charge them up with the energy of that Bach Flower Remedy.
  3. Journey for soul medicine. Choose a card then take a Shamanic journey to meet the spirit of that Bach Flower Remedy. Ask what meaning, messages and medicine it has for you at this time.
  4. Flower spirit meditation. Choose a card to take into your meditation practice, either holding it while you meditate or having it nearby. Depending on how you access your intuition, you may find that you hold the image of the plant in your inner vision; focus on its name like a mantra; or focus on feeling this flower’s inherent qualities in your heart while you meditate. Intend that this Bach Flower Remedy is filling your energy field with its energy. Relax, and notice what unfolds in your meditation.
  5. Bum wisdom. Choose a card to access what has affectionately become known as ‘bum wisdom’ in the practitioner training course I teach. For American readers, that’s butt wisdom to you! This takes the practice in the step above a little deeper and is great for people who are very kinaesthetic. Select a card and sit on it – you can do this with the card face-up or face-down. Ask what messages are available to you from this Bach Flower Remedy. Notice bodily sensations, emotions, insights, observations, and anything else that arises. You can do this while focusing on a particular issue you’d like clarity on or to receive guidance from your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Use cards in groups and gatherings:

  1. Sacred space. Use the cards to create sacred space for workshops, women’s circles, one-to-one sessions and other gatherings. Placing the cards in concentric circles or a spiral works really well, and changes the tone of the environment you’re in because you’re inviting the energy of the Bach Flower Remedies into your space.
  2. Group connection with flower spirits, Invite people to choose one or more images that attract them. This is a lovely way to welcome each person individually into the space and it can be a good ice breaker to invite people to talk about their response to the card/s they’ve chosen. If it’s appropriate, you may wish to talk about the qualities each chosen Bach Flower Remedy embodies and/or the issues it brings into balance (you’ll find this information in the booklet supplied with the Bach Flower Spirit Cards).
  3. Group harmony. Select a card with the intention of bringing coherency to the energy of the group or workshop and place it centrally in the room, on the altar or in any other way that fits with the group.
  4. Bach flower energy in classes. Use cards in yoga class, meditation class, dance class, art class or any other groups you facilitate by inviting everyone to choose the image they most need and encourage them to connect with its energy during the session.
  5. Plant allies in meetings. Ask which card’s energy is needed for family meetings, business meetings and other significant get-togethers. Choose one card as a spirit helper for the meeting and/or invite everyone to choose a card to create a circle of supportive plant energy in the room.

Use cards at signficant times:

  1. New Moon Card Pick. Ask which Bach Flower Remedies will help you to energise new ideas and projects, or another theme that fits with the energy of the New Moon.
  2. Full Moon Card Pick. Ask which Bach Flower Remedies will help you with healing and transformation, or another theme that fits with the energy of the Full Moon.
  3. New Year Card Pick. Choose a card for each month of the coming year, and an overall card for the year. Notice how it guides and transforms things for you.
  4. Flower spirit energy for celebrations and transitions. Pick a card or selection of cards at key times e.g. Celtic wheel of the year festivals, your birthday, family celebrations and rituals.

Use cards to choose essences for others:

If you have the privilege of selecting essences for a client, friend or family member you can choose from the prompts above and adapt them to suit your circumstances. The following prompts are intended for practitioners to use in one-to-one sessions.

  1. Use the cards to select Bach Flower Remedies for your client. At the beginning and/or towards the end of a session, ask which Bach Flower Remedies will be of greatest benefit to your client at this time and select cards, either face-up or face-down.
  2. Your client uses the cards to select Bach Flower Remedies. Encourage your client to choose their own images, with the cards either face-up or face-down. This is empowering for them, affirming that they are in touch with their intuition and instinctively know what they need. Children love doing this – they’re naturally very intuitive and trust their inner knowing.
  3. Pendulum and muscle testing to select Bach Flower Remedies. Use a pendulum or muscle testing to select the appropriate essences for your clients by placing a selection of cards on the table and asking the pendulum or muscle test to show you which Bach Flower Remedies are needed.

Use cards dynamically with others:

These cards can be used as energetic tools during flower essence sessions, in fact the first thing that people who’re sensitive to energy say when they see these cards is ‘Oh, these aren’t just images, they’re energy tools’. I love using images dynamically during client sessions and feel that I’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible with them.

Sometimes after interacting with images in the ways I suggest below, people will have shifted what they needed to with the support of that Bach Flower Remedy in the moment so the actual essence may not be required. However sometimes it’s a more complex or deeply rooted pattern so the Bach Flower Remedy will be needed for loving transformation.

  1. Absorb the energy from the cards. Pass your client any card/s that you sense would benefit them at particular times so they can absorb the energy there and then. I find this is useful when somebody is upset because it gives them immediate support from nature. Another situation where this works well is when somebody is talking about an issue in a detached overly mental way and you sense they’re avoiding feeling the emotion, so providing a direct connection with the plant through the image can bring them more into their body. Conversely, if somebody is absorbed in the emotion or story of something that’s going on for them and can’t get out of that swamp to gain perspective and see things with clarity, the right card at the right time can bring useful focus. Trust your guidance on which image to choose for them.
  2. Which card attracts you? Ask your client which image/s attract them while they’re exploring particular feelings or discussing particular issues. A gentle invitation to ‘see if there’s a card that attracts you’ can open gateways to new understandings. Follow your inner promptings about when this is appropriate for your client. It can help them to get in touch with the energy of what’s arising within them and what they instinctively need for balance in very direct ways that speak to the part of the energy system where emotions have become stuck.
  3. Stay with the energy. Invite your client to remain present with their feelings while holding or looking at particular card/s and observe any changes e.g. they may become calmer or less upset, more in touch with their bodily sensations etc. This takes some skill to observe but if you’re working with other people in this way it’s likely that you’ve developed those skills already through essence practitioner training or other energy healing approaches. If it feels appropriate, you can invite them to explore what they’re experiencing while they connect with the image/s. ‘How are you feeling now?’ or ‘Tell me what’s happening in your body now?’ are good questions to offer.  You may wish to talk to them about the patterns, emotions and beliefs that the Bach Flower Remedy on the card they’re using balances, or it may be appropriate to simply witness what they’re experiencing.
  4. Healing sessions. Place one or more cards on the healing couch or on your client’s body during healing sessions so they can absorb the energy directly. Either they choose the cards, you do, or a combination of both of you. It’s particularly potent if you ask them what their intention is at the start of the session e.g. to feel more relaxed, to receive clarity on a decision, to let go of a difficult relationship etc. as that creates a container for the essences to work very directly.
  5. Distant healing. Use the cards to send distant healing to a person (with their permission) or situation. Choose between 1-8 images and arrange them in an alignment that feels good to you.When I’ve set up an arrangement of images in the way that feels right, I use my drum, singing bowl or voice to carry the vibrations from the cards to where it is needed.

What have I missed? How would you use yours?

Tell me in the comments, and remember that if you order your Bach Flower Spirit cards by Thursday 30th November you’ll qualify for pre-sale discounts and delicious (secret) bonuses.


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