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Feminine Power, Ancient Wisdom

A lot of women find my website as a result of searching for information about hellebore essence after hellebore has visited them in dreams, journeys, meditations or visions.

I feel a strong personal connection with hellebore’s vibration of feminine power and ancient wisdom, and have written about her many times, receiving more information about her each year as I connect more deeply with her energy and teachings.


Hellebore tells me that hers is Priestess energy. Ancient knowledge. Divine Feminine. The love and wisdom of Mother Earth. The hidden secrets of the womb. Pure woman in all her deep, embodied, vital lushness.

This is a flower essence that invites women to step into their power, their wisdom and their deep embodied knowing. To drop beneath the surface self and logical understandings of life to reawaken ancient knowledge and cellular memories of what it means to be a woman who lives with love and power.

Hellebore invites us to embody our Priestess energy and womb wisdom, and lights the Magdalene flame in our hearts.

For the past couple of years when I’ve been checking in with the hellebore deva to ask her what she thinks about me selling hellebore essence she’s told me that selling the essence is fine – preferably when she’s in flower in our garden at this time of year, but that’s not the whole story. I’m meant to be offering a hellebore initiation. And then in the next breath, she’s been saying ‘but you’re not ready yet’.

Until last week.

Lying in savasana after delicious heart-centred yoga class, the hellebore initiation arrived fully formed in my inner vision. The hellebore deva is now nudging me out of my comfort zone to call in the 13 women who are to be part of this sacred ceremony in just over a week’s time.

On the new moon on Saturday 17th March I will place a glass bowl containing hellebore essence in the centre of a circle, with 13 bottles of hellebore essence placed around the outside. Each bottle is to be dedicated to the woman who will receive the essence after the initiation ceremony is complete.

Each of the 13 women will be drummed by name into the circle so her energy is invited into the circle. Each of the 13 women who feel called to join will receive their personalised hellebore essence afterwards, charged with the energy of the circle and that particular cosmic moment when we gathered energetically in circle together.

In advance of this I will send an MP3 audio file to everyone who signs up for the hellebore initiation, containing a guided process to connect with the hellebore deva and the energy she is here to reawaken within each of us.

This audio file can be listened to while the initiation is taking place, before or after. Each woman will know when she is to listen to it and receive its energy. This file can be used again and again, with different aspects of hellebore’s energy being transmitted each time.

The initiation will unite the power of the heart with the wisdom of the womb, send healing through the maternal line so we can fully embody the energy of the Divine Feminine, and ignite the Magdalene Flame in our hearts.

The hellebore deva tells me that a key part of this initiation is that we will become Keepers of the Flame.



And this is where my self-doubt kicks in and the fear comes knocking. Because here I am being given information from the hellebore deva who shows up telling me she lights the Magdalene Flame in our hearts and I know very little about Mary Magdalene.

I wasn’t raised Catholic, I don’t want to offend anyone who was brought up in the church who may feel I’m misappropriating their religion. I feel Mary Magdalene with me as one of my guides – she comes through very clearly in sessions where people need to experience how deeply loved they are. And yet, I’m writing this and thinking how pretentious that sounds, and I’m feeling like I’m not allowed to have that connection because I haven’t read the Bible, I haven’t trained with a feminine mystery school or been initiated as a Priestess. I’ve never even sat in a red tent. And yet… I am a woman.

Hellebore teaches us that we must trust the deep knowing within us even when we don’t think we have the external qualifications required. She tells me that this knowledge is every woman’s knowledge, nobody has a monopoly on holding it or sharing it. It is every woman’s divine birthright to reawaken her feminine essence.

This knowing is in our blood and our bones, it is encoded in our wombs.  We are all being invited to awaken and embody our true power as women and there are many different paths that lead us home – this hellebore initiation is one of many routes back to the Divine Feminine. This particular route will speak to those for whom nature is the gateway into their own wild hearts and wise wombs.

Hellebore’s guidance is clear. It’s not about me teaching something, it’s about me opening the doorway for people to connect more deeply with the hellebore deva themselves so that she can offer her teachings directly to each woman, each heart, each womb.


