Bach Flower Remedy Message Cards, Blessing Cards, Exclusive Sentire Magazine Articles and 23 Ways to Live With Love – for you, with love from me.

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♥ Bach Flower Remedy Cards

Looking for inspiration, guidance and healing? Download these Bach Flower Remedy message cards.

A set of 38 mini cards to bring the positive qualities of each of the world-famous Bach flowers into your life!

Each card has a photograph and a word that embodies a positive message from each of the Bach flowers e.g. Love for Holly, Forgiveness for Willow, Enthusiasm for Wild Rose.

Use the cards to focus on a quality you want to experience or use them to intuitively select 7-8 Bach Flower Remedies for yourself. Download Bach message cards here.

You can buy Bach Flower Remedies here. If you don’t wish to take them you’ll still be able to bring their healing and insight into your life by following the steps below.


Sit comfortably focusing on relaxing your breathing first.  Count 20 long slow deep breaths to help you relax and connect.

Ask to be guided from your heart for your greatest healing and growth.

Think of a problem or issue you need clarity with and imagine that a flower is coming forward to inspire and guide you.

  1. Choose cards with your eyes closed while asking the question ‘which Bach Flower Remedy can help me most at this time?’.
  2. Choose cards showing the photographs that appeal to you most (this will vary from day to day).
  3. Choose the cards which express the qualities you’d most like to draw into your life.
  4. If you use a pendulum, you can ask the pendulum to guide you to the best cards for you.

Another way to use the cards is to choose a different card each morning or each week and consciously focus on the quality it embodies. Notice the areas of your life where that quality may be lacking, and record your insights about how you can bring it more fully into your life.

♥ Essences: From Surface Self to Rich Treasures of the Soul

In this article, featured in Issue 2 of Sentire International Essence Magazine, I explore the depth of soul connection we can experience when we use essences.

“When we take an essence, its energy creates a loving container within our hearts, imbued with qualities of presence, spaciousness, and compassionate acceptance. These are the very same qualities that are essential for healing and integration. They are inherent within us all, yet they often get shut down by the ways in which we adapt to modern life – until an essence reawakens them once again.  An important opportunity is lost if we only use essences with the mindset that they are a quick fix.”

Download the article here.

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♥ Transforming Consciousness: Using Essences to Assist our Transition from Third to Fifth Dimension.

In this interview, featured in Issue 4 of Sentire International Essence Magazine, I ask Catherine Keattch from Crystal Herbs to share her understanding of how essences enable us to transform consciousness.

“Vibrational essences are crucial to the process of transformation and the evolutionary shift that we’re going through. They are unique in their ability to transform consciousness in a way that helps us expand our perspective gently and easily. Simultaneously, they dissolve difficult thought-forms and the magnetism of old emotional patterns that can keep us glued into the old energy construct.”

Download the interview here.

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♥ Blessing Cards

soulfoodcardsI originally created these as food blessing cards because I wanted to pick a blessing to devote each meal to so I can consciously hold that quality in my heart while I’m cooking. But they have other uses too.

Pick a card to guide your day, week or month. Invite the blessing on the card into your heart and intend that you are breathing that quality into your cells throughout the day. Ask that you embody the quality, and ask to release anything that stops you from living your life with that quality fully awakened and activated within you.

Pick a card to focus on for each meal. Invite the blessing on the card into your heart and intend that you’re infusing your cooking with the blessing you’ve chosen.

Place the blessing card you’ve cooked with on the table before you sit down to eat so that you (and anyone else you share your table with) can focus on absorbing that quality whilst eating.  Or place a bowl of them in the centre of the table and let your family or guests choose a blessing for themselves to feel in their hearts as they eat. Or use them as table settings, placing each one on a napkin. You can do this even if it’s just you and the cat sitting down to eat!

Use these cards for everyday magic. Place a glass of water/your favourite cuppa on top of the blessing you’ve picked and invite its energy to charge up your drinking water/tea.

Download your blessing cards here. Print onto shiny paper and enjoy.

 ♥ 23 Ways to Live With Love

live-with-love-coverI asked 23 of the teachers, writers, healers, coaches, visionaries and artists who inspire me most what they do to live with love in their daily lives.

23 heart-centred people including Lee Harris, Alexandra Franzen and Joanna Powell-Colbert.

23 heart-opening answers that will show you how to bring love more easily into your life.

Download the e-book here.

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