Ancient Alchemy for Modern Times: Bespoke Soul Essence Sprays



I’m at my happiest gathering information from Otherworld and bringing it into everyday reality in tangible ways, so that life becomes more loving, magical and connected to All-That-Is.

This realisation has prompted a new offering that I’m excited to be launching today. Here’s the story of how it came about.

Before one-to-one sessions I always ask to connect with my own Higher Self and the Higher Self of the person I’m working with. It’s hard to explain what happens then but I will try. I’m given an energy download that’s a mixture of a physical image of the person (this doesn’t necessarily look like them – their soul essence may appear with animal or tree energy, elemental energy or Angelic energy etc.), a felt sensation in my body (e.g. incredible lightness or deep earthy power), frequencies of colour and light and a particular quality that together evoke the essence of that person’s soul.

These downloads are like an energetic snapshot of somebody’s soul essence. I’m shown the person at their most loving, connected, radiant, empowered and whole; seeing the vast beauty of their soul that holds the template for what they are here to explore in this lifetime.  

I am given phrases too. Words that are poetic and full of beauty, as all souls are. Words like: ‘She who sings the dragon’s song’ or ‘Wild sister of the roots and stars’ or ‘A woman unto herself’. These words seem to convey the essence of the theme that a particular soul has undertaken to work with in this lifetime or that is most potent for them at this moment in time.

I use that soul essence template to help me select the essences that will align them with their soul energy so they can awaken and embody their soul qualities fully. Such a profoundly beautiful connection, it’s something I rarely talk about but it’s a key part of my work.

One morning recently I woke up with the inspiration to offer a very special personalised service where I transform these energy downloads into personalised aura sprays.


sacred space spray


I am delighted to announce that I can now offer you a Bespoke Soul Essence Spray infused with the vibration of your soul essence as it shows itself to me at this time, along with the flowers, crystals and oils that tell me they will support you best in embodying your soul essence.

I connect with your soul essence, ask to consciously channel that energy into a bottle, combine it with harmonious flower essences, gem elixirs and essential oils and make it available as a very special personalised sacred space spray. Only 12 of these Bespoke Soul Essence Sprays will available and I’ll close orders on 31st December (although I suspect they will sell out before then).

Order here


Your Bespoke Soul Essence Spray is created to energetically bring you into alignment with the energy of your soul. Some people feel this alignment most of the time, some feel it when things are going well but lose it during difficult times, and some struggle to experience this connection at all.

My heartfelt intention is that your Soul Essence Spray will help to consciously deepen your awareness of the essence of who you really are so you will feel more connected, loved, supported, aligned, clear-seeing, peaceful and joyful more of the time.

When to use it:

  • When you’re visioning the year ahead, dreaming up new ideas, making decisions, hatching new plans, starting new projects or focusing on next steps, and want to be in alignment with your soul essence.
  • When you feel uncertain, stuck, fearful, self-doubting, blocked, confused, low in confidence or out of alignment and want to transform your energy.
  • When you are being called to step up, speak up, step outside your comfort zone or meet other challenges that make you doubt you have what it takes. (You have exactly what it takes of course; your spray will help remind you of that!)
  • When you feel spiritually disconnected, doubt your intuition, can’t hear your inner guidance and want to feel the support and love of your soul.
  • At times of transition and uncertainty when you need the reassurance of something certain. Your soul knows what is ahead of you, even when you don’t.
  • To support healing breakthroughs when you are letting go of old stories so you can step wholeheartedly into the new story you are ready to live.
  • In the morning to set the tone for your day and then throughout your day to reconnect with the sacred. Before bed for soulful dreaming and nourishing rest.

I am making only 12 of these available. This gives me the spaciousness to connect fully with this process in sacred ceremony in the wild woods of Hebden Bridge in the ancient kingdom of Elmet – one of the last strongholds of the Celtic Old Ways of Britain.

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This feels like ancient alchemy for modern times as I transform the energy I receive from Otherworld into something tangible you can use in your daily life.

I don’t intend to offer these sprays again any time soon (and may not ever offer them again) so these are very limited edition.

When you order a Bespoke Soul Essence Spray you will receive:

  • Personalised 100ml (3.4oz) sacred space spray attuned to your soul energy with a bespoke combination of flower essences, gem elixirs and essential oils (if you’ve ordered sacred space sprays from me before please note this is double the usual size so will last twice as long).
  • The phrase I receive from Otherworld that evokes your soul essence e.g. ‘She who sings the dragon’s song’ or ‘A woman unto herself’. These words are powerful to explore in your journal, in meditation, artwork, Shamanic journey and sacred ceremony to discover the soul gifts these words are encoded with for you. I’ll include suggestions for your explorations.
  • Soul message: a description of what I experienced when I tuned into your energy plus any insights, guidance and prompts I receive from Otherworld on your behalf.

If you wish to order a Bespoke Soul Essence Spray as a gift for somebody else, please ensure you have their permission first otherwise I won’t have access to their energy field.

When you order for yourself I email you a simple confidential form where you provide brief information about your current life situation. This form is printed and enclosed in a gift card if you are ordering for someone else (you choose whether I post it to you or directly to your loved one).

Order here

N.B. Recent legislation regarding flower essences and essential oils in the UK means that I no longer sell batches of sprays but I can supply bespoke sprays for individuals as a personalised prescription in this way. This is currently the only way to receive an aura spray from me, and is available until 31st December 2016 unless they sell out before then.



Photographs © Sandy Bostock.

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