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Navigating Transitions With Grace

Have you noticed that places in nature where we transition from one type of landscape to another feel magical, potent and alive?

We walk through the stone gateway on the path to enter the hush of ancient woodland and feel the shift in our own energy.

We finally see the ocean appearing over the hill after driving along twisty hedge-lined roads for miles and something new awakens in us.

In these moments, we may be consciously noticing the contrast of what our eyes can see or we may be tuning in much more subtly without even registering the change.

Either way, the transition in the landscape has activated a transition within our own inner being.

Perhaps we are quietened by awe, moving more slowly, breathing more fully, smiling more openly or in some other way responding to the shift in our environment. We are moved.

There is tremendous life force energy in moving from one type of environment to another; from one state of being to another.

Our ancient untamed sensing selves feel the significance of thresholds like these. They recognise them as sacred because they are so very alive.

The liminal times of day are thresholds too. As the dark of night opens to daybreak, and as the sun sets to dusk we feel the magic of nature. Alive. Vital. Potent. Full of possibility.

We feel this transition in our bones; our souls recognise the vitality of moving from this to that.

Transitions are alive with possibility and potential. They are gateways to new ways of being.

We were designed for contrast, for change, for constant evolution from this to that; from here to there. Because this is Nature’s way – continual unfolding, evolving, growing, blossoming, releasing, death and rebirth.

And yet, even though we know it is Nature’s way to be in continual transition we can find it difficult to embrace transition in our everyday lives. Big transitions like death of a loved one, divorce or relationship ending, losing a job, and moving home are among the most stressful life events we face. Smaller transitions can feel scary simply because we’re navigating the unknown and have no map of the terrain.

Our nervous systems can get stressed so we feel overwhelmed and fearful. Sometimes we struggle with transition because there are shocks and losses to integrate.

Transition is here to teach us that Life is always moving through us so we can live more fully, more awake, more alive. There is potent life force energy and vitality in transition.  

Transition invites us to open to more aliveness; to more Life if we can learn to navigate it with grace. If we let it, transition will help us to develop essential qualities including faith, freedom, flexibility, strength and stability.

Over the past 9 months I have been learning how to navigate huge transition and loss. I’ve lost many things that were very dear to me and the grief, shock and readjustments have felt hard to bear. It seemed like my whole life was falling apart, one thing after another, until it became clear that I couldn’t hold on to life as I knew it any longer. I had no choice but to break and let Life reshape me.

I’m heartened to hear stories from friends who have navigated similar transitions where Life broke them open and has put them back together again with new soul qualities activated more fully within them as a result. I see the strength, the compassion, the acceptance, the sovereignty, the radical commitment to self-care, the personal power they embody as a result. I feel this in me.

Some transitions are rough, some are gentle. All, I suspect, are necessary, for us to feel fully awake and fully alive.

I’ve been reflecting on the main things that have helped me move through this time of tough transition with growing acceptance, compassion, awareness, grace and soul growth. Here’s my top five recommendations for navigating transitions:

  1. call upon the loving support of essences,
  2. ask for and accept the loving support of friends,
  3. spend lots of time outdoors,
  4. do lots of slow gentle breathwork – doesn’t have to be fancy, just has to be steady like your heartbeat,
  5. take lots of sleep and rest.

I can’t really help you with 2-5 but I can help you with the loving support of essences.

Essences are key for helping us to navigate transition because they remind us that all is well, we are loved, and we are safe to grow in new ways.

They help us to truly know, on all levels, that Life is conspiring to open us more, love us more, and to liberate us from what no longer serves us so we can awaken to who we truly are.

The essences I’ve been taking recently are Baby Swallows and Atlantic Puffins created by my dear friend Muriel Richard of Atlantic Essences, and the essence spray I’ve been using is Soul Full by my dear friend Rachel Singleton of LightBringer Essences.  You may wish to see if their ranges resonate with you also.

The following essences in my Etsy shop also help with different aspects of transition so there may be something there that will help you navigate transition with more grace, feeling more supported.

Mugwort Essence: Helps with Life Transitions

  • Gets stuck energy moving – pulls that which doesn’t serve us out by the roots, shaking things up so we re-align in new ways.
  • Helps you to dream your dreams alive – activating your spiritual wisdom in your daily life.

(Mugwort essence is also in Luminous Soul combination and spray & Wild Wisdom combination and spray)

Foxglove Essence: Helps with Relationship Transitions

  • Letting go and moving on with a greater sense of peace in the heart.
  • Opens the heart to new possibilities by moving beyond old wounds to discover the honest truth of the undefended heart.

(Foxglove essence is also in You Are Love combination and spray)


  • Greater clarity about how your soul energy wishes to be expressed in this lifetime,
  • Makes it easier to hear the call of your soul and follow the steps needed to manifest your soul’s purpose.

(Ragged robin essence is also in Luminous Soul combination and spray & Wild Wisdom combination and spray)


Hawthorn Essence: Helps with Painful Transitions

  • Comfort in times of stress, heartache, grief and sadness.
  • Awakens the core resilience of the heart – the strong song of your heartwood.

(Hawthorn essence is also in You Are Love combination and spray)

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