While I haven’t studied women’s mysteries, I’ve devoted most of my life to listening to messages from plants so despite my self-doubt about whether I’m qualified to offer this, the deeper part of me trusts that hellebore is orchestrating this perfectly. I just need to show up and do the part I’m meant to do – she will do the rest!

While journeying and meditating with hellebore, she has taken me into the cosmic womb, shown me the Magdalene flame, and shared her particular way of anointing that ignites our woman power. I researched all of these because I didn’t know they were actual real things and they’ve all checked out; other people have received the same information.

I also know that I’m very intentional about how I create sacred space so as long as I show up and create a space for the hellebore deva to speak I’ll be doing my part. One of the women on the flower essence practitioner course wrote this about me: “You are the gate keeper to a world of forgotten magic. You open the door to another kingdom filled with wonder.”

Opening doors to worlds of forgotten magic, yup that part I can do. That part’s as natural as breathing!

Hellebore’s message is about trusting what we know in our blood and our bones rather than thinking we need to look outwards to find the knowledge. It’s not about having qualifications or training to prove what we know, it’s about trusting the knowing that is deep within us. The more we trust it, the more we awaken it and embody it!

She reminds us to trust ourselves: we know what we know at an ancient cellular level. She invites us inwards, circling into the heart and the womb to reconnect with our spiritual heritage as wise women.


So here we are. I’m diving into this hellebore initiation, trusting the process. I’ll soon be recording the audio of what the hellebore deva has asked me to share. I’m excited by the new level of depth that will happen when the hellebore essence is energised by the ceremony next Saturday as this gives a new dimension to essence-making that I haven’t explored before.

As the guidance for the initiation has been coming through from hellebore, I’ve repeatedly been shown the numbers 13 and 11. 13 bottles set up in the circle for the women who want to receive the initiation, with a further 11 bottles to be made up as hellebore essence without the initiation for people who want the essence but don’t want to join the ceremony.

When I went to my diary to check the timing of the new moon on Saturday 17th March I burst out laughing. 13.11 UK time. Well, what do you know? (And that’s the thing, my mind didn’t know but the deeper wiser part of me is totally tuned into the magic and mystery of this process).

I’m no numerologist but it fascinates me that 2018 is 11 in numerology and 11 is the number of the Priestess with many people saying 2018 is the year of the Priestess. Say no more, I’m in!

It’s time. I’m ready. Hellebore is ready. The circle awaits. Do you feel the call to join us? Tune into your heart, your womb. You will know.

The Hellebore initiation is now fully booked but there are bottles of hellebore essence available – see below.

When you sign up to the hellebore initiation, you’ll receive:

  • Your energetic place in the circle on 17th March (I will drum you in by singing your name and connecting with your energy);
  • 25ml bottle of stock level hellebore essence charged with your energy in the initiation during new moon on 17th March (N.B. Contains brandy and water, please let me know if you’d prefer non-alcohol glycerine preservative instead of brandy);
  • Audio process from hellebore deva (sent as MP3 just before 17th March);
  • Printed message from the hellebore deva;
  • Hellebore flower postcard for your altar.

Update: I originally offered 13 initiation spaces and 11 bottles of hellebore essence and they sold out straight away. I’ve had many messages from people who wanted to join and couldn’t so I’ve been sitting with this over the weekend to see if it would be in integrity to open up more spaces. The clear guidance I’ve received is that the initiation is closed with the 13 spaces that have been booked, but that offering another set of 11 essences would be absolutely perfect. In fact, 11 + 11 = 22 (Mary Magdalene’s feast day date) so there is divine perfection in this. On Saturday I will set up a circle of 13 bottles for the hellebore essence initiation, and two other circles each containing 11 bottles for the hellebore essence then it will be complete. 

Receive hellebore essence Orders now closed

Orders will close at 13.11 UK time on Friday 16th March unless all essences have already been sold by then.

When you order hellebore essence, you’ll receive:

  • 25ml bottle of stock level hellebore essence energised during new moon on 17th March (N.B. Contains brandy and water, please let me know if you’d prefer non-alcohol glycerine preservative instead of brandy);
  • Mini hellebore flower card for your altar.
With much love and ancient wisdom from the hellebores and me



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