A Book Giveaway for The Wild Folk

Did you know that reading a good book helps you to connect more deeply with other people?

Psychologists have discovered that reading literary fiction makes us more able to empathise with other people’s emotions and form complex social relationships. So you can take heart from knowing that when you cancelled that party to stay home and finish your book you were (somewhat ironically) honing your social skills!

Our social relationships skills are honed in books with characters that challenge us to understand their minds and motivations. Books like The Wild Folk by Scottish author Flora Kennedy which was one of the best books I read last year, so I’m delighted to be giving away a signed first edition of The Wild Folk and you could win it. Read on, book-loving friends, read on!



The Wild Folk is simultaneously a beautifully evoked memoir of a childhood on the west coast of Scotland and a haunting whodunnit woven together with seaweed strands of magic. The kind of magic that happens in the wild places where the veil between ordinary life and other dimensions is as thin as Atlantic mists, so strange happenings seem that much more likely.

Set on the Hebridean island of Coll in the 1970s, the Wild Folk begins when Lorna discovers the body of her childhood friend Lachie tangled by the tide on their favourite beach.  Long-submerged family secrets and murderous truths rise to the surface threatening to wash away everything Lorna holds dear, but will she discover a hidden truth about her friend Lachie that she didn’t dare let herself believe as a child?

I don’t usually read crime novels because I hate exposing myself to violence, but this is more of a psychological-mythical mystery than a tale of murder. It reminds me a little of The Wasp Factory and The Snow Child because it’s equally compelling, unpredictable, otherworldly and magical yet utterly believable and beautifully observed. As I said in my Amazon review when I first read it last year, The Wild Folk is “the kind of story that gets under your skin and ignites the wildness in your heart.” {Deep sigh}

The Wild Folk was written by my talented friend Flora Kennedy, whose creations lead you into the wild places of your own imagination and remind you that magic is everywhere, for those who care to notice. Flora also knits the most beautiful wilderness wear for dear hearts (Outlander fans take note, Flora’s knitwear was worn by Claire in the TV series).

This is a very special opportunity to win your own piece of Flora’s wild creativity. I know you’ll treasure this signed first edition of The Wild Folk forever.

To enter the Wild Folk giveaway, leave a comment below telling us when or where you feel the wildness of your Soul (it can be just one word – for me it’s in the rain) and share this post in at least one other place e.g. on Facebook (tag @JSFlowerspirit), Twitter (tag @JSFlowerspirit), Google+, Instagram (tag @jackieflowerspirit) or by email.

You have until midnight GMT on Monday 2nd February to enter, and the winner will be drawn on the Full Snow Moon on Tuesday 3rd. The winner will be announced here and you’ll be notified by email if you win.

Please leave a comment, share and remember that the next time you nestle down to read your favourite book you’re quietly enhancing your social skills so don’t let ANYONE tell you any different!


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33 Responses to A Book Giveaway for The Wild Folk

  1. I feel the wildness of my soul when I garden. Gardeners are cultivators and regenerators, harvesting new life and replacing the old, stagnant energy with new seeds. I dig into the dirt with bare hands and breathe the essence of herbs and flowers into my body, for it recognizes them as home. I get earthy and gorgeously dirty.

  2. DO you see me with my feet toasting in the mad ocean, burning with desire for the depths?
    Do you see my arms raised, face upswept, fingers of wind tying me to the wild, wild world of my soul?
    It’s only for moments but you saw me then

    • Anywhere there is live music which touches me, rock, classical, traditional. Small intimate venue or huge arena. Any of these can open that moment of being connected, when I really feel I am part of something being co-created that is unique, belonging to only that single moment in time.

  3. It was when I was 11.. Barefoot in the rocky mountains, asking for a sign that god was real.. And the tall wheat grass blew in the breeze, the birds took in flight, and my feet stood solid on the earth… And that’s when I found my answer in god, and started to discover my intuitive paganism.

  4. The flat of the beach with the wind blowing hard (worth the 90 minute drive to experience it). In my local woods, with pine needles crunching under my boots and sunlight in the trees, in my garden when a breeze sets all the wooden wind chimes clonking and when the apple trees blossom and smother my lawn in their delicate white petals.

  5. For me, it’s definitely in the midst of a thunder and lightning storm. Twice as wild if I’m at the ocean watching the storm amplify the waves.

  6. The WILD in me is best let loose in a brisk sea wind, cold enough to make your teeth hurt, and preferably along the Mendocino Coast of northern California. Ruby Beach in Washington state is also a preferred location!

  7. When this city girl heads to the countryside, especially at dusk, and hears the sounds of animals and other unfamiliar noises that take me out of my comfort zone!

  8. I loved reading all these wildly evocative comments – thank you for taking part. I wrote everyone’s names on pieces of paper, folded them up in a bowl and chose one with my eyes closed beneath the full moon. The winner is Sara. Congratulations! For those of you who didn’t win but would love to read the book you’ll find it here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wild-Folk-Flora-Kennedy/dp/1500687987/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423057640&sr=8-1&keywords=the+wild+folk+by+flora+kennedy

